Phil Konstantin's Reviews of "The Doe Boy."

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The Doe Boy

I wrote this review in April 2003.

This month I am going to look at the movie "The Doe Boy." Blood and Identity are two of the main subjects in this movie. It is usually called a 'coming of age' movie. One reviewer called it a "Doughy drama about a half-Cherokee," pun intended. The main character is named Hunter. He is half Cherokee. Most people remember the tough transition from teenager to adult. This movie deals with those issues. It also throws in some cultural issues. Hunter has hemophilia. So, the issue of blood is doubly important to him. One review said it is "essentially a Native American variation on Rebel Without a Cause." It is set in. and around, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the Cherokee capital. I recognized a few of the places in the movie.

You can find lots of symbolism in this movie. You can also just view it as a straight forward story. It is simply presented, with only a few special effects. It will not change you life, but it will make you think. You can find it in some video stores, online and one of the premium channels on cable has shown it.

Cast: James Duval, Kevin Anderson, Andrew J. Ferchland, Jeri Arredondo Director: Randy Redroad. It is 83 minutes long.

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