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Shell Creek Falls to Wagon Box Battlefield, Wyoming

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Shell Creek Falls  next to Highway 14 in the Big Horn Mountains of northern Wyoming about halfway between Sheridan and Greybull.

In the Big Horn Mountains on Highway 14 overlooking Dayton, Ranchester and Sheridan, Wyoming.

This site is located east of Dayton.

The area mentioned in the Sawyer Expedition marker.

The Connor Battlefield is located in Ranchester, Wyoming.

This is the entry from my book: "The army and Indians fought in the Powder River country. Forces under General Patrick Connor attacked an Arapaho village at a site that is near modern Sheridan, Wyoming."

The battlefield is a State park that is used by many locals for picnics.

A view of the river as it flows through the battlefield.

The Wagon Box Fight took place just south of Story, Wyoming.

The entry from my book: "At the same ceremonies attended by the Cheyenne earlier in the week, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse’s Sioux decided to attack Fort Phil Kearny in northern Wyoming (south of modern Sheridan). Hoping to lure the soldiers out of the fort, Crazy Horse launched a diversionary attack on a woodcutter’s camp near the fort. A large group of warriors went into hiding, waiting for the soldiers to come to rescue the woodcutters. For some reason, the Indians in hiding revealed themselves prematurely, and the ambush failed. Since the soldiers would not leave the fort, Red Cloud decided to direct his entire force against the woodcutters. The woodcutters had built a barricade of logs and wagon beds. Red Cloud faced the same rapid-fire rifles the Cheyenne had faced the previous day. Charges on horseback and on foot proved too costly to the Sioux. The Sioux gathered their dead and left. According to army records, one officer (Lieutenant J. C. Jenness), five soldiers, and sixty Indians were killed. Two enlisted men and 120 Indians were wounded in the fighting."

One of the nice interpretive signs at Wagon Box.

Another sign...

The left half of a large sign....

...The right half of the sign.

An example of one of the wagon boxes, for which the fight was named.

The battleground monument...

A detailed look at the marker...

The countryside where the fighting took place looking south.

A final look (southwesterly) the Wagon Box area. I went from here to the Fetterman Battlefield. It was getting too dark for pictures, and my camera batteries needed charging. So, I headed north, and spent the night in Crow Agency, Montana across the freeway from the Little Big Horn.


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