Robyn's Close Encounters with Gray Whales
In San Ignacio Lagoon and Scammons Lagoon - March 1997

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guerrero1997a_124800_filtered_small.jpg guerrero1997b_124_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_1238002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_123_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_1258002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_126_8002_small.jpg
guerrero1997a_127_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a1a_128800_small.jpg guerrero1997aa1_128_800_small.jpg guerrero1997a_1298004_small.jpg guerrero1997a_130_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_131_8002_small.jpg
guerrero1997a_132_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_133_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997aa1_134800_small.jpg guerrero1997a_138_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_139_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_140_8002_small.jpg
guerrero1997a_141_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_143_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_143_8004_small.jpg guerrero1997a_136800_small.jpg guerrero1997a_1428004_small.jpg guerrero1997b_125_8002_small.jpg
guerrero1997b_126_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_128_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_128_8008_small.jpg guerrero1997b_129_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_130_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_131_8002_small.jpg
guerrero1997b_132_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_133_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_134_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_136_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_137_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_138_8002_small.jpg
guerrero1997b_140_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_141_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_142_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_143_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997b_1278004_small.jpg guerrero1997aa1_137800_small.jpg
guerrero1997b_135800_small.jpg guerrero1997b_139_8002_small.jpg guerrero1997a_1358002_small.jpg philwhale001a800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_075800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_075800_small.jpg
sanignaciomarch1997a_074800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_066a800_filtered_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_067a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_067a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_068a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_068800_small.jpg
sanignaciomarch1997a_069a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_069a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_070a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_070a_8002_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_070a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_076a_8001_small.jpg
sanignaciomarch1997a_061a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_061azz800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_061a800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_062a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_062a_8002_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_062a_8001_small.jpg
sanignaciomarch1997b_062a_8002_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_063_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_063_8002_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_064a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_064a800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_065a_8002_small.jpg
sanignaciomarch1997b_065a800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_066a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_072a_800_small.jpg whales1997_112b2_small.jpg whales1997_114a2_small.jpg whales1997_114b2_small.jpg
whales1997_115b3_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_073a_8001_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997a_071800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_071a_8002_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_071a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997b_072a800_small.jpg
sanignaciomarch1997b_073a_800_small.jpg sanignaciomarch1997me_074a800_filtered_small.jpg sanignaciorobyn055800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_076a800_filtered_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_077800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_077a_8002_small.jpg
scammonsmarch1997a_078800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_078b800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_078800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_079a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_079800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_080a800_small.jpg
scammonsmarch1997a_080b800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_080800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_080a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_081800_filtered_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_081a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_082a800_small.jpg
scammonsmarch1997b_082a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_083a_800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_083a_8002_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_084a_800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_084a_800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_085800_filtered_small.jpg
scammonsmarch1997a_086a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_086a_8002_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_087a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_087a_8002_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_088a800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_088a_8001_small.jpg
scammonsmarch1997a_089800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_089800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_090800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_090800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997a_091800_small.jpg scammonsmarch1997b_091800_small.jpg
robynpettings_small.jpg robynandlices_small.jpg robynandwhaleeyes_small.jpg whale_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_030a4_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_030b1_small.jpg
ojosliebresfeb97_032a2_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_032c2_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_033a1_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_033b3_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_033c2_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_030c1_small.jpg
ojosliebresfeb97_031b1_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_032b1_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_031c1_small.jpg whales217a_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_028c1_small.jpg ojosliebresfeb97_029a2_small.jpg
ojosliebresfeb97_029c1b_small.jpg whales1997_111a3_small.jpg whales1997_111b3_small.jpg whales1997_112a2_small.jpg heidisarahborego216a1_small.jpg whales218b_small.jpg
heidisarahborego216b2_small.jpg heidisarahborego216b4_small.jpg

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Photos of Cabo San Lucas

Phil's Main Page

These photos taken by:

Phil Konstantin

P.O.Box 17515
San Diego, CA 92177-7515
United States

© Phil Konstantin - 2010-2013

About Phil's Books

Four of the five books Phil has worked on. He either wrote, co-wrote, or contributed to each of these beeks

This is the cover to my first book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy. Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
To the left is a picture of the cover of my first book. "This Day in North American Indian History"
Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
This Day in North American Indian History
From the book cover:
"For every calendar day, an in-depth look at the important events in the history of North America’s native peoples.

From the dedication of the Maya ballcourt at Chichen Itza in A.D. 864 to modern political activism and government legislation affecting native peoples, here is virtually every significant event in North American Indian history. It also includes fascinating information on hundreds of battles and skirmishes between Indians and whites, as well as countless treaties made and broken. An extensive appendix includes information about Indian tribal names and calendars. It’s all here—Indian chiefs, wars, massacres, treaties, reservations, modern constitutions and much, much more.

This Day in North American Indian History is a one-of-a-kind, vastly entertaining and informative book covering over 5000 years of North American Indian history, culture, and lore. Wide-ranging, it covers over 4,000 important events involving the native peoples of North America in a unique day-by-day format.

The thousands of entries in This Day in North American Indian History weave a compelling and comprehensive mosaic of North American Indian history spanning more than five millennia-every entry an exciting opening into the fascinating but little- known history of American Indians.

Over 100 photographs and illustrations - This book has 480 pages, weighs 2.2 pounds and is 8" by 9.5" in size. The Dates, Names and "Moons" section of these pages are based on the book.

This is the cover to my 4th book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info.
This is the cover to my 4th book. Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info."

Native American History For Dummies
. Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
I wrote six of the twenty-four chapters in this book. I am credited with being the technical editor. Book Description:
Native American History For Dummies introduces readers to the thousand-year-plus history of the first inhabitants of North America and explains their influence on the European settlement of the continent. Covering the history and customs of the scores of tribes that once populated the land, this friendly guide features vivid studies of the lives of such icons as Pocahontas, Sitting Bull, and Sacagawea; discusses warfare and famous battles, offering new perspectives from both battle lines; and includes new archaeological and forensic evidence, as well as oral histories that show events from the perspective of these indigenous peoples. The authors worked in concert with Native American authorities, institutions, and historical experts to provide a wide range of insight and information.
This is the cover to my 3rd book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info.
This is the cover to my 3rd book. Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info
Treaties With American Indians I wrote an article and several appendix items for this book. Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
From a review on *Starred Review* In the 93 years from 1778 until 1871, there were more than 400 treaties negotiated by Indian agents and government officials. These often included more than one tribe and covered a range of issues including ceded lands, payments and annuities, reservations, hunting and fishing rights, provisions for education, sovereignty issues, and more. Although the subject of treaties between American Indians and the U.S. government is vast and complex, editor Fixico and more than 150 contributors have crafted a comprehensive tool that will soon become essential for anyone interested in the topic. Volume 1 contains 22 essays dealing with federal policy, historical periods, regional treaty making, and other topics. The essays vary from 7 to 12 pages, and each contains a bibliography with references and items for further reading. Volume 2 provides short, chronologically arranged entries describing specific terms of both U.S. and Canadian treaties with Indians as well as A–Z entries for significant treaty sites. All entries have see also references and a short bibliography. This volume also contains the text of 40 treaties. The third volume offers a detailed historical chronology with 1- to 2-page entries, followed by biographical profiles of historical and contemporary individuals associated with treaties and Native rights. The third section of this volume contains entries that explain treaty-related issues, such as Assimilation, Doctrine of discovery, and the Trust doctrine. Volumes 1 and 2 have numerous black-and-white illustrations but no maps. A resource section with lists of “Alternate Tribal Names and Spellings,” “Tribal Name Meanings,” Treaties by Tribe,” and “Common Treaty Names” and a bibliography and comprehensive index are repeated in each volume. Both students and librarians will find the arrangement somewhat cumbersome, but it does provide the user with various lenses through which to view this complicated topic, and it makes particular aspects of the topic more manageable. This impressive set has a place in any academic library that supports a Native American studies or American history curriculum. It also would be useful in public libraries where patrons are interested in the subject. It is the most comprehensive source of information on Canadian-Indian treaties and U.S.-Indian treaties. Also available as an e-book.

"The Wacky World of Laws"
It was just released in May 2009.
The Wacky World of Laws. Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.

The Wacky World of Laws is a compilation of U.S. and International Laws that are out of the ordinary. With the U.S. churning out 500,000 new laws every year and 2 million regulations annually, this book is the ideal go-to book fro everyone who wants a good laugh at the expense of our legal system. Law so often can be boring! Now with The Wacky World of Laws, you can be the hit of any water cooler conversation, and amaze your friends with precious legal nuggets.

I wrote most of this book. It is my fifth book.