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Links to General North American Indian Information Sites

  • Aboriginal Peoples in New Brunswick
    Canadian government site
  • Aboriginal Rights Coalition
    Canadian site in English and Français
  • Aboriginal Rights Coalition - British Columbia
    "The provincial branch of a Canada-wide coalition composed of community groups, churches, and individuals concerned about social justice problems which face aboriginal peoples in Canada." good site with maps, discussions, glossary, etc.
  • Aboriginal Rights Coalition publications
    land rights, treaty issues, resources, and backlash against aboriginal rights
  • Administration On Aging - Native American Programs
    info for older Indians
  • Adopt a Grandparent
    all about this group
    "exists to create a bridge of hope between Native Americans and other cultures"
  • Adoption: "Kids Lose When Culture Trumps Individual Rights"
    article from Investor's Business Daily
    "to bring local, state, and federal resources into focus for provision of meaningful programs for Indian citizens of Alabama"
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center
    "A vision evolved for a statewide cultural center"
  • Alaska Native Knowledge Network
    "is designed to serve as a resource for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing."
  • Alaska Office of Native American prorams (ONAP)
    H.U.D. site: explains their goals & procedure, some links as well
  • Alaska V. Native Village of Venetie Tribal Government
    a Supreme Court ruling
  • Alberta Native Friendship Centre Association
    about this group and their efforts
  • The Epidemiology of Alcohol Abuse Among American Indians: "The Mythical & Real Properties"
    a scholarly paper on the subject
  • Alliance for Native American Indian Rights
    "based in Nashville, Tennessee, is a non-profit, intertribal organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Native American burial grounds and other culturally significant places.
  • Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates
    "an association of Tribes, Indian and non-Indian individuals, agencies and organizations that are concerned about responsible tourism development on the Reservations and in off-reservation Indian communities."
  • American Indian Association Of Fla.,Inc.
    basic info
  • The American Indian Center of Chicago
    "this country's oldest Urban American Indian Center"
  • American Indian College Fund
    "There are 30 tribal colleges--all founded by Indians to fight high rates of poverty, educational failure and cultural loss. These colleges created the non-profit American Indian College Fund to raise desperately-needed scholarship, endowment and operating monies."
    April 2001 "Link of the Month"
  • American Indian Cultural Center of the Delaware Valley
    storefront in Philadelphia
  • The American Indian Higher Education Consortium
    addresses, a map & other info on this groups members
  • American Indian Institute
    "The University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education - Serving North American Indian Tribes of the United States and First Nations of Canada"
  • American Indian Literature and Cultures
    readings and art for a graduate level English Lit. course
    "The American Indian Movement is then, the Warriors Class of this century, who are bound to the bond of the Drum, who vote with their bodies instead of their mouths...THEIR BUSINESS IS HOPE."
  • American Indian Movement of Florida Web Page
    "working for the civil, human, treaty and sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples as well as the recognition of, and protection of Indigenous peoples and Nations rights, treaties and sacred lands."
  • American Indian Movement - Southern California Chapter
    about this group and their efforts
  • American Indian Names
    lots of links to other websites dealing with names
  • American Indian Names Of Locations On And Around The Umpqua National Forest
    the title says it all
  • American Indian Program Council
    ...not working at this time......a group dedicated to "recruitment, retention & visibility of American Indians in the Federal workforce"
  • The American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978
    Wikipedia page
  • American Indian Research & Policy Institute
    "our mission is to provide...accurate information & political history of American Indian nations & contemporary situations"
  • American Indian Research Opportunities
    about this group
  • American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation
    a group seeking the return of sacred ceremonial materials to the appropriate tribal groups
  • American Indian Science & Engineering Society
    their home page
  • American Indian Sports Team Mascots
    a look at this issue
  • American Indian Studies Research Institute
    @ Indiana University
  • American Indian Tribes
    a list of tribes by State
  • Anchorage.Net
    links and info about this area
  • Anna Mae Archive
    articles on her life & murder
    scholarly paper
  • ARA Toronto
    info on this group and their efforts
  • Arctic Slope Native Association, Ltd.
    this group's site
  • Assessment for American Indian and Alaska Native Learners
    "This Digest examines the use of standardized, nationally normed testing in assessing the progress of American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) students"
  • Azteca Web Page
    lots of info here on a variety of subjects
  • BAO320
    "The Native American Peoples - A History of Genocide"
  • ~BamaRiver Native American Wisdom~
    Home of a very nice daily e-mail list. "Bama" offers up some excellent offerings of Native Wisdom.
    January 2000 "Link of the Month"
  • Bear Wisdom, Inc.
    "dedicated to creating positive change for indigenous people and unity for all people"
  • Black Mesa: Deep Background
    a look at the struggle here
  • Blueprints for Indian Education: Improving Mainstream Schooling
    a scholarly paper
  • British Columbian Government Documents on Native Sovereignty
    lots of info
  • Bureau Of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Services
    interesting links & a history of the service
  • Bureau Of Indian Education
    from the Department of the Interior
  • California Nations Indian Gaming Association
    nicely designed page with an excellent page on the myths and facts of Indian gaming, among other things
  • Canadian Native Law Cases
    "contains all reported Canadian court decisionsas well as those that went to the Privy Council on appeal from Canada."
  • Carlisle Indian School
    a look at thei institute
    by Steve Wilkins
  • Church of Mother Earth
    lots of information
  • College of the Menominee Nation
    good info
  • Kevin Costner in, "Who Would Do Such a Thing?" to his Lakota "friends"
    a look at the planning of a resort in the Black Hills
    "A non--profit corporation providing teacher training and culturally-related reading material for Native American students"
  • Cradleboard Teaching Project
    "turns on the lights in public education about Native American culture - past, present, and most important for the children - the Future. It comes out of Indian country, and reaches far beyond, into the mainstream classroom and into the future of education."
  • The Crazy Horse Page
    a page dedicated to Crazy Horse
  • Crime Prevention
    from the Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
    "a not-for-profit organization dedicated to involving the public in the study of archaeology and Native American cultures"
  • NAtive American Diabetes Project
    dealing with this problem in the Native American community
  • DNA and Native American Origins
    articles speculating from where Indians may have migrated
  • Dos and Donts
    One person's list of dos & don'ts about Native Americans
  • D-Q University
    at last check, the university was closed
  • East Tennessee Indian League
    "strives to help the public see a more accurate image of the American Indian, and to more fully appreciate the heritage, culture and contributions of these first Americans"
  • Charles Eastman Fellowship
    "Dissertation Fellowship For Native American Scholars"
  • Encarta Online: Native Americans
    Encarta's home page for this subject
    "a multi ethnic web site that promotes and fosters cultural understanding and appreciation."
  • Explore the Navajo Nation
    a good tourist page with info & pictures
    Supreme Court case on tribal land inheritance
  • First Nations Activism
    covers many issues
  • First Nations in Canada
    general info
  • First Nations House of Learning
    From the University of British Columbia..."to make the University's vast resources more accessible to First Peoples, and to improve the University's ability to meet the needs of First Nations"
  • Four Corners Post Card
    all kinds of information here on this interesting area of America
    "a family of people and organizations, bound together by a set of common principles based on the traditional teachings of North American tribal peoples brought together with the best that western science and technology has to offer"
  • Free the Traditional Hopi
    "The Traditional Hopi seek only to live planting their crops and performing their ceremonials every year without disturbance from outside sources."
  • Friends of The Lubicon
    a look at the Daishowa vs Friends of the Lubicon lawsuit
  • Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation
    "It is the goal of the Gabrielino Tongva Springs Foundation to work together with the community to preserve and protect one of the last natural historical landmarks and sacred sites of our people."
  • In Memorium to Paula Giese
    a touching tribute to one of the premire people on the web by Karen Strom
    "The mission of the Ginew/Golden Eagles Program is to help American Indian youth strengthen and develop skills which will give them the knowledge to make life choices and help them live lifestyles."
  • Great Basin Tribal Associations
    scholarly report, check out the other linked reports
  • Guadalupe v. Tempe, 587 F.2d 1022
    "Elementary school children of Mexican-American or Yaqui Indian origin brought civil rights action against elementary school district to compel district to provide non-English speaking students with bilingual-bicultural education"
  • Guide To Doing Business With Tribal Governments
    lots of interesting information
    details on this dispute
  • Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment
    "A Study in Indian and White Ingenuity"...very detailed site from the Smithsonian
  • Harvard University Native American Program
    what the Ivy League has to offer
  • Haskell Indian Nations University
    "Drawing upon the Sacred Circle as the foundation for American Indian/Alaska Native philosophy, Haskell provides higher education to federally recognized tribal members."
  • HAWAI'I Independent and Sovereign Nation-State
    "This World Wide Web service is offered to provide information regarding the restoration of the independence of Hawai`i, along with cultural perspectives from her people." LOTS of info
  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump - Home Page
    info on the World Heritage site
  • Healing of Nations
    "Suicide Prevention & Crisis Intervention Among Native American Youth"
  • Healthy Nations
    "We as Indian people representing a number of community organizations within the Minneapolis- St. Paul area, will collaborate, with the basic principles of honor and respect, to invest all our knowledge and resources in restoring health to our community"
  • Honor the Earth - Sacred Sites
    "The Importance of Sacred Sites to Native American Religions"
  • Hunkpapa Youth Survival Projects
    "Donations needed for Hunkpapa Youth Survival Projects – Standing Rock"
    an article by Steve Wilkins
  • In Whose Honor?
    "American Indian Mascots in Sports"
  • Index of Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Education Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Health Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Indigenous Knowledge Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Legal Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Nonprofit Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Organizations on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Activist Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Gaming Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Index of Native American Bibliography Resources on the Internet
    LOTS of links by Karen Strom
  • Indian American Education
    links from the IAE
    an article by Steve Wilkins: "I once more attempt to expose a few more myths about the red man."
    an article by Steve Wilkins: "The answer is "NO" -- and all the eco-maniacal rhetoric...can't begin to change the facts of the matter."
  • Indian Child Welfare Law Center
    lots of information
  • Indian Child Welfare Law Center's guide to the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978
    the title says it all
  • Indian Defense League of America
    "to resist further erosion of the rights of Indians in North America."
  • INDIANnet
    "INDIANnet is dedicated to helping Tribal communities utilize the WWW."
  • Indian Running
    legend of a great race
  • Die Indianer Nordamerikas
    also not in English
  • "El indigena: realidad y fantasia"
    Spanish article by Carlos R. Villanueva Castillo, "Por Esto!, Merida, Yucatan"
  • The Indigenous People of the Caribbean
    "information from the book of the same name
  • Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
    a great site with lots of info
  • International Boycott of Daishowa, in Support of Lubicon Cree
    a statement
  • Institute of American Indian Studies
    many different articles
  • Institute of Indigenous Government
    this group's site
  • Keepers of the Sacred Traditions of Pipemakers
    deals with quarries
  • Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg
    Canadian students' page at their school north (190km) of Ottawa
  • KOLA - International Campaign Office
    "Our main objectives are to spread correct information on every issue concerning American Indian & Canadian First Nation people" activist site
  • License Plates of American Indian Tribes
    a totally unique place!
  • lumbeepetition
    "Please take just a minute to read this and at least famiarize yourself with the unjust treatment these people are recieving from the government"
  • Marshall Trilogy - U.S. Supreme Court
    "The following are brief synopsis' of the foundational cases that established the field of federal Indian Law"...from NATIVE SENSE
  • Mayan Massacre Tied to World Bank Development Project
    the testimony of how "economic development" led to murder
  • Medal Of Honor Winners
    This is a list of Army people who won the Medal of Honor fighting Indians
  • The Medicine Way
    "Tell us a prayer,a story, a thought, we will walk together into the medicine way."
  • The Meech Lake Accord
    Wikipedia page
  • Mesa Verde Country
    info on the people & places in Southwest Colorado
  • Mesa Verde National Park
    lots of info on this unique place
  • Miami Circle
    trying to save a structure in Miami
  • Michigan Tribes
    good general info
  • MIGIZI Communications
    "Our mission is to provide information to the public, educate elementary, secondary and adult students using the tools of communication, and commit resources to address problems in partnership with the American Indian community"
  • Millions on Indian Wars
    "CSU officials are spending millions of dollars fighting local Indians"
  • Milwaukee Public Museum - Native American Veterans
    a transcript of a magazine interview
  • Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
    British Columbia, Canada governmental page
  • The Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce
    "a non-profit organization supporting American Indian entrepreneurs and the Native American community through programs and services in support of our unique dual mission of promoting Native American entrepreneurs"
  • Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
    "the official liaison between state and tribal governments"
  • Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center
    "To assist American Indian Women so they can enjoy a better quality of life for themselves and their families."
  • Mni Sose Intertribal Water Rights Coalition
    "Missouri River Basin Tribes join together for the first time to secure Indian water rights to the Missouri River."
  • A Modern "Small-pox" for Native Culture
    an article about "Indian gaming"
  • Museum of the Plains Indian
    "A permanent exhibition gallery presents a rich collection of historic arts created by tribal people of the Northern Plains."
  • Welcome to NAGRA!
    North American Gaming Regulators Association home page
  • National Native American AIDS Prevention Center
    info & links
  • National Park Service: Park Planning
    lists their future plans
  • National Tribal Development Association
    designed to "to advance their common interest in the development of tribal economies"
  • National Tribal Development Association
    Archive of a website which may no longer exist
  • Native American Authors
    from the "Internet Public Library"
  • Native American Authors Online
    a good storytellers page
  • Native American Baby Names
    a list of many different names and their translations in English
    Link of the Month for October 1999
  • Native American Courage and Wisdom
    nice essay (long) from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
  • Native American Documents Project
    Rogue River War and Siletz Reservation Collection - massive and exceptional!
  • Native American Embassy
    lots of issues are discussed here, and they have lots of links
  • Native American Fish & Wildlife Society
    "The Society is a nonprofit membership organization. It exists for the protection, preservation and enhancement of fish & wildlife resources. The Society's purposes are charitable, educational, scientific and cultural."
  • Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act: Notices of Inventory Completion Database
    long, long list of documents
  • Native American Health History Exhibit
    from the University of New Mexico
    "the ONLY national group fighting to preserve and protect your right to educate your own children"
  • Native American Indian Association of Tennessee
    "NAIA represents the concerns of the more than 10,000 Native American Indians residents of Tennessee. NAIA is a service organization based on the principles of self-determination and self-reliance."
  • Native American Jobs
    "This site is created by an Assiniboine Indian from Montana as an answer to frustrations for trying to find job & career opportunities on or near Native American Indian Reservations."
  • Native American Museums of New Mexico
    several links
  • Native American Reburial Restoration Committee
    "seeks to have the Hiawatha Insane Asylum Cemetery, located in Canton, South Dakota, to be designated as a National Historic Site"
  • Native American Scholarships, Grants, & Colleges | Maryville Online
    information and links
  • Native American Spiritual Freedom in Prison
    discussion of issues in Massachusetts prisons
  • Native American Spiritiuality
    a scholarly look at the subject
  • Native American Sports Mascots
    article and comments
  • Native American Support Group of New York City
    "was founded in 1988 to present current American Indian issues from the United States, Alaska and Hawaii...International Indigenous Issues Acción Zapatista, Peace in Northern Ireland and Amanaka's Amazon Network"
  • Native American Student Association
    from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  • Native American Studies
    from Universiry of California at Davis
  • Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center
    "to address pertinent issues of health, education, land and water rights, and economic development of Native American people"
  • Native American Worldview: Hawk and Eagle, Both are Singing
    "ancient understandings/comparison of western & indigenous science"
  • Native Americans
    general info: history, definitions, census info
  • Native Americans
    "General Native American Resources - Native American Nations Homepages, Education - Organizations And Government Sources, Leaders of the Past - Ghosts from the Past, Images - Movies, Messages & Personal Homepages "
  • Native Americans
    one man's opinions
  • Native Americans Seek Respect
    newspaper article about "discussions about the issues of grave repatriation and reburial"
  • Native Americans Seek Respect for Hanging Rock
    newspaper article about efforts to protect this site along the Wabash River
  • Native child
    for 3 to 5 year olds (Head Start program)
  • Native Religions of Newfoundland & Labrador
    very well done anthology
  • Native Rights, Venetie Alaska
    "This article looks at a tiny Alaska Native village engaged in a struggle."
  • NAVA Presents - The Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States
    lots of flags
  • Nebraska Park Resources
    a searchable site
  • NECONA: National Environmental Coalition Of Native Americans
    "working to keep nuclear waste off Indian lands"
  • New Brunswick Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs
    Canadian government site
  • New Mexico Indian Gaming Association
    "Indian Gaming...Working for Indian Nations and working for New Mexico"
  • Nierica - the Sacred Doorway
    "sponsored by Dr. Tom Pinkson (Tomás), is dedicated to bringing spirit to cyberspace, honoring indigenous wisdom, and building spiritual community" - great site design
  • Norfolk, Nebraska
    info about places & people in this area
  • North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs
    details on this group & some links
  • Northwest Ontario Info: First Nations
    info from Wikipedia Canada about this region
  • Notice of Inventory Completion for Native American Human Remains from the Puget Sound Area, WA
    a legal notice
  • LCS's OKIE Pages
    well done page on Oklahoma
  • Old Indian Legends
    many stories from Zitkala-Sa
  • Ouachitalk
    arts & crafts, writers & poets gallery, foods & herbs, photography
  • Palenque: Mayan City in the Mists
    newspaper article about the town and its people
  • Paper on Native Americans
    another long essay from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute
  • Pathways to Excellence
    "a report on improving library & information services for Native American peoples"
  • Pathways To Spirit
    " We are a Colorado Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the Lakota people and helping with their struggles on and off the reservation"
  • Peace Brigades International North America Project
    "Upon request, Peace Brigades International (PBI) works with conflicts involving Indigenous communities in North America"
  • Pertinent Texts and Images in the 19th Century
    "a brief outline of major nineteenth century authors who approached the subject of American Indians in their work"...with some good images
  • Pine Tree Native Centre of Brant
    "The Pine Tree Native Centre of Brant, a non-profit, charitable organization, seeks to enrich the living conditions of the Aboriginal Community in the county of Brant and surrounding areas." local resources in Canada
  • Places to go in the Desert Southwest
    a comprehensive look at the landmarks, parks & people of this region by DesertUSA magazine
  • Population Rankings for Indian Tribes
    "of the 30 largest tribes in the U.S. according to the 1990 census report"
  • Powersource Art & Education Center - Powerful People
    biographies of several people
  • Red Cloud School
    "Red Cloud Indian School (Grades K-12) was founded as Holy Rosary Mission in 1888 by the Jesuits at the request Chief Red Cloud, of the Oglala Sioux Indians residing on the Pine Ridge Reservation."
  • Re-evaluation of Basin Mills Dam Project in Maine may prevent future litigation
    from "U.S. Water News Online"
  • Repatriation Foundation
    for "American Indian Ritual Object"
  • Repatriation Office
    "Department of Anthropology - National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution"
  • Return of the Natives: An eight-part series
    from the Hartford Courant
  • Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples Report
    from the Institure of Indigenous Government in PDF
  • Romancing the Indian
    "Sentimentalizing and Demonizing In Cooper and Twain"...nicely done
  • The Sacred Sky of the Navajo and Pueblo
    winner of "Honorable Mention" in the Griffith Observatory essay contest, with pictures, footnotes, etc.
  • Welcome to St. Michael Indian School
    "located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in northeastern Arizona."
  • Saskatchewan Elders
    interviews with them
  • Sauk-Suiattle's Page
    the story of a cemetery being disturbed
  • The Spirit's Of The Ancestors Are Calling Out!!!!!!
    a page on saving the buffalo (bison)
  • S.E.A.L.: South Eastern Anti-desecration League
    "Cultural developement, grave digging, artifact trafficking, and any other form of grave robbery is rampant and a moral travesty. It is far past time for the wholesale looting of native burials to stop, albeit for cultural developement or outright ghoulish robbery. "
  • What Chief Seattle Really Said
    a look at the much debated issue of whether his most famous speech was misquoted
  • Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Home Page
    about the committee, hearings, members, links
  • ShareMyLesson
    teaching resources
  • Sitting Bull's Grave
    is it in North or South Dakota?
  • Society of Native American Culture
    @ No.Carolina State, good links & info
  • Southern Plains Office of Native American Programs Home Page
    "The mission of the Southern Plains Office of Native American Programs is to have fun working together harmoniously with dedication to provide resources for affordable, cultural, quality living environments and economic opportunities for all Native Americans."
  • Southwest Museum
    "Native Cultures of the Americas" in Los Angeles
  • Sovereignty: Native Nations
    "This is the key to understanding Tribal government and the issues facing Native people today" from the NMRC
  • Spirits of the Land Foundation Home Page
    "was established to "operate for charitable, scientific and educational purposes for the benefit of State or Federally recognized Indian Tribes, Bands and Nations and the members thereof and to support scientific research to benefit Humanity and the Planet Earth."
  • Support Indigenous Sovereignty!
    excellent source for activist issues
  • The TEAM
    "THE PURPOSEof this page is to entice Native Indians and Volunteers from other cultures, into becoming involved in research and writing about issues and matters of which are effecting the Native American Indian Nations, Tribes, and Bands."
  • Tennessee Native American Indian & Related Organizations
    lots of info
  • Testimony For The Innocent
    "a call to all honest people, of all colors, to take a stand, and protect the rights and integrity of the Lakota Nation. "
  • Texas Indians
    "This site is here to provide kids with a good source of information on Texas Indians." adults will enjoy it, too
  • Tillicum Village
    a look at this village in Washington State
  • Grand Council of Treaty 8 First Nations
    "a federally registered non-profit organization representing the united strength of all of the Treaty 8 area including the Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territory regions."
  • Confederacy of Treaty 6 First Nations
    "the united political voice of those Treaty Six First Nations who believe that the fundamental treaty and human rights of First Nations people need to be protected."
  • Tribal Law & Government Center
    University of Kansas Law School site
    "A Handbook for Legislators" in PDF format
    Cornell Law Schools link to the US Code on Indians
  • UCLA American Indian Studies
    college page
    "a late 1940s "report that revealed the desperate plight of the Navajo people who lived on the brink of starvation in the American Southwest."
  • United American Indians of New England
    an activist group
  • United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc. (UNITY)
    "a national Native American youth leadership organization designed to help young people make positive differences in their tribes, villages and communities."
  • United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
    links and information
  • Voices from a Troubled Land
    "Navajo (Dine) elders tell of their struggle to survive on Big Mountain
  • Voices of the Wintercount
    "dedicated to sharing the thoughts, ideas, and words of traditional Native American people. These are original, unedited comments by real people, taking a stand for their way of life."
  • Wahooism in the USA
    about the Cleveland baseball team's mascot
  • We Must Do The Necessary Thinking For Them ©
    "Some time ago I began to wonder what the basis, the "legal" basis, was for the way Wasichu relates/related to the First Nations."
  • Welcome to Askwitteachik!
    "tracking state and federal legsislation affecting the rights of American Indians as either individuals or tribes"
  • Western Shoshone Defense Project
    efforts to "affirm...jurisdiction over...Western Shoshone homelands"
  • Western Treasures Home Page
    lots of info about the Nez Perce and that part of the country
  • Wings of America
    "established in 1988 to reach the most "at risk" segment of the USA population, American Indian youth."
  • Wisconsin Indian Tribes
    lots of info
  • Wolf Lodge
    "Herein lies a labyrinth of information, knowledge, healing, enlightenment, prophecy, Native American culture, truth and wisdom."
  • Woodland Culture Centre
    "A Native American Indian Centre of Excellence" in Canada
  • Wounded Knee Site Index
    lots of info from the First Nations site
  • Year-end annual budget expenditures
    from the Administration for Native Americans (USDHHS)
  • About the Zapatistas
    a look at these people in Mexico