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2006 San Diego Music Award Finalists - Page 2 of 10

Each Year the San Diego Music Awards are given out to many different San Diego artists. In 2006, several of the finalists appeared on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego. The Awards are designed to honor local artisits and raise money to help get instruments into the hands of school children. You can visit the Award's website at:

photo40_small.jpg photo41_small.jpg photo42_small.jpg photo43_small.jpg photo44_small.jpg photo45_small.jpg
ds_small.jpg photo46_small.jpg sd2_small.jpg photo47_small.jpg camduo_small.jpg photo48_small.jpg
photo49_small.jpg photo50_small.jpg photo51_small.jpg camera2_small.jpg photo52_small.jpg photo53_small.jpg
photo54_small.jpg photo55_small.jpg photo56_small.jpg photo57_small.jpg photo58_small.jpg photo59_small.jpg
photo60_small.jpg photo61_small.jpg photo62_small.jpg photo63_small.jpg photo64_small.jpg camduo9186486_small.jpg
Mark DeCerbo & Four Eyes mdavidsdma_small.jpg mdavidsdma2_small.jpg davidsdmab_small.jpg mdavid_small.jpg d_small.jpg
mb_small.jpg g_small.jpg d2_small.jpg mb2_small.jpg d3_small.jpg b_small.jpg
g2_small.jpg mb3_small.jpg gd_small.jpg dgmb_small.jpg m2_small.jpg gdmb_small.jpg
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