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The Creator's Game

I wrote this review in May 2003.

When I started watching this movie, I struck me as something that might have been done by one of the production companies in Utah. There are several companies in Utah that specialize in family-oriented movies. Sure enough, "The Creator’s Game" was produced by a Utah company.

According to the International Movie DataBase website: Tagline: Not All of Life's Lessons Are Learned on the Field. Plot Outline: Daniel must defeat all odds, even himself, if he wants to regain the respect of his team and get the coaching position he covets.

Dakota House plays Daniel Cloud. Daniel is an ace at lacrosse, but he wants to be a football coach. Without giving away too much of the plot, Daniel must coach a winning lacrosse team before he can get a job as a football coach.

This movie, written and directed by Bruce Troxell, tries to make several points about family, tradition, hard word, honesty and cultural clashes. I found the story to be a bit contradictory, but not that bad. It does have a few stereotypical "mystical" American Indian scenes. While I would not pay to rent this movie, you might want to watch it if it shows up on TV or cable.

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