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Sites with this letter are archived views of pages which may no longer exist.

Sites primarily dealing with Genealogy

  • The African - Native Genealogy Homepage
    "Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations"
    The title says it all...
  • American Indian Genealogy Resources
    lots of info
  • American Indian Records on Microfilm
    the NARA Genealogy Page
  • Ancestor Quest Genealogy
    NATIVE AMERICAN GENEALOGY LINKS (Formerly Randy's Native American Genealogy)
  • Ancestral Trails
    family histories from Virginia Leddy
  • Ancestry--The Genealogy Research Home Town
    lots of info, they charge for some material
  • BIA site on Ancestry
    their info
  • D.O.I. site on Cherokee Ancestry
    addresses & some info
  • BIA site on Genealogical Research
    more suggestions in PDF format
  • Balck Seminole Indian Surname
    short article
  • Broken Threads
    lots of links & genealogy sites
  • Census Online
    TONS of Census info
    lots of definitions and info to help you check records
  • Chase County, Nebraska
    some info here
  • Cherokee Dawes Roll
    basic info is searchable here by name
  • Cherokee Genealogy
    "3 articles which trys to give an overview of Cherokee Indian history and some tips for searching Cherokee genealogy. The third part will be a selected bibliography of what I consider the major sources for researching the Cherokee"
  • 1835 Cherokee Census Index
    this site has disappeared--do you know where it went?
  • So Your Grandmother Was a Cherokee Princess?
    from the Cherokee Messenger in Houston
  • Cherokee Heritage Center: Genealogy
    excellent source of information on the Cherokee
  • Yanusdi's Cherokee Heritage page
    more info
  • The Cherokee Genealogy Page
    read and submit queries - by Christina Berry
  • Cherokee Nation Indian Territory
    "I host the Cherokee Nation page of the OK/ITGenWeb, a part of the USGenWeb Project. I hope you find the site informative and useful in your genealogical research."
  • Morton & Sisco Genealogy Page
    info on Cherokees and others in Tennessee, Arkansas & Oklahoma
  • NC Cherokee Reservation Genealogy--Home Page
    suggestions and connections
  • The Cherokee Outlet
    "a part of the OKGenWeb Twin Territories Project"
    info and links
  • Cherokee Proud
    more resources
  • Cheyenne/Arapaho Lands
    "Ethel Taylor, I host the Cheyenne - Arapaho Nation page of the OK/ITGenWeb"
  • Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory 1837-1907
    "I hope you find the site informative and useful in your genealogical research."
  • Some Creek Friends and Family
    "Being a study of the complex genealogies and relationships of people and events leading to the Creek War and the Removal"
  • Creek Nation, Indian Territory
    "The Creek Nation in Oklahoma contained Indians from the Koasati, Hitchiti, Natchez, Apalachicola, Alabama, Tuskegee and Yuchi (Euchee) tribes"
  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
    massive site dedicated to Native American sites
  • Descendants of Nancy Ward
    lots of info
  • 1836 - Mixed Blood - Census
  • Freedman Members of the Five Civilized Tribes
    lots of names
  • Freedman Members of the Five Civilized Tribes
    list of publications
  • Freedmen's Bureau Online
    all kinds of info
  • Genealogical Research for Native Americans
    from the Smithsonian: "The following text has been compiled by our staff to assist you in locating sources of information"
  • GenealogyBookstore
    books and lots of links
  • Genealogy of Quebec's Native People & francophone Metis
    source for research
  • Harlan's genealogy Pages
    "You will find Harlan's Native American Genealogy Forum on this site. THIS FORUM IS FOR ALL NATIVE AMERICANS! Thank You. "
  • Hopi and Navajo Genealogy
    basic info
  • How to Guide for Native Americans
    helpful hints by Paul Sarrett, Jr.
  • Idaho Indian Reservations genealogy site
    lots of info & links
  • Indian Captives Genealogy page
    from the panhandle of West Virginia
  • Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Lands - Indian Territory
    the Kiowa, Comanche, Apache Nation page of the OK/ITGenWeb
  • Lemmiein's Genealogy Resources
    Another good genealogy page
  • Livingston County, MI
    some info here
  • Lowery Genealogy
    Alabama info
  • Mohican/Stockbridge-Munsee/Brotherton Genealogical Queries
    questions and answers
    "We specialize in Native American research and proving Native American ancestry"
  • Native American Genealogy
    This might help you look up the family
    June 2000 "Co-Link of the Month"
  • Native American Genealogy
    "providing these pages as a starting point for your research"
  • Native American Genealogy Forum
    the title says it all
  • Native American Links
    "focusing primarily on genealogy"
  • Native American Lookups
    "I am willing to take E-mail requests for look-ups in the following books in my possession: DAWES ROLL "PLUS" by Bob Blankenship, GUION MILLER ROLL "PLUS" by Bob Blankenship, CHEROKEE ROOTS (Eastern Cherokee Rolls) by Bob Blankenship, CHEROKEE BY BLOOD compiled by Jerry Wright Jordan, Heritage Books, Inc."
    lessons on how to research your genealogy "Using the Ottawa, Chippewa and Potawatomi tribes as examples"
    lessons on how to research your family
  • Native Genealogy
    "This Native genealogy page deals with the genealogy of the "People of the Three Fires" the Ojibwa, Ottawa and Potawatomi"
  • Native Births
    "IN LEELANAU COUNTY 1867 - 1920"
  • Native Genealogy
    "This Native genealogy page deals with the genealogy of the "People of the Three Fires" the Ojibwa, Ottawa and Potawatomi"
  • North American Genealogy Resources
    lots of links
  • NWT Genealogical Society
    from Canada
  • Oklahoma Historical Society
    "Essentials of Indian Citizenship Tracing Your Indian Ancestors"
  • Peck-J Genealogy Research
  • The Quapaw Agency Lands Of Indian Territory
    "Jerri (Rogers) Chasteen: I host the Quapaw Agency Land page of the OK/ITGenWeb"
  • RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative
    a massive site, to look up anscestors
    November 1999 "Co-Link of the Month"
  • Seminole Nation in Indian Territory
    lots of effort for Seminole research going on here
  • Smithsonian FAQs: Genealogical Research for Native Americans
    answers many questions
  • Tennessee Genealogy "First People of Tennessee
    "a new Tennessee Genealogy Page. It was created to provide a forum for both those with native roots that reach back into that most difficult to research time, the period before the removal, a.k.a., the trail of tears; and also to help those whose ancestors avoided that removal."
  • Terri Moore
    Terri has made many excellent genealogy sites
  • Wantabes and Outalucks: Searching for Indian Ancestors in Federal Records
    very detailed website
    sponsored by the tribe

  • Sites of Various Media Outlets

    Newspapers, Magazines, Newsletters, Television, Radio, Books, etc.

  • Aboriginal Multi-Media Society
    a very comprehensive site for Canadian interests
  • Abya Yala News
    The Journal of the South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC)
  • Aerial Archaeology Newsletter
    lots of articles and photos
  • After Wounded Knee
    book from the MSU Press
  • Akwesasne Notes
    "a news journal dedicated to reporting on the issues and concerns of Native Peoples"
  • American Indian & First People's Periodicals List!
    a long list of publications
  • American Indian Culture and Research Journal
    "a quarterly academic publication dedicated to scholarship about American Indian peoples"
  • American Indian Law Review
    from the University of Oklahoma College of Law
  • The American Indian Quarterly
    "The American Indian Quarterly will, as it has done in the past, publish a diversity of scholarly voices with the understanding that no single speaker can fully articulate the whole of American Indian Studies."
  • American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS)
    "a national distribution system for Native programming to Tribal communities and to general audiences through Native American and other public radio stations"
  • American Indian Review
    a quarterly magazine containing traditional and contemporay articles primarily by American Indian authors, and is published in London, England
  • American Native Press Archives
    clearinghouse for information on American Indian and Alaska Native newspapers and periodicals"
  • BackToTheBlanket Journal HomePage
    "a monthly Cherokee/Native American journal"
  • The Bah-Kho-Je Journal
    from the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
  • The Calumet
    "Newsletter of the Indian Peaks Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society"
  • Cankú Lúta Fall Newsletter
    copies of some old articles
  • Camp Internet: Coyote's CampFire Story Telling Place
    many stories
  • Char-Koosta News
    lots of articles
  • The Cherokee Messenger
    a publication of the Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston, lots of articles
  • The Cherokee Phoenix
    "The First Cherokee Newspaper published once again by the Ridge/Boudinot/Watie Family"
  • The Cherokee Observer
    "The Only Independent Cherokee Newspaper" well done with excellent articles & history
  • The Circle
    "Native American News and Arts"
  • Cultural readings: Colonization & Print in the Americas
    from the University of Pennsylvania Library
  • DesertUSA Magazine
    dedicated to the deserts of the American Southwest, some great articles about native inhabitants
  • Dibaudjimoh
    "Bringing the News of the Chippewas of Nawash on the Web" large site with land claims, fishing rights, history, etc.
  • Discovering Archaeology
    while it covers non-Indian subjects as well, it is an excellent source of information
  • Fear of a Red Planet
    the semi-official Paul Chaat Smith site
  • First Perspective Online
    "Canada's Source for Aboriginal News & Events"
  • Gohweli
    "A Journal of American Indian Literatures"
  • Honor The Earth: Publications
    formerly the "Indigenous Women's Magazine"
  • Indian Advocate
    a history of this publication
  • Indian-Artifact Magazine
    "We offer an exciting look into the discoveries of prehistoric Indian finds throughout the United States!"
  • Indian Country Today Online
    "Indian Country Today, a weekly newspaper that covers national news and events, is currently distributed in all fifty states and in seventeen foreign countries."
    July 2000 "Link of the Month"
    "your internet resource"...a great place to find news stories
  • Iowa Trine Journal
    about this publication
  • International Jounal of American Linguistics
    includes Indian languages as subjects
  • Journal of American Indian Education
    "published three times the Center for Indian Education...Arizona State University"
  • Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology
    basic info
  • The Journal of Caribbean Archaeology
    "Devoted to archaeological research in the Caribbean and surrounding areas "
  • The Journal of the Indian Wars
    "a quarterly publication dedicated to interpreting the American Indian wars"...VERY impressive
    May 2000 "Link of the Month"
  • Kifaru Productions
    "Native American Relations Video Series"
  • Las Casas News
    from the Dominican Ministry Among the Cheyenne and Arapahoe
  • Lies My Teacher Told Me
    written by James W. Loewen
  • Like a Hurrican
    the Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee
  • "Living History: the history activity magazine"
    broken down by century
  • The Mammoth Trumpet
    "Our quarterly news magazine, the Mammoth Trumpet, is for the public and reports on all aspects of the peopling of the Americas"
  • Mi'kmaq Family - Migmaoei Otjiosog
    a film
  • The Moccasin Telegraph Network
    no longer active...
  • The Albion Monitor
    "Internet Access for Sonoma County", lots of articles on American Indian issues
  • Montana Film Office: Shooting in Montana
    how to contact reservations on making films there
  • Muskogee OnLine
    about the town and area
  • My Two Beads Worth
    "a place where many will share their information, thoughts and words and in doing so, we can learn from each other and grow in spirit and heart, as we are meant to do."
  • The Nation
    "The Nation is the first and only newsmagazine to serve over 25,000 Crees of James Bay in Northern Quebec and Ontario."
  • National Film Board Of Canada
    lots of First Nation films here....
  • Native American Bibliography
    from the Indiana Historical Bureau
  • Native American Children's Books
    lists and links
    about this book by Daniel E. Moerman
  • Native American Indian Newspapers
    basic address info, etc
  • Native American Journalists Association
    "Goals: To improve media coverage of Native Americans; To offer training and support to Native Americans already in the field;To increase the number of Native journalists"
  • Native American Literature
    North American Native Author's Catalog
  • Native American Mailing Lists
    from Rootsweb
  • Native American Public Telecommunications
    "Empowering, Educating, and Entertaining through Native Media"
  • The Native American Relations Video Series
    several video productions
  • Native-American Studies
    a list of movies
  • Native American Times
    "The official website of the Native American Times newspaper. The largest independently owned Indian newspaper in America" (formerly the Oklahoma Indian Times.
  • Native Celebrities
    an electronic magazine dedivated to "Native celebrities"
  • Native Peoples Magazine
  • Native Peoples Web Site
    Home page for the magazine of the same name.
  • The Native Voice
    "A newspaper created by student and professional journalists onsite at the 11th Annual Convention of the Native American Journalists Association in Bismarck, North Dakota, May 24-28, 1995"
  • Native Village
    lots of news stories and events
  • Navajo-Hopi Observer
    lots of articles
  • News from Native California
    info about this publication
  • News from Native California
    "quarterly magazine devoted entirely to the State's Native people"
  • Noah's News from Indian Country
  • North American Indian Periodicals List!
    a long list
  • The Northern Maidu
    a review of this book
  • Noso-n
    Costanoan Indian Research Quarterly Newsletter
  • The Nunatsiaq News Home Page
    a weekly newspaper
  • The Online Communicator: Native Americans
    "My goal is simply to help raise consciousness for some people"
  • Open Spaces Magazine
    environmental with occasional "native" articles
  • Oshkaabewis Native Journal
    "a bi-annual interdisciplinary forum for significant contributions to knowledge about native peoples"
  • Papago Woman
    a discussion of this book
  • Perdido Bay Tribe Newsletter
    nicely done with interesting articles
  • Pictures of our Nobler Selves
    Native American contributions to the news media
  • Picturing a People: George Johnston, Tlingit Photographer
    a videodisk
  • The Public Historian
    "Published for the National Council on Public History and University of California, Santa Barbara"
  • Quinnehtukqut Nipmuc News
    "The Nipmuc Indian Association of Connecticut's Quarterly Newsletter"
  • Radio Organizations
    from the NMRC
    An American Indian Student Publication from the University of Arizona - Facebook page
  • Revista de Arqueologia Americana
    this publication is in many languages
  • The Seeker Magazine
    "Native Americans Seek Their Lost Heritage" articles
  • Seminole Tribune
    from the Seminole's of Florida
  • Sissetonwan Wahpetonwan Dakota Oyate
    a weekly newspaper
  • The Soul of the Indian
    book by Ohiyesa
  • Southwest Archaeology Today access to all of the articles
  • Sprit Talk Press
    "Spirit Talk Press means books by and about Indians. . . . and all things by and about Indians. It is especially the host site for information about the Blackfoot. Spirit Talk Press is located in the heart of Blackfeet Nation"
  • Techqua Ikachi
    newsletters on the Hopi, or so it says
  • TODD Publications
    "now celebrating its 25th anniversary"
  • Tribal College Journal
    Journal of American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC)
  • TurtleTracksHome
    "A (Bi-Weekly) Newsletter for Kids from a Native American View"
  • UBK News
    "by the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Oklahoma"
  • United Methodist Church
    just enter "native" in their search engine for lots of articles
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA PRESS: Excerpts from UA Press Books
    samples from many books
  • The Vision Maker
    a quarterly newsletter of Native American Public Telecommunications
  • The Voice of the Taino People
    "Official Newsletter of The United Confederation Of Taino People"
  • Wabanaki Legal News
    "A Newsletter of Pine Tree Legal Assistance"
  • Wawatay News
    "serves over 75 communities in the N. A. N. (Nishnawbe-Aski Nation) and Treaty #3 territories of northern Ontario"
  • Wennawood Publishing
    specializing in 17th & 18th century history
  • The Wild West
    a magazine from The History Net
  • Winds of Change
    "the only nationally distributed, full-color magazine published by and for American Indians with a focus on career and educational advancement for Native people"

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