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2006 San Diego Music Award Finalists - Page 5 of 10

Each Year the San Diego Music Awards are given out to many different San Diego artists. In 2006, several of the finalists appeared on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego. The Awards are designed to honor local artisits and raise money to help get instruments into the hands of school children. You can visit the Award's website at:

mb8_small.jpg mb9_small.jpg b12_small.jpg crocename_small.jpg d17_small.jpg photo65_small.jpg
crocescreen_small.jpg photo66_small.jpg photo67_small.jpg photo68_small.jpg photo69_small.jpg photo70_small.jpg
photo71_small.jpg photo72_small.jpg photo73_small.jpg photo74_small.jpg photo75_small.jpg photo76_small.jpg
photo77_small.jpg photo78_small.jpg photo79_small.jpg photo80_small.jpg photo81_small.jpg photo82_small.jpg
d18_small.jpg d19_small.jpg d20_small.jpg d21_small.jpg d22_small.jpg d23_small.jpg
d24_small.jpg photo83_small.jpg photo84_small.jpg photo85_small.jpg photo86_small.jpg photo87_small.jpg
photo88_small.jpg photo89_small.jpg photo90_small.jpg photo91_small.jpg photo92_small.jpg photo93_small.jpg
photo94_small.jpg photo95_small.jpg jensonname_small.jpg photo96_small.jpg photo97_small.jpg photo98_small.jpg
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