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Links to Personal Home Pages of or about American Indians

  • Ah-Ho
    lots of spiritual info, among other things
  • Scott Allen's Longhunter's Basecamp
    "Recreator of the 18th Century Longhunter, President of the Friends of Fort Frederick, member of the Patuxents"
  • Andy's Native Page
    pictures & lots of Cherokee links
  • Anna Mae Aquash
    "This site is dedicated to the First Nations Warrior, Mother and Wife"
  • Askwitteachik
    a site looking at if the government will uphold its treaty obligations
  • Bevan Baas
    nice page
  • The Bear's Lair
    Lots of good info
  • Richard K. Begay Jr.
    his bio, he has some interesting pages on the rest of the site
  • Billy's Talking Page
    history, sounds, lots of interesting things
  • Blackhawk's American Indian Pages
    links, traditional info, etc.
  • Wallace Black Elk
    about him - I met him many years ago at a lecture
  • Elizabeth Bluehorse Home Page
    an author
  • Blue Wolf's Abenaki Indian Page
    more than just Abenaki info
  • Phillip "Yogie" Bread
    "Descendent of Hunting Horse and Satanta"
  • Donald Ray Burger
    attorney in Houston
  • Buzz's American Indian Page
    Good graphics, links & stories
  • Cal Thunder Hawk
    cool quiz, carvings & links; nice personal page
  • Charles Cambridge, PhD - Home Page
    "A compendium of ancient Navaho knowledge and old Indian tricks"
  • Cave of the Bear
    links to native ways, beliefs, etc.
  • Lori Chee
    "Me, My Resume, My Hobbies, Chee Edition"
    Brian Voncannon's page includes a list of defined terms, among other things
  • Cheveyo's Native Americans
    very nice page
  • Chiefpoppa's Page!
    lots of info here
  • Choctaw Dreams
    a very nicely done site with personal & tribal histories,& links
  • Miss Radmilla Cody
    Miss Navajo Nation 1997-98 (46th)
  • Dolores Purdy Corcoran
    an artist
  • corvidae's Home Page
    interesting background and links
  • Dr. Crow's Ani Yunwiya Home Page
    legends, a gallery and many more things from this proud Cherokee
  • Dancing Leaves
    Powwow dancer & poet
  • Debbie's Page
    nice page on a wide variety of subjects
  • Deer With Horns
    Wendell & Nancy's nice home page
  • Running Deerwolf's Den
    nice site
  • Donna's Native American Page
    quotes, links, etc.
  • Door to Discovery
    pictures, drums, art
  • Brooke Medicine Eagle
    "Native American Earth wisdom teacher, ceremonial leader, sacred ecologist & author"
  • Eagle Song's Native American Page
    nice page in development
  • Eagle's Aerie
    poetry, history and links.....nice design
  • Welcome to Peter d'Errico's Law Page
    a philosophical statement and links
  • Fantasy Realm's Trail of Tears
    links, pictures, info
  • Kim Flying Eagle
    short page
  • Galen's Indian Page
    "My dissertation, when I'm working on it, is about the Indian Health Services"
  • The Gentle Survivalist
    thoughts & guide to detecting "Tricksters"
  • Greybird 7
    "I am of Choctaw descent and have always been very proud of that"
  • Vernon Haskie
    a maker of beatiful jewelery
  • HaU kOdAs!!!
    Vidya'a life and story
  • Ronald Honyouti & Family, Hopi Katsina Doll Carvers
    Ronald and his family do excellent work...
  • Ironsnake
    artist & crafter
  • Istagi's Home Port
    nice picture of him & a few links
  • Sharon Jernigan's Home Page
    Lumbee, and proud of it
  • Jesse Ka-Ka-Que and Family
    "Great-grand- son of Chief Black Hawk"
  • Jerome Kills Small
    "Jerome Kills Small is Oglala Lakota from Porcupine, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation"
  • Navajo Genealogy and Family History of Harrison Lapahie Jr
    history, map, genealogy, pictures, a very detailed site, worth a visit
    January 2001 "Link of the Month"
  • Catherine Lavender
    a teacher who, among other things, is "Reconstructing Tewa women's narratives from the 1910s and 1920s"
  • Bill Leaf
    "Bill's indian name as:given by him is:No-ka-wa-ta, meaning "War clan." interview
  • The Lee Gang
    all about them
  • Raigen Nike Lee!!
    a cute youngster
  • Philip S. LeSourd
    Assistant Professor of Anthropology @ Indiana University
  • Little Wing
    "A Native American Medicine Woman's Lodge"
  • Kevin Locke (Tokeya Inajin)
    his thoughts and music
  • Looks for Buffalo (Floyd Hand)
    history, religion, spirituality, 4 directions, 6 directions, 7 fires and legends, nicely done page
  • Ramsey R. Muniz - Tezcatlipoca
    "21st Century Mexicano" from Wikipedia
  • meiwei's page!
    a nice lady who does beading
  • Michael's Home Page
    some links & personal stuff (Cherokee)
  • Mike's Home Page
    lots of links and other things
  • Morgana's Observatory - Ancient Prophacy, Universal Myths
    N.A. material in abundance
  • Pamela Munro's Homepage
    "My primary research involves the study of all aspects of the grammar of a number of different American Indian languages"
  • Muskogee Road - Nenne Mvskoke
    his page and philosophy
  • Interview with Fanny Nadeu
    "Mrs. Fanny Nadeau (pronounced Neddo) tells of the olden indian times. She is Sauk indian"
  • Nordamerikas Indianer
    a detailed site
  • Power of a Navajo, Carl Gorman, A Man & His Life
    his story, picutres & artwork - he was a codetalker in WWII - Wikipedia page
  • Ranessa's Home Away From Home
    nice home page
  • Raven's Homepage
    a nice page & one of the first I saw when I got on the net
  • Red Pride
    "I am a member of the Pillager band of Leech Lake Anishinaabe (Chippewa, Ojibwe)"
  • A Rose in Bloom
    a very nicely crafted home page
  • Eric Running Path
    nice pictures
  • Running Wolf
    a good story
  • State Chief - Barbara "Little Star" Simeroth
    short page on her
  • Small Mountain's Home Page
    nicely designed site
  • Elroy Smallcanyon
    a Navajo Radiologic Technologist
  • Snow Princesses' Forest
    A well designed site with a variety of subjects, including the Trail of tears and a 100 backgrounds!
  • Snowhawk's Eclectic Gateway
    lots of interests
  • JAMIE SOBACK: Eye on Women
    about her
  • Spirit of Pearl
    nicely done page with an interesting personal history
  • Lelanie Fuller Stone "The Cherokee Lady"
    "Lelanie is a professional nurse, artist, columnist, teacher and author. An "NGED" Cherokee-American, she has written and published seven books relating to her Native American Heritage"
  • Mary Thunder
    "Thunder suffered a heart attack and had an after-life experience. In response to this experience and at the bidding of her Elders, Leonard Crow Dog, Wallace Black Elk, Grace Spotted Eagle, and Rolling Thunder, she left the life that she had known as a female administrator and went on the road, living in a van, just sharing with the people her experiences and her traditional learnings."
  • Thunder Rolls home page
    interesting info
  • Jim TwoFeathers
    "This page is dedicated to my understanding of the Spirit Walk on Life's Wheel"
  • Barbara Alice Warner
    about her
  • Innerspace - The Writings of Julia White
    "Your safe haven for self-growth, self-awareness and inner exploration"