Here again Navajo Mountain looms on the distant horizon. Called a batholithic, Navajo Mountain can be thought of as a volcano that never quite happened. As happens with a volcano, a plume of molten rock moved upward from deep inside the Earth causing a swelling much like a large blister. Unlike a volcano, Navajo Mountain never blew its top and so the plume cooled slowly, creating the hard core of the mountain that still exists today.


As you stare out into the vast expanse of the Grand Staircase, keep your eyes peeled for the distant but majestic shape of a large bird. Perhaps you will see a California Condor. Not since Ebenezer Bryce's time have 9 ft. wingspans cast great shadows across the region. Following a long but successful captive breeding program condors have been reintroduced to their historic habitat. The prognosis for natural recovery is still uncertain, but condor scientists and enthusiasts remain optimistic.

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