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Sites With Information About the Creek Tribe

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    1. A Creek Indian Bibliography
      Anne Gometz extensive listing
      a short page
      lots of info
      an excellent site with tons of info
    5. Introduction to the Creek Nation
      from the North Georgia site
    6. Creek Indian War, 1813-1814
      from the Alabama Archives, a teaching aid
    7. Creek Indians
      historical documents & treaties related to Georgia
    8. The Creek War: Lesson 1: Return to Nativism or International Pawn? Religious War or International Conflict?
      nicely done
    9. Creek War Correspondence
      from Mateo Gonzales, Governor of Spanish West Florida
    10. Creek War Correspondence
      "The Deposition of Samuel Manac, of Lawful age a Warrior of the Creek"
    11. Creek War Correspondence
      "a small Battle within the Creek Nation at the place called the Holy Ground"
    12. Creek War Correspondence
      "The Canoe Battle"
    13. Creek War Correspondence
      "Memories of journeying through Creek county and childhood in Clarke County, 1811-1814"
    14. Creek War Correspondence
      "Dale's Canoe Fight"
    15. Creek War Correspondence
      "To The head Chief in the Creek Nation" from Adam James
    16. Creek War Correspondence
      "Harry Toulmin, Mississippi Territorial Judge, to Brigadier General Ferdinand L. Claiborne"
    17. The Creek War: Lesson 2: Geography Determines History
      maps and more
    18. The Battle of Horseshoe Bend: Collision of Cultures
      Teaching with Historic Places Lesson Plans
    19. The Creek People
      excellent article from the National Park Service
    20. The Battle of Horseshoe Bend and Its Consequences
      excellent article from the National Park Service
    21. Among The Creeks
      excellent site
    22. Creek Documents
      a long list of original documents
    23. The Creek Stories Index
      another excellent collection
    24. Albert James Pickett's History of Alabama
      transcript with TONS of information from the 1851 book
    25. Creek Census 1860
      a list
    26. Creek Research
      from the State of Alabama Indian Affairs Commission
    27. Muscogee: A Study of the Creek Indians
      lots of information
    28. Alabama Timeline Through 1840
      lots of items about the Creeks
    29. The McIntosh Reserve
      Chief McIntosh's land, photos & information
    30. Chief William McIntosh
      nicely done by Carole E. Scott
    31. Creek Indian History
      "as it relates to the Southeast"
    32. Lower Creek Towns of the Creek Confederacy as written by Col. Benjamin Hawkins, Indian Agent c.1799
    33. Creek Indian Researcher
      "A collection of records and links for those researching their Creek - Muskogee Indian ancestors"
    34. A History and Genealogy of Chief William McIntosh Jr. and his known descendants
      lots of info
    35. The Dawes Commission and the Enrollment of the Creeks
      long article by Kent Carter
    36. Creek Treaties
      a listing of them
    37. erdido Bay Tribe's Native Heritage Education Pages
      Perdido Bay Tribe of Southeastern Lower Muscogee Creek Indians
    38. MaChis Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama
      details about the tribe
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