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Need to add a little pizzaz to your documents? Résumés, press releases, biographies, letters, copy, news…whatever your project, Eager Writer can add dazzle to the paper while tailoring it to your personality.

When it comes to writing, the first 15 seconds can make or break it—that’s why you hire a professional.

Same goes for voice work—whether it’s commercial copy, informercials, telephone greeting—you name it.

A print and broadcast journalist, I have extensive experience in the media, advertising, and writing. Some of my jobs include disc jockey, reporter, and photographer. While living overseas, I spent several years as a military broadcaster followed by six years at a German language radio station in West Berlin, Germany, where the target audience was Communist East Berlin and East Germany.

My writing background covers magazine, newspaper, radio, and television, including articles, news, features, copy, and resumes. An award-winning writer, I’ve had articles published internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally. Some of the publications my articles have appeared in include USA Today, San Francisco Examiner, Just Labs, California Game and Fish, Girlfriends, Résumé Writers Digest, among others. Coverage for USA Today included the fall of the Berlin Wall. While overseas, I conducted workshops at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Munich. I was also invited to Poland as a guest disc jockey.

Recently, I contributed to one of the Award Winning Chicken Soup For The Soul books.

After working as a disc jockey for numerous years in various parts of the world, I came to San Diego and work as a reporter for Metro Networks, covering reports from Chopper 8 in addition to radio stations KSON, KIFM, and ESPN 800.

My contact info:

Jo Eager


e a g e r j o @ c o x . n e t

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