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2006 San Diego Music Award Finalists - Page 6 of 10

Each Year the San Diego Music Awards are given out to many different San Diego artists. In 2006, several of the finalists appeared on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego. The Awards are designed to honor local artisits and raise money to help get instruments into the hands of school children. You can visit the Award's website at:

photo99_small.jpg dan_small.jpg photo100_small.jpg photo101_small.jpg photo102_small.jpg photo103_small.jpg
photo104_small.jpg photo105_small.jpg photo106_small.jpg photo107_small.jpg photo108_small.jpg photo109_small.jpg
photo110_small.jpg photo111_small.jpg photo112_small.jpg photo113_small.jpg photo114_small.jpg photo115_small.jpg
photo116_small.jpg photo117_small.jpg tv2_small.jpg photo118_small.jpg photo119_small.jpg photo120_small.jpg
photo121_small.jpg photo122_small.jpg photo123_small.jpg photo124_small.jpg photo125_small.jpg photo126_small.jpg
photo127_small.jpg photo128_small.jpg photo129_small.jpg photo130_small.jpg photo131_small.jpg photo132_small.jpg
photo133_small.jpg photo134_small.jpg photo135_small.jpg photo136_small.jpg photo137_small.jpg photo138_small.jpg
photo139_small.jpg dan2_small.jpg joaniename_small.jpg photo140_small.jpg photo141_small.jpg photo142_small.jpg
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