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Links last checked for accuracy on July 5, 2013.
Links with a question mark occasionally do not work.
Links with a check were added recently.
Sites with this letter are archived views of pages which may no longer exist. has closed. It is being reconstituted as Reocities. Some sites may not work yet....

  • Aboriginal Culture: The Syncrude Gallery
    from Alberta
  • Aboriginal Peoples of Canada
    long list of site for First Peoples of Canada
  • Aboriginal Resources
    nice page from Canada
  • Aboriginal (Native American) Star Knowledge: Menu
    another fine page from the late Paula Giese
  • Aboriginal Super Information Highway
    Info on Canadian tribes
  • Alaska Native Knowledge Network
    "designed to serve as a resource for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing" goes down occassionally
  • Alberta Native Friendship Centre Association Links Page
    long list of links to Canadian and American sites
  • American Indian Culture Research Center
    "The principal purpose of the Center is to inform the general public of the world view, the philosophy of life, the spiritual insight of Native Peoples."
  • American Indian Data Center
    useful site
  • American Indian Ethnobotany Database
    food, drugs, dyes & fibers of Native North American Peoples - MASSIVE!
    August 1998 "Co-Link of the Month"
  • American Indian History and Related Issues
    an amazing resource, lots of information & photographs
  • American Indian Link Exchange
    lots of info
    October 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • American Indian Links to Neat Pages
    lots of links
  • American Indian Resources
    links to many sources
  • American Indian Resources Index
    very good links on a variety of subjects & groups, maintained by Will Karkavelas
    January 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • American Indian Studies
    a good resource page for links, but times a while to load
  • American Indian Studies Program at Arizona State
    another good reference site
  • American Indian Wars Page
    a good page from
  • Another Native American's Opening Page
    nice thoughts & lots of links
  • APD Native Americans
    some info, not as long as it used to be
  • Arctic Circle
    a great source for info on First People in the northern part of North America
    February 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • The Awesome Library: Native American Multicultural Links
    lots of different subject areas
  • Bear Clan
    lots of info, especially on the Iroquois
  • Beginning Research-Native American Studies
    reference guide from Stanford University Library
  • Bill's Page
    aboriginal resources
    November 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • Brenda's Homepage
    lots of links, especially archaeological
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    the federal organization
  • California Indian Library Collections
    Lots of info on California Tribes
  • Canada-Indian Treaies
    great map & links & info
    nicely done resource page
    a good reference site for Cherokees
  • Codetalk
    A good site for contact people and links
  • Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
    A good link for info on California tribes
  • Dene Cultural Institute
    click the links for various subjects
  • Digital Librarian: Native American Resources
    lots of links
  • Discrimination against Native Americans
    an interesting reference source
  • The Elkus Indian Papers
    a large database, stories, maps, artwork collection and more
  • Envirotext Search Page (Website may no longer exist)
    Great place to search for tribes, treaties, keeps moving, it seems to be missing again....
    December 1998 "Link of the Month"
    long list of links
  • Exploring Native Americans Across the Curriculum
    Educations World's article, lots of connections to other sites, info & a search engine for their excellent site
  • First Nation
    JS Dill's massive work with links everywhere
    March 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • First Nation Information Project Native Links
    "This section of our Site is intended to assist those persons that wish to find information on First Nations and its peoples."
  • First Nations
    Links, info, history
  • Four Directions Institute
    lots of information, especially on California
  • Fourth World Documentation Project Home Page
    "Indigenous People's Information for the Online Community"
    great resource for American Indian History and Culture from Arizona State University in PDF format
  • Historical Documents Archive
    an EXCELLENT SITE with tons of info - from Mississippi State
    March 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • The Hopi Information Network
    good links
  • Hot Links for American Indian Tribal Libraries
    good reference sources for librarians
  • Humbolt State Universit Native American Index page
    lots of links
  • Hunting Hawk's Native American Links
    lots of links sorted into catagories (he also makes nice finger woven sashes)
  • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    Karen Strom's magnificent list of links & info--Great!
    May 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • Indian Captives- Links to Other Sites
    links not often found elsewhere
  • Indian Health Services
    tons of info
  • Indian Law Links
    a resource for legal matters
  • Indian Law Links - University of North Dakota
    a resource for legal matters
  • Indian & Northern Affairs Canada
    Canadian government page on "Aboriginal Peoples and their heritage"
  • Indian schools, Colleges, tribes
  • Indian Symbols
    shows some samples of Plains Indian symbols
    lots of info
    lots of info on artists and other searchable info and links
    "your internet source"
  • The Indigenous Circle
    "The Ultimate Source for Finding Native American Information on the World Wide Web"
    August 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • Indigenous Law Institute Information
    about this group, position papers, great links
  • Indigenous Peoples Literature
    an excellent and comprehensive site by Glenn Welker
    September 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • Indigenous Peoples Literature in Danish / den Dansk-Indianske side by Nick
    A nice collection of links, pictures, e-texts, quotes, etc (from Denmark)
  • Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
    a very comprehensive site about Mexico
    September 2000 "Link of the Month"
  • Interesting Facts and Sites Linking to American Indians
    a good links page from Australia
  • Internet Resources
    list from SISIS (Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty)
  • International Intertribal Association
    "Native Talk", "Native Children Still have a Chance", large Pow Wow listing, etc
  • Jay's Native American and Indigenous Peoples Links
    alphabetized list
  • League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western Hemisphere
    "an alliance created to unite indigenous peoples to politically empower our Nations as one people."
  • The Library-in-the-Sky
    lots of links by subject
  • Libraries, Books, Stories & Images!
    nicely cataloged links with good descriptions
  • A Line in the Sand
    This page discusses "Cultural Property." An excellent source page for a look at respecting people's beliefs and traditions.
    May 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • Links for First Nations
    nicely sorted links from the Treaty7 group in Canada
  • Links to Native American language & resources sites
    excellent source page
  • Links to tribes
    This has a very comprehensive list of links to individual tribes
  • Making of America
    It is a large collection of books, maps, and a wide variety of other things. Just enter Indian (or similar words or names) in the search section.
    August 2001 "Link of the Month"
  • Russell Means Home Page
    His home page has interesting discusions, good links & his opinions
  • NAPE Aboriginal Links - An Indigenous Peoples Web Directory
    very well organized
  • NatAmer
    Lots of good links
  • National Archives Records on Native American
    data on where to find info in government microfilm
  • National Museum of the American Indian
    Info from the Smithsonian, et al.
  • The National Tribal Justice Resource Center
    It lists many tribal constitutions and codes, posts tribal and Supreme Court opinions, and has links to many other organizations and projects.
    April 2003 "Link of the Month"
  • The Native American Adventure
    a very comprehensive site for info, stories & links
  • Native American Anthology: Internet Resources
    a long list from the "World Cultures" site
  • Native American Authors
    alphabetically or by tribe
  • Native American Bookmarks by Tracy Marks
    lots of info
  • The Native American Connection"
    nicely formated links page
  • Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
    "This Project is a cooperative effort among the University of Oklahoma Law Center, the National Indian Law Library (NILL), and Native American tribes providing access to the Constitutions, Tribal Codes, and other legal documents."
    August 2002 "Link of the Month"
  • Native American Culture
    good page from the State of South Dakota
  • Native American Cultures
    another good page from (The History Channel), articles and videos
  • Native American Documents Project
    a good reference page, they try to put original documents on the web
  • Native American Electronic Resources on the Internet
    another great page by Karen Strom
  • Native American Health History Database
    lots of info - PDF
  • Native American Indian - Course & Study Sources - Native American Indian
    info and links
  • Native American Indian Art, Culture, Education, History, Science
    The late Paula Giese's great resource center
    February 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • Native American Indian Websites
    lots of good links
  • Native American Indians
    a nicely designed website
  • Native American Links
    long list of links from
  • Native American Links Directory - Big East Native
    good site covering many subjects
  • NativeAmerican Links Page
    Lots of links & very good graphics
  • Native American Net server
    LOTS of info
  • Native American Quotes
    nice listing
  • Native American Resources (Website may no longer exist - this is an archive)
    Another great list of links
  • Native American Sites
    Lisa Mitten's great site with a wide variety of information & links to sites
    April 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • Native American Studies
    Native American Studies Collection from Stanford University
  • Native American Web Sites
    very detailed site, sorted by topics
  • Native Americans
    lots of links from Kid Info
  • Native Americans
    a nice site from H.U.D.
  • Native Americans
    lots of links, designed for educators by "42eXplore"
  • Native Americans and the Environment (Website may no longer exist - this is an archive view
    an interesting page with LOTS of info
  • Native Americans of the Desert Southwest
    interesting articles (with links) from DesertUSA magazine
  • Native Pages From StFXU
    great Canadian (primarily) links site
  • Native Web Site Evaluation
    Elaine Cubbins' excellent site with guidelines on evaluating sites for their validity. This is a great place for people exploring "native cultures" on the web to start their search.
    June 1999 "Link of the Month"
  • NativeTech
    a very comprehensive list of links with detailed descriptions of other sites
    part of the June 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • NativeWeb
    an excellent resource
    July 1998 "Link of the Month"
  • Nerd World: Native Americans
    Nerd World's long list of links
  • The North American Indian
    "This page is a gateway to information concerning approximately 80 western Native American tribes, visited and photographed by Edward Sheriff Curtis from 1890 to 1930"
  • Ohio Historical Society Links Page
    lots of info on this region
  • Ohio History Central
    Click on any of the links other than "Natural Ohio," and you will find a wealth of information on the local Indians.
    June 2001 "Link of the Month"
  • Ohwejagehka Links
    nicely organized
  • Oklahoma State History
    Lots of info on Oklahoma
  • Peace Hills Trust Links Page
    good links site from Canadian Trust organization
  • the People's Paths home page
    interesting links
  • Poeh Center
    lots of links from the museum in Pojoaque Pueblo
  • Rain Sparrow's Nest
    a very good resource
  • Reddream's Links
    lots of them & nicely done
  • Red Road Collective's HOME TRUTH PAGE!
    "newletters, the message pages and the collection of information"
  • Rose's Native Stuff
    a very nicely deigned and wide ranging site
  • Saskatchewan Indian Culture Centre
    "For the past 25 years the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre seeks to help maintain the cultural identity of the five cultures of the province: Saulteaux, Dakota, Assiniboine, Dene and Cree (Plains,Woodland, and Swampy)"
  • SchoolNet Digital Collections (Website was discontinued in 2007 - this is an archive view)
    copies of documents dealing with "First Nations & Aboriginal People" in Canada
  • Shea's Native Links
  • SIPI Graphic Arts Training for Native Americans
    Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute's site with lots of very interesting & useful information
  • Site-tations: First Nations of Turtle Island
    A good site with a wide variety of First People links
  • Sources for the Study of the Southwest
    Good maps & info & links from the University of Texas
  • Sources for the study of the Southwest
    all kinds of links from Southern Methodist University
  • The TalkingStick
    some explainations of the "old ways"
  • Triangle Native American Society (TNAS)
    "The Triangle Native American Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1985 to promote and protect the identity of Native Americans in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The primary goal of the Triangle Native American Society is to increase public awareness of the cultural and economic contributions made by North Carolina's Native American citizens. "
  • Tribal Connections
    lots of information
  • Tribal Court Clearing House
    tons of information and links
    January 2002 "Link of the Month"
  • Las Tribus Nativas De Nortéamérica
    excellent site in Spanish
  • Tsalagi-Native American Indian Gateway
    a long list of links
  • Tsalagi: Links
    links with descriptions
  • Vicky Littleleaf's Native American Websites and Links
    lots of links & a really nice picture
  • Welcome to North Georgia
    Tourist site with interesting Indian info

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