Bonampak Sign - 2001 - It reads:

Although Bonampak's peak occurs in the Late Classic period, it was probably already important during the Early Classic period (200-600 AD). The oldest mention of the site is found on Yaxchilan's lintel 49, which gives the year 402 AD. It is also known that Bonampak's Lord Jaguar Knotted Eye attended the enthronment of Yaxchilan's tenth ruler in 512 AD.

The personage carved on lintel 4 depicts Chaan Muan I or Sky Bird Muan I, ruler of Bonampak around 603 AD. Carved Stone 1 mentions another ruler simply as Ahau (Lord) from Bonampak for the year 683 AD.

The neighboring settlement of Lacanha was defeated by the alliance between Bonampak and Yaxchilan in 746 AD, and subsequently came under the domination of the former. The last and perhaps the most important ruler registered in Bonampak was Chaan Muan II, who governed from 776 AD and up until at least 792 AD. This latter date is furthermore the site's latest and is found on the murals.

The huge Stele 1 of the Great Plaza, stele 2 and 3 of the Acropolis, as well as the Temple of the Paintins, were built as ordered by Chaan Muan II. This was during Bonampak's zenith, when it dominated a number of important sites in Lacanha Valley. Chaan Muan II appears in Stele 2 with his mother and wife, Lade Yax-Rabbit, sister of Yaxchilan's ruler Shield-Jaguar II, showing once more that through matiral alliance good relations were maintained between the two cities of the Usumacinta River area.

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