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Sites dealing with the Arts, Photography & Music

  • Susan Aglukark
    info on her
    more on him
  • Akimel O'otham
    the Gila River Indian Police patch
  • Alaska Indian Arts
    "a non-profit corporation dedicated to the art and culture of the Northwest Coast Indian tribes."
  • Harold Alfred
    "Original Northwest Coast Kwakiutl designs in Stained Glass, Totem Poles, Silver & Gold Jewelery....some very nice work
  • All Nation's Children Dancers: Lda Kut Naax Sati' Yatx'i
    info on this group
  • American Indian Artists and Craftsmen
    lots of links
  • American Indian Computer Art Project
    poetry, art, stories, languages & resources
  • The American Indian Studies Center
    connections to the art world
  • American Memory from the Library of Congress
    you can search this massive collection of photos & documents
  • Anasazi Pictography
    from JQJ's Rock Art Pages
  • Anasazi Pictures
    nice photos from Norman Morin
  • The Galleries: the Art of Rhonda Angel
    lots of work here
  • apache96's Native American Art Internet Gallery
    more lovely artwork
  • Art of the American Indian Frontier
    Detroit Institute of Arts exhibits
  • Arte Maya Tz'utuhil, Oil Paintings by Mayan Indians
    art, articles, photography, etc...
  • James Auchiah
    "was the grandson of the great Kiowa chief Satanta and became one of the noted "Kiowa Five Artists"
  • The Bead Museum
    "Displaying bead and personal adornment from ancient, ethnic and contemporary cultures"
  • Joe Ben - Navajo Sand Painter
    an interview with the artist
  • Mars Big Goose (Ponca)
    "His style is "spiritual" and reflects his deep feelings"
  • Black Hawk
    a picture of the Sauk (Sac) chief and descendants
  • Blackfoot Encampment
    "A Blackfoot encampment at twilight, photographed by Walter McClintock at the turn of the century"
  • Blood Indian Rider in Square at Fort Macleod 1906
    old photo
  • Blue Rain Gallery
    They represent some very good artists
  • Bob's Links to Rock Art Sites
    lots of links
  • Brilliantly Beaded
    Northeastern Native American Beadwork from the Hudson Museum
  • BJ Briner
    "BJ finds the landscapes and people of New Mexico and the southwest the inspiration of her work"
    the work and thoughts of Eric C. Keast, an Ahnishnahbeh artist
  • Brooks Art
    art of the west
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie
    her home page
  • S.S.Burrus
    Cherokee artist
  • Jerome Bushyhead
    some of his work
  • Cache Lake
    the Cache Lake singers are "Keeping the Tradition"
  • Cahuilla Indians
    the Kroeber collection
  • California Indian Basketry
  • California Indian Basketweavers Association Home Page
    great info on title subject & much, much more
  • Miguel Camarena
    about him
  • Canadian Museum of Civilization
    excellent articles
  • Canadian Native Art
    this is a very informative website
    interesting recordings
  • The Centre for Indigenous Theatre
    "North America's Leading Aboriginal Theatre Training Centre" (Ontario, Canada)
  • Chaco Canyon, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
    very nice set of photos
  • Chaco Canyon Geometry
    drawings, photos and other interesting things
  • Cherokee Images 1839-1866
    lots of pictures
  • Cherokee Images 1800-1838
    more pictures
  • Cherokee images 1730-1800
    even more pictures
  • Chiniki Lake
    "The songs we sing are about the pow-wow spirit and of the eagle, mostly about the pow wow trail. "
  • Choctaw Music and Dance
    several files
  • 'chris ti coom' flutes
    info about them and their instruments
  • Chumash Indian Paintings
    rock art
  • Chumash Rock Art
    from Wikipedia
  • Cline Library Imaging Database
    a large photo collection from N.Arizona University
  • Cocopah Indian Crafts
    from eHow site
  • Colorado Rock Art
    from Colorado Rock Art Association
  • Comanche Drumsong
    great, vivid pictures from a ceremony to mark to 150th anniversary of a Comanche-Fredericksburg, Texas treaty
  • Copper Beads and Ornaments
    pictures and an article on old Virginia
  • Crooked Knives: Tools of the Trade
    from the Hudson Museum
  • Edward Curtis Collection
    early photographs
  • Dakota Tamakoce Singers
    Music & links
  • Dale's Canoe Fight
    art by Nathan H. Glick LI>Dinwoody Rock Art
    several pictures
  • The Gallery of Dorset Art
    "approximately 200 Dorset culture carvings in a gallery setting"
  • Drum Dance Songs of the Delaware
    "Traditional Recordings of Donald Ahdunko"
  • Seth Eastman's West
  • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
    "one of two museums east of the Mississippi with both Native American and Western art, Located in downtown Indianapolis"
  • ELKDREAMER's Home Page
    "ELKDREAMER is a melodic rock duo featuring David Little Elk, a Lakota from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, and Donna Olson from New York City."
  • Espejon De La Vida
    "Arte funerario del occidente de Mexico"...nice page in Spanish
  • L. David Eveningthunder
    about him and his work
  • Famous Native Americans
    numerous photos from the Denver Library
  • Featured Articles Index
    from the Collector's Guide
  • Fifth Grade Native American Commemorative Stamps
  • First Nations Dance Company
    info about this group on Facebook
  • First Nations Music, Inc.
    samples and music
  • First Tribal Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force
    a police patch
  • Following Generations Music
    all kinds of music
  • Flute Soundbites Download Page
    Rainbow Walker's recordings for you & link to their other pages
  • Fort Armstrong
    25 years after the Black Hack War
  • Fort Boise Bead Trader
    interesting pictures and stories about beading
  • Fort Louis de la Mobile, as illustrated by Nathan Glick
    old drawing
  • Fort Phil Kearny
    "depicts Fort Phil Kearny as it was in June of 1867"
  • Free Spirit Gallery
    "exquisite Inuit art (Eskimo art carvings) from the Arctic north amd magnificent Northwest Native art treasures"
  • Amelia Frost & the Presbyterian Mission
    pictures of Indians in Idaho at the turn of the century
  • gallery of southwestern turtle island timeless land
    great pictures from the Four Corners area
  • Images of Glen Canyon
    includes rock art
  • Glmps t M Hrtg
    some art & links
  • Ben Gorman
    his jewelry & how he makes it
    info on this area
  • Guthrie Studios
    lots of artwork here
  • John Guthrie
    a short page
  • Lila Hahn
    samples of her batik work
  • Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment
    detailed study with pictures
  • Albert Harjo
    Wikipedia page
  • The Heard Museum
    the big place in Phoenix
  • Bill Helin
    his paintings and about him
  • Hieroglyphs, Petroglyphs, Cave Art, Cave Paintings by PHOTOVAULT
    lots of samples
  • High Noon Singers
    "They have the honour of being this year's World Champions of drumming and singing. A title achieved at Schemitzun 1995"
  • Hollister Collection of Southwestern Native American Pottery
    lots of pictures
  • Bill Holm
    info on this artist and his work
  • Ronald Honyouti & Family, Hopi Katsina Doll Carvers
    excellent work...when you look at a specific carving, you can make it turn around
  • Rance Hood Gallery
    lots of artwork
  • Allan Houser
    an excellent looking site with many sculptures
  • The Oscar Howe Collection
    "Oscar Howe (1915 - 1983), a Yanktonai Sioux born on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota, was one of the first and most distinguished graduates of the Santa Fe Indian School's art program in the 1930s"
  • Clarissa Hudson
    her site, her work: weaving, robes, carvings, silkscreens, etc.
  • Doug Hyde, Nez Perce/Chippewa/Assiniboine
  • Images for Eternity
    West Mexican Tomb Figures from the Hudsom Museum
  • Images of sites in California
  • Imaging and Imagining the Ghost Dance
    James Mooney's 1891-1893 pictures and descriptions
  • Index of Native American Art Related Exhibits on the Internet
    very detailed links page
  • Index of Native American Artists on the Internet
    Links to LOTS of artists, by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Commercial Galleries on the Internet
    Links to LOTS of galleries, by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Music Resources on the Internet
    Links to LOTS of musicians, by Karen Strom
  • The Indian Art Centre
    "is a longstanding cultural centre that supports and promotes the visual arts of the First Nations in Canada."
  • Indian Arts & Crafts Association
    "non-profit support the effective protection & ethical promotion of authentic Native American art & material culture"
  • Indian Humor
    from the Smithsonian
  • Indian Humor
    some recordings
  • Indian Humor
    a chuckle or two
  • Indian Music
  • Indian Stunts
    "American Indian Stunt Performers for film and television, Horse training, Sales, and Educational Workshops"
  • Indigenous Blues
    about this group
  • Indigenous Mexican Images
    some really good pictures in Mexico
  • Institute of American Indian Arts
    Art & more
  • Institute of American Indian Arts
    lots of work here
  • Institute of American Indian Arts Museum
    "home to the National Collection of Contemporary Indian Art, the most comprehensive collection of contemporary Indian art presented from an Indian perspective"
    several photos
  • The Journey Museum Home Page
    some pictures & descriptions of their exhibits
  • Judy's MOCCASIN and MUKLUK page
    "I will share with you photographs of some of the footwear I have designed and made"
  • Karok Indians
    the Kroeber collection
  • Jeanette Katoney
    "As an abstract artist, my inspirations come mostly from the Navajo female weavers in my family."
  • The Kimbell Art Museum Collection
    "Mesoamerican Art"
  • Knifewing
    about his music
  • Koshare Indian Museum
    I visited the nice museum in La Junta, Colorado
  • Lefthand Studio
    "Spiritual, Cultural and Environmental Personal Adornment" by Nathan J Lefthand
  • Leo Petroglyph
    from the Ohio Historical Society
  • Hawk LittleJohn
    about Hawk and flutes
  • Little Island Cree
    "participated at the World Championships of Song and Dance in Connecticut where they had the honours of being this years Hand Drum Champions."
  • Charles Littleleaf - Native American Flute Player
    very nice with music samples
  • Living in Balance: The Universe of the Hopi, Zuni, Navajo & Apache
    "The culture and cultural perspectives of four Native American peoples of the Southwest are the focus of this exhibition"
  • Merle Locke - Lakota Sioux
    very nice artwork
  • The Patricia Logie Collection
    31 portraits
  • Luiseno Indians
    photos by Alfred Kroeber
  • Mandaree
    "The singers are firm believers in their cultural traditions and are happy to share their original style of singing wherever their travels take them"
  • Manidoominens BEADS and BEADWORK
    another excellent site by Paula Giese
  • National Heritage Award - Eva McAdams
    "this skill in sewing and beadwork enables McAdams to create the exquisite Shoshone regalia which has led to her most recent honor -- the National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship"
  • Dona Mares
    samples of her paintings
  • Ben Marra: The Powwow Editions
    great photography, mostly of powwows
  • Ken Masters' Tribal Art: Cherokee Images
    many samples
  • Mata Ortiz Pottery
    recreated from ancient northern Mexico styles
  • Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Online
    Archaeology, Ethnology, & Photography Collections
  • Mayan Vases
    "Selection of Maya Vases from the Palmer Collection"
  • Medicine from the Crossing
    "This website is part of such a collection. It involves, from various perspectives, the Art of Rhonda Angel"
  • Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection
    660 pictures from the Nova Scotia Museum
  • Bill Miller Online: Altered-Native
    musician-his page
  • Gordon Miller
    a look at him and his work
  • Minnesota Historical Society Photographic Database
    lots of pictures
  • Modern Native American Treasures
    D. Scott Secor's collecion of artwork
  • Mohave Indians
    photos by Alfred Kroeber
  • Donald Montileaux
    about his work and him
  • Stephen Mopope
    "one of the original 'Kiowa Five' artists"
  • Musee McCord Museum
    many things at this detailed website
  • Naomi B - Leather Art
    Naomi does some amazing things with leather, many on Indian subjects
  • National Archives and Records Administration
    access to lots of photos and other material
  • Native American Art
    from the FolkArt & Craft Exchange Home Page
  • ArtNatAm - Native American Art Exhibit
    fine arts
  • Native American Artwork
    "Works by Various Artists"
  • Native American Backgrounds
    to help you design your website
  • Native American Ethnic Focus
    artwork, etc.
  • Native American Exhibit
    "Superstition Mountain Museum"
  • Native American Geometry
    a look at different designs
  • native american indian photos and images
    lots of professional photo, many are royalty free
  • Native American Indian Touring Dance Company (NNDT)
    This is a talent group of people. Check out their photos, music & info
  • Native American Museums of New Mexico
    links to dozens of museum pages
  • Native American Music
    several artists
  • The Native American Music Awards
    you can vote, too!
  • Native American Music Links
    links to other places
  • native american traders - Painting & Drawings
    lots of artwork
  • Native American Women
    a series of old photos
  • Native Americans
    The National Portrait Gallery
  • Native American: Biographies
    several pictures
  • Native Americans, Gallery of the Open Frontier
    lots of pictures from the University of Nebraska collection
  • Native Art, Bingorage and Other Stuff
    some interesting work
  • Native Art Network
    a very nice resource for finding art and artists
  • Native Basketry: Survival, Beauty
    another page from Paula Giese
  • Native Celebrities
    lot of info
  • Native Circle
    "American Indian Flute Music, Spiritual Words of Wisdom, Native American Culture, Teachings & Arts"
  • Native Art
    Christina Berry's page on art
  • Native Reflections
    "Native Visual Arts"
  • NativeTech: Native American Beadwork
    info & samples
  • NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
    June "Link of the Month"
  • Native Watercraft - Exhibition Photos
    lots of photos and info
  • David Neel
    carving, photography, and other nice things
  • Sonny Nevaquaya
    "master flute builder and song maker"
  • New Mexico
    many nice pictures from this part of the country
  • Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument, Utah
    lots of images; great place, I've been there
  • David C. Nez
    a very nice collection of artwork
  • Night Hawk Singers
    "All of the members of the drum group are members of the society which is one of the social societies in the Crow Tribe"
  • North American Indians
    "stereographs from the Keystone-Mast Collection
  • Northwest Coast Art
    lots of info and art here
  • Northwest Room & Special Collections
    from the Tacoma Public library..."someday" they will have lots of photos here
  • Notah Dineh Museum
    "features an extensive display of historic American Indian art and artifacts."
  • Oak Dale Singers
    about this group
  • The Ogitchidag Gikinooamaagad Peer Education Program
    article about them
  • Omaha Indian Music
    a detailed look at the subject
  • Omaha White Tail
    about this group
  • Orenda Native American Flutes
    info about flutes, too
  • Oyate Ta Olowan
    "Songs of the Poeple - a native-owned company which records and produces Traditional Native Music and Public Radio Documentaries"
  • Pacific West
    artwork and info on the artists
  • Painted Horse Singers
    "come from Cree, Blood, Blackfoot, Peigan and Tsuii Tina Nations"
  • Palatki Heritage Site
    lots of photos - Website may no longer exist - this is an archive
  • Robert "Freighttrain" Parker
    "Musician, Bass and Vocals, American Indian, Artist"
  • Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
    "It illustrates the diversity of North American cultures as seen in the objects produced principally by indigenous peoples living during the 19th century"
  • Petroglyphs of the Cosos
    a great article & photographs from DesertUSA on petroglyphs found in the Mohave desert in the China Lake Military Base
  • Ramona Peters
    "Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Artist"
  • Photographs of the American West, 1861-1912
    LOTS of photos from NARA
  • photojournalism in Guatemala
    lots of pictures Photos of Indians and the way of life
    from the ES Curtis Collection
  • Picturing Change: The Impact of Ledger Drawings on Native American Art
    nice article on the subject
  • Places of Power
    photos of ancient sites
  • Plains Indian Ledger Art Home Page
    a project by UCSD Professor Ross Frank
  • Four Faces of Pocahontas
    a different version
  • "Pomo Indian Basket Weavers: Their Baskets and the Art Market"
    innumerous articles from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology"
  • Southeast Pomo Environs
    photos from Alfred Kroeber
  • Porcupine Quillwork
    description and a beautiful sample
  • Porcupine Quillwork
    from the Matoska Trading Company
  • Porcupine Quillwork
    Waaban Aki Crafting
  • Porcupine Quillwork
    from Red Eagle
  • Powell's De Soto and United States History
    and analysis of these murals
  • Powersource Native American Art & Education Center
    "a collection of Native American artistic symbols portraying powerful people, powerful places and powerful objects."
  • Richard Prazen American Indian & Early Americana Art Page
    very talented artist
  • Willie Preacher
    his artwork
  • Chief Pushetonequa
    from the Mesquakie tribe in 1916
  • Al Qyawayma
    ceramics, sculpture & pottery
  • Rain In The Face
    another photo
  • Rain-In-The-Face
    acoustic rock
  • Rainmakers from the Gods: Hopi Katsinam
    "an on-line exhibition by the Peabody Museum
  • Raven's Journey: The World of Alaska's native People
    a University of Pennsylvania exhibit
  • Raven's Window
    art from Haines, Alaska
  • Joe Rector
    several of his works
  • Red Bull Singers
    "most members originating from the Little Pine Cree Nation near North Battleford, Saskatchewan"
  • Red Crane Gallery
    "Mi'kmaq artist Alan Syliboy"
  • Red Earth Indian Center
    several photos
  • Red Path Theatre Company
    about them, lots of other info, too
  • Robert Redbird Collection
    many samples
  • Robbie Robertson: Music for the Native Americans
    discussion of and WAVs from this CD.
    excellent images
  • Rock Art Sites
    lots of sorted links -
  • Round Valley Reservation
    photos by Alfred Kroeber
  • Ronald Roybal
    "Nominated this year for two Native American Music Awards"
  • Scenes from Tsegi Canyon
    rock art from Arizona
  • Seri Indians
    photos by Alfred Kroeber
  • Shapes and Uses of California Indian Basketry
    "The sizes of the baskets illustrated here are proportional to one another"
  • Michael A. Shapiro
    samples of his photography
  • Mercury Shell Multimedia
    excellent sample of computer art
    "America's Award Winning Native American Recording Artist"
  • Signatures of Connecticut Sachems
    their names and signatures
  • Sioux Art
    lots of samples from Reed College in Portland, Oregon
  • Silverhawk's Native American Indian graphics
    tons of graphics for your website
  • Sky Blue Beads
    short article on them
  • Soundings
  • South Dakota Arts
    connections to many groups
  • SouthWest Trails
    blanket work
  • Southwestern U.S. Rock Art Gallery
    a list of locations and pictures
  • Spirit of the Dawn
    "Wabanaki Confederacy drum group"
  • Stand Watie
    his postal stamp
  • Starrwatcher Online!
    "The Home of Arigon Starr and Native American Alternapop"
    July 2001 "Link of the Month"
    from the Berkeley database
  • Stoney Park
    info on this Canadian group of musicians
  • The Story of Mesa Verde National Park
    pictures from this book
  • Stroud Flutes
    pictures, music and explainations
  • Student Art Gallery
    "created by high school and middle school students participating in the 'Ndahoo'aah summer school program"
  • Wes Studi: Cherokee Actor
    Wikipedia page
  • Sunshine Studios
    lots of art by Indian artists
  • Sweet Grass Records
    "....provides Quality Recordings of Aboriginal Music for Todays enjoyment, and Tomorrows preservation..."
  • Sweet Grass Singers
    "a Cree singing group from the Sweetgrass First Nation near North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada"
  • Doc Tate
    a large collection
  • Urshel Taylor
    his painting
  • The Vance Theoret Collection
    many samples of his sculpture
  • Sally Thielen
    samples of her work
  • Richard Throssel: Photographer of the Crows
    several samples of his work
  • Dana Tiger, Creek - Muskogee
    artist with very good work
  • Jerome Tiger
    gallery, and info about him
  • Traditional Indian Code of Ethics: All My Relations
    an interesting philosophy told through children's drawings
  • Mary Toya Family - Jemez Pueblo Storytellers
    very nice work from the Penfield Gallery of Indian Arts
  • Tree and Tradition
    "Brown Ash & Maine Native American Basketmaking - HUDSON MUSEUM - University of Maine"
  • John Two-Hawks
    "Official site for Platinum Award winning Native American Flute Player and Music visionary, John Two-Hawks"
  • Upper Midwest Rock Art Association
    "dedicated to publicizing the petroglyph and pictograph research being conducted in the Upper Midwest of the United States, including - but not limited to - Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota.".....lots of links
  • Utah Rock Art Research Association
    "This site is here to promote appreciation and knowledge of rock art"
  • The Virtual Keeping House
    a First Nations Gallery
  • Vision Quest Studios
    the art of Diana Stanley - very nice!
  • The V-V Ranch Petroglyph Site
    "Heritage From The Sinagua Of The Beaver Creek Community"
  • Walking Buffalo
    "All are members of the Big River Cree Nation in Saskatchewan"
  • Images from "The West"
    a vast array of photos & images
  • Western Clip Art
    some good links from The Mining Company
  • Whirlwind Studios Native American Flutes & Art
    They make beautiful flutes, music and artwork
  • White Fire Reed
    info on this group
  • Whitefish Jrs.
    about this "Cree Group from the Big River Band located near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada"
  • Baje Whitethorne, Sr.
    his homepage
  • Tommy Wildcat
    Tommy Wildcat's Facebook page
  • Tommy Wildcat
    About this Native American cultural promoter, flutist, historical storyteller, lecturer, and traditionalist from Wikipedia
  • Linda Windell
    "a self-taught Native American Artist of Creek and Cherokee descent."
  • Wintun Indians
    photos from Alfred Kroeber
  • Wyrosa Carving
    some nice work here
  • Yahi Indians
    photos from Alfred Kroeber
  • Yoholo Micco
    a picture of this Creek leader
  • Yokuts Indians
    photos by Alfred Kroeber
  • Yurok Indians
    photos from Alfred Kroeber
  • Zuni Jewelry
    details on some designs

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