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Kabah is one of the sites along the Ruta Puuc. It is southwest of Ticul, Yucatan and southeast of Uxmal. The entrance fee was 22 NP (as I recall). When you take the roundtrip La Ruta Puuc bus from Merida, they stop in Kabah for approximately 30 minutes. If you have the time, Kabah is large enough and interesting enough to spend much more time than that. There is a large grassy plaza at Kabah. There are also many structures in the jungle. Kabah, like most Maya sites, is still being excavated and "restored." There is a very large unexcavated pyramid at Kabah. I only had a chance to look at it from a distace.

This map shows where which of the various groups of Mayas lived.

This is more details of that map.

Perhaps the most familiar feature at Kabah is the building caled Codz-Poop. This is the north end of the building looking east.

This is the south end of Codz-Poop.

In this close-up of Codz-Poop, you can see some of the numerous masks of the good Chac.

This photo was taken in 1881 by Désiré Charnay.

This is an even closer look at the Chac masks.

These flower-like designs are also on the Codz-Poop building.

One guide book describes these as the "King-like figures. They are on the east side of the Codz-Poop building.

A close-up of "the King."

Next to the Codz-Poop is the Palacio. This is looking northeast.

This is a photo of the same building taken in 1881.

Away from the main plaza to the northeast is the Temple of the Columns.

There were a couple of Iguanas walking around the ruins. This one was a bit shy.

This Iguana looks like it just stepped out of a 1950s horror movie, where it played a dinosaur.

"I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr, DeMille."

This is the Codz-Poop looking south-south-east.

This is the main plaza. The Palacio is in the background.

I'm not really sure what this creature is. The natives say it goes by the name of Phil. It certainly is strange looking!

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