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2006 San Diego Music Award Finalists - Page 8 of 10

Each Year the San Diego Music Awards are given out to many different San Diego artists. In 2006, several of the finalists appeared on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego. The Awards are designed to honor local artisits and raise money to help get instruments into the hands of school children. You can visit the Award's website at:

m15_small.jpg g9_small.jpg m16_small.jpg v_small.jpg v2_small.jpg v3_small.jpg
v4_small.jpg h3_small.jpg hvmgb_small.jpg hvmgb2_small.jpg hvmgb3_small.jpg har_small.jpg
bass_small.jpg bass2_small.jpg v5_small.jpg m17_small.jpg bm2_small.jpg h4_small.jpg
v6_small.jpg bm3_small.jpg g10_small.jpg g11_small.jpg m18_small.jpg m19_small.jpg
m20_small.jpg h5_small.jpg h6_small.jpg m21_small.jpg hvdm_small.jpg hvdmg_small.jpg
dmg_small.jpg v7_small.jpg v8_small.jpg hvm_small.jpg hvmg_small.jpg b14_small.jpg
b15_small.jpg hvmg2_small.jpg hvmbg_small.jpg hvmbg2_small.jpg g12_small.jpg vm_small.jpg
vm2_small.jpg vm3_small.jpg m22_small.jpg h7_small.jpg h8_small.jpg h9_small.jpg
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