Phil Konstantin's Review of "Dark Wind."

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The Dark Wind

I wrote this review in April 2004.

During a short break this month, I saw another one of the dramatiztions of a Tony Hillerman novel called "The Dark Wind." This movie also features Officer Jim Chee and Lt. Leaphorn. This 1991 movie is not a part of the PBS series. It features Lou Diamond Phillips as Officer Chee, and Fred Ward as Lt. Leaphorn. Leaphorn's character is not featured very much in the story. It centers around Chee. It has a couple of other familiar faces, notibly Gary Farmer as a Hopi Deputy Sheriff.

The story centers around a murder in the former 'Navajo-Hopi Joint Use' area. Chee has just moved to the area and he becomes embroiled in an investigation that finds himself as a suspect. In comparison to the more recent series starring Adam Beach and Wes Studi, Chee seems to spend more time involved in traditional, spiritual activities.

It was an interesting story that fits in with the other movies.

I like to look through the credits of movies. I noticed a couple of names. Miller Nez was the Navajo advisor for the movie. I know a couple of younger members of the Nez family. Another name I noticed was the Production Office Assistant: Carlota Piestewa.

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