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2006 San Diego Music Award Finalists - Page 7 of 10

Each Year the San Diego Music Awards are given out to many different San Diego artists. In 2006, several of the finalists appeared on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego. The Awards are designed to honor local artisits and raise money to help get instruments into the hands of school children. You can visit the Award's website at:

photo143_small.jpg photo144_small.jpg photo145_small.jpg photo146_small.jpg photo147_small.jpg photo148_small.jpg
photo149_small.jpg photo150_small.jpg photo151_small.jpg photo152_small.jpg photo153_small.jpg photo154_small.jpg
photo155_small.jpg photo156_small.jpg photo157_small.jpg photo158_small.jpg photo159_small.jpg photo160_small.jpg
photo161_small.jpg photo162_small.jpg photo163_small.jpg photo164_small.jpg photo165_small.jpg photo166_small.jpg
photo167_small.jpg photo168_small.jpg photo169_small.jpg photo170_small.jpg a_small.jpg photo171_small.jpg
photo172_small.jpg photo173_small.jpg photo174_small.jpg photo175_small.jpg photo176_small.jpg photo177_small.jpg
photo178_small.jpg photo179_small.jpg photo180_small.jpg photo181_small.jpg photo182_small.jpg markjacksonbandlogo_small.jpg
b13_small.jpg g8_small.jpg m13_small.jpg m14_small.jpg h_small.jpg h2_small.jpg
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