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Sites With Information About the Caddo Tribe

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  1. Caddo Indians Social Studies
    I'll add info soon.
  2. Caddo Indian Fact Sheet
    I'll add info soon.
    LOTS of info
  4. The Caddo Indians of Louisiana
    from Louisiana Archaeological Survey and Antiquities Commission
  5. The Caddo Indians of Louisiana
    historical article
  6. Caddo Timeline
    from Google
  7. Caddoan Mounds
    detailed site from Terra Incognita
  8. Caddo Indians and Caddo Archaeology
    from Infography
  9. Caddo Indians by New Advent
    I'll add info soon.
  10. Caddo Indian Tribe
    FROM "Native American Nations" website
  11. Caddo Indian Language (Hatsinai)
    I'll add info soon.
  12. Caddo Indians
    short article from the Catholic Encyclopedia
  13. Teaching about the Caddo Indians
    Excellent site! Lesson plans and other information
  14. World of the Caddo - Mounds of Mystery
    nice site
  15. The Caddo Indians, Texas Indians
    more info
  16. Caddo fact page
    I'll add info soon.
  17. Caddo Bibliography, Sources, and Resources
    I'll add info soon.
  18. Caddo Indians
    good article from the Handbook of Texas
  19. CADDO INDIANS by Handbook Of Texas Online
    I'll add info soon.
  20. Archaeogeophysics and Archaeology at a Caddo Mound Center
    By Jami J. Lockhart and Frank F. Schambach
  21. Caddo Indians were in Arkansas
    lesson plan
  22. Caddo Mounds
    from the Texas Historical Society
  23. Caddo
    article on Human Remains
  24. The Caddo Indians
    article by Ann M. Early
  25. Caddo: Creation of the World
    from the Indians in Arkansas website
  26. The Caddo Indians
    by Ann M. Early
  27. Caddo
  28. The Caddo Confederacies
    from El Centro College
  29. A History of the Caddo Indians
  30. The Caddo Confederacies
    detailed page from El Centro College
  31. Caddo Indians
    Caddo Indians in Montgomery County, AR
  32. 1901 Caddo Indian Census
    from Rootsweb
  33. 1915 Caddo Census
    from Rootsweb
  34. Caddo Indian Customs
    from Access Genealogy
  35. Caddo Indian History
    from Access Genealogy
  36. Caddo Indian Divisions and Totems
    from Access Genealogy
  37. Notes on the Caddo
    Supplement to AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, Volume 43, No. 3, Part 2, Memoirs Of The American Anthropological Association
  38. Wichita & Caddo Nation, Oklahoma Territory
    from OK/ITGenWeb
  39. Indian Territory Archives - Caddo Nation
    from the Oklahoma & USGenWeb Archives Project
  40. The Legend of the Goldenrod
    from Purple Sage Elem. Round Rock, ISD, fourth grade
  41. Buffalo Woman, A Story of Magic
    "Native American Lore"
  42. The Twin Brothers
    "A story of the Caddo People of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana"
  43. Treaty With The Caddo
    "July 1, 1835. | 7 Stat., 470. | Proclamation, Feb. 2, 1836."

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