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Sites With Information About the Iroquois Tribe

Iroquois Links:

  1. The Six Nations: Oldest Living Participatory Democracy on Earth
    very comprehensive site on the "Iroquois"
  2. Native Americans of the Northeast, The Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy
    "This page was devised to bring together information about the Iroquois Nation."
  3. Iroquois History
    by Lee Sultzman
  4. The Netguide Website of the Six Nations
    "we hit on the idea of putting together a site dedicated to the Six Nations. To that end, we began researching exactly what is available in cyber-space and then categorized our findings in a logical and easy to follow format. "
  5. Lacrosse: An Iroquois Tradition
    from the Oneida home page
  6. The Haudenosaunee
    about them in Canada

    end of Iroquois links

    Cayuga Links:

  7. The Cayuga (Kwe nio gwe)
    "their former residence was on the shores of Cayuga Lake in the state of New York, where they were one of the Five Nations of the Iroquois. "
  8. History of Waterloo
    and its Cayuga ties

    end of Cayuga links

    Mohawk Links:

  9. Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs
    their home page
  10. Mohawk Nation Radio
    about this radio station in Canada
    lots of information

    end of Mohawk links

    Oneida Links:

  12. Oneida Indian Nation Treaties Project
    transcripts of 7 treaties and a memorandum
  13. Oneida Indian Nation Clan Mothers and Men's Council
    basic info on the three clans
    from the Nation's site
  15. A Sovereign Nation Police Force
    detailed site on the Oneida Police Force

    end of Oneida links

    Onondaga Links:

    end of Onondaga links

    Seneca Links:

  16. The Tribes of the Seneca Confederacy
    start of a new site
  17. Seneca Nation of Indians
    "Information about The Seneca Indians from THIS Seneca's perspective"
  18. Learn About the Indigenous Seneca Indians
    history and other info from Wikipedia

    end of Seneca links

    Tuscarora Links:

    end of Tuscarora links

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