I came through here in August 2008. This was my third trip to Bryce. I love the colors and the variation in the shape of the land.

There were dark clouds overhead. It sprinkled a few large drops of rain a couple of times. Because of the overcast, I have manipulated some of the photos so you can get a more colorful view of the rocks. Thios is the way they would look on a clear day.

aguacanyonpanorama1_small.jpg photo64_small.jpg a19_small.jpg a20_small.jpg b3_small.jpg
photo65_small.jpg a21_small.jpg photo66_small.jpg a22_small.jpg photo67_small.jpg
photo68_small.jpg photo69_small.jpg a23_small.jpg photo70_small.jpg c3_small.jpg
photo71_small.jpg photo72_small.jpg ponderosapoint_small.jpg photo73_small.jpg a24_small.jpg
photo74_small.jpg a25_small.jpg photo75_small.jpg a26_small.jpg photo76_small.jpg
a27_small.jpg photo77_small.jpg a28_small.jpg ponderosapointpanorama_small.jpg c4_small.jpg
a29_small.jpg photo78_small.jpg a30_small.jpg photo79_small.jpg photo80_small.jpg
a31_small.jpg photo81_small.jpg a32_small.jpg b4_small.jpg rainbowpoint_small.jpg
rainbowpoint2_small.jpg photo82_small.jpg a33_small.jpg photo83_small.jpg a34_small.jpg
photo84_small.jpg photo85_small.jpg a35_small.jpg photo86_small.jpg a36_small.jpg
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