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The first 15 seconds can make or break your career

Finding just the right word on your résumé to market your talents and grab someone's attention can make the difference in whether you get the interview you desire. The cover letter's purpose is to spark the interest of the prospective employer enough that they read your résumé. The résumé, in turn, is to get you the interview. It makes sense that a well-written résumé and cover letter can bring in more job offers, better job offers, higher-paying positions, and get you back in the work force faster. At Eager Writer, we bring out your qualities, skills, and accomplishments in a way that no template or typing service can.

I am an internationally published, award-winning writer. In addition to résumés and cover letters, my extensive experience includes articles in numerous publications Résumé Writers' Digest, USA Today, San Francisco Examiner, Just Labs, American Police Beat, Well and Healthy Woman, Sunny Destinations, and numerous others. For a complete list and article samples, see the “Freelance Writing” page.

My writing background covers magazine, newspaper, radio and television—articles, commercials, news and features.

I have posted links to copies of some sample résumés below. Just click on the list to see the sample. It will pop up on a separate page:

Rates vary according to job experience—starting at $75.

For résumés, cover letters, references, bios, press releases, and articles,
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