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Sites With Information About the Lakota Tribe

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  1. Wambli-Gleska, i Lakota di Rosebud
    info on the Rosebud Lakota in Italian
  2. Lakxota Kxoyag
    "Coordinating Support for the Cheyenne River Lakxota"
  3. Lakota Accounts of the Massacre at Wounded Knee
    from "The West"
  4. Lakota Noon at the Greasy Grass
    article from Wild West on "Crazy Horse's Last Stand"
  5. Lakota/Nakota/Dakota
    brief but informative page by Karen Strom
  6. Black Hills, Paha Sapa
    info on this Lakota sacred site
  7. The Sioux
    by Elisabeth, a Third Grader at John F. Pattie Elementary School
  8. The Sioux
    by Kirsten at JFP School
  9. The Sioux
    by Megan JFP School
  10. Santee, Nebraska
    lots of info on the Dakota or the Santee Sioux
  11. H. R. 3595
    a funding bill for the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska
  12. The Santee Casino Controversy
    newspaper article
  13. The Great Sioux Nation
    nice site from The History Channel
  14. General Miles reports on Sioux
    more from THC
  15. Dakota (Sioux) uprising begins 8/17/1862
    more from THC
  16. Newspaper reveals Coolidge will be adopted into Sioux tribe 6/23/1927
    more from THC
  17. 300 Santee Sioux sentenced to hang in Minnesota 11/5/1862
    more from THC
  18. Cheyenne and Sioux decimate frontiersmen at Beecher's Island 9/17/1868
    more from THC
  19. U.S. Army massacres Sioux at Wounded Knee 12/29/1890
    more from THC
  20. Native American Tribes and Cultures Sioux inlayed war club
    more from THC
  21. Crazy Horse
    more from THC
  22. Native Americans: Legislation Wounded Knee Occupation Ends
    more from THC
  23. Black Elk
    more from THC
  24. Sitting Bull
    more from THC
  25. Battle of the Little Bighorn
    more from THC
  26. Wounded Knee
    more from THC
  27. AIM Takeover Wounded Knee | Speeches and Audio
    more from THC
  28. This Day in History: 12/29/1890 - Massacre at Wounded Knee | Video
    more from THC
  29. Indians hammer U.S. soldiers at the Battle of the Rosebud 6/17/1876
    more from THC
  30. U.S. Army avenges the Grattan Massacre
    more from THC
  31. Followers of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse identified as hostile 11/9/1875
    more from THC
  32. Sitting Bull killed by Indian police 12/15/1890
    more from THC
  33. This Day In History: 01/08/1877 - Crazy Horse's Last Battle
    more from THC
  34. Dead Buffalo Lake
    report on a military operation
  35. Fort Ridgely
    details of a Civil Ware era battle
  36. Eastern Dakota
    Inventory and Assessment of Human Remains From the Historic Period Potentially Affiliated with the Eastern Dakota in the National Museum of Natural History"
  37. Santee Tribe's Casino
    "Ruling a Defeat for Santee Sioux" by Robert Dorr, World Herald Staff Writer
  38. A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
    nice site
  39. History of Santee Sioux
    from the Santee Sioux Tribe of Nebraska site
  40. Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe
    basic info and map
  41. Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
    A FEMA page
  42. Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
    A FEMA page
  43. Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe
    A FEMA page
  44. Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
    A FEMA page
  45. Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation
    A FEMA page
  46. Rosebud Sioux Tribe
    A FEMA page
  47. Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe of the Lake Traverse Reservation
    A FEMA page
  48. Yankton Sioux Tribe
    A FEMA page
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