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My writing background covers magazine, newspaper, radio, and television, including articles, news, features, copy, and resumes. An award-winning writer, I’ve had articles published internationally, nationally, regionally, and locally:

USA Today (including coverage of the fall of the Berlin Wall)
Just Labs
California Game and Fish
Sunny Destinations
Well and Healthy Woman
Kauai Times
One to One
(formerly Fruitbowl)
San Francisco Examiner
The Rake
Personal Journaling
Résumé Writers Digest
American Police Beat
The Daily Californian

When it comes to writing, the first 15 seconds can make or break it—that’s why you hire a professional.

I have posted links to copies of some of my articles below. Just click on the list to see the article. It will pop up on a separate page:

Words tailored to your style…

For résumés, cover letters, references, bios, press releases, and articles,
contact Jo Eager at Eager Writer:

Links to some of the articles I have written:

USA Today story about a musician in Berlin (PDF file)

Just Labs: A story about a dog (PDF file)

Trout Fishing: A story about a local fishing hole (PDF file)

Berlin Wall: San Francisco Examiner article about the fall of the Berlin Wall (PDF file)

My contact info:

Jo Eager


e a g e r j o @ c o x . n e t

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