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Sites With Information About the Aztec Tribe

  1. The Aztec Calendar great graphics & info
  2. The Post-Classic Period (900-1521 AD) - Part I nice site from Mexico Connect
  3. The Post-Classic Period (900-1521 AD) - Part II more info
  4. Tianquiztli The Aztecs and the Pleiades
  5. The Aztecs/Mexicas another great page by Glenn Welker
  6. Aztec Creation Story short story
  7. An Offer You Can't Refuse Aztec motives for mass sacrafice
  8. Aztec Manuscript a great deal of info
  9. Aztecs: Fierce Wanderers nice site from PBS
  10. Acoyauh's Aztec Lore the main page for a detailed site
  11. History of the Aztec Empire "as perceived by the Spanish conquerors"
  12. The other side of the history "as perceived by the indians"
  13. The Aztec Gods "A description of aztec deities"
  14. Tlahuica Cultures of Morelos "one of the Aztec peoples of central Mexico"
  15. Aztec Legends, Stories and Myths still working on it
  16. Nexahualcoyotl of Tezcoco Mexica poetry
  17. Xicohtencatl the Elder poetry
  18. Mexica Peregrination short article with links
  19. Cultura Azteca "Cultura y Entretenimiento" Spanish
  20. CALENDARIO AZTECA details in Spanish
  22. LITERATURA AZTECA in Spanish
  23. TEMPLO MAYOR AZTECA details in Spanish
  24. TEOTIHUACAN info on the Aztec site from Wikipedia
  25. Who were the Aztecs? short article
  26. The Aztecs short basic page
  27. The Aztec Calendar: The Pointer a very, very detailed site, well done!
  28. MYSTERIES OF THE FIFTH SUN: By Dale Hoyt Palfrey
  29. Aztec Poem from Glenn Welker's site
  30. Calendar of the Aztec Sun colorful
  31. Aztec History and Culture lots of information
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