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Rates will vary considerably depending on what kind, and how much work you want done.

Here are some basic rates:

The price for a Résumé will depend on the length of your work history, how detailed it must be, and how soon you need it.
Résumés start at $75.

Voice Talent:
The price for voice work will vary based on the length of the script, if you are providing the recording studio, if you need me to write the script, and how soon you want it done.
Voice work starts at $20 an hour.

Free Lance Writing:
Free Lance Writing is so varied that I cannot give you a starting rate. Just let me know exactly what you need, and I will provide you with a competetive rate.

If you have any questions, contact Jo Eager :

My contact info:

Jo Eager


e a g e r j o @ c o x . n e t

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