Bonampak Stela I sign - 2001

It reads:

Bonampak's Stele 1 represents the ruler Chaan Muan II at the height of his reign. The importance of this lord is expressed in the way he is portrayed and in the difficulty of the task of hewing a monument of this size from a thin, stone slab without its fracturing. Given its height of almost 20 feet, Stele 1 is one of the loftiest in the Mayan world.

Chaan Muan II is shown standing with a ceremonial staff in this hand, while the left carving of his gaze set with a penetrating focus.

At the Bottom of the Stele you can see an earth monster holding up the ruler. From the middle of the deity two faces of the young corn god emerge. Hieroglyphics on a band under Chaan Muan II's feet refer to his geneology, while below on another side band you can see Bonampak's glyph.

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