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I have been participating in Kaiser Hospital's Positive Choice weight loss program. I started in late October, 2005.

You drink 5 Optifast protein/vitamin/mineral shakes a day (every 3 to 3.5 hours). I do not believe there are any appetite suppressants in this mixes. They come powdered. You mix them with water, or other zero calorie fluids. You also drinks lots of zero calorie fluids. That is all you consume. Kaiser does blood tests every two weeks to monitor your status. You also attend weekly classes to learn about food & the psychology of weight gain. There are also doctors, nurses and counselors available to discuss individual problems.

If you get extra hungry (I haven't), you can drink another shake. With all of the fluids, I almost always feel 'full.' After the first week, it was surprising how little I was tempted by food. Others in the class have had a little bit more interest in cheating. Since all of your nutritional needs are being met, it just becomes a psychological need, rather than physical.

We also take extra potassium. If the blood test shows any deficiencies, other items might have to be added. Some diabetics can be on this diet. Others have a modified version of it.

If you are really interested, this program is open to the public. It is not cheap. As a Kaiser member, it cost me $105 a week. They make a point that since you do not have to buy any other food, it is not as expensive as it seems. I never spent that much on food a week, but it does lower the relative cost if you look at it that way.

Photos showing my progress:

Left: May 31, 2005 (275 pounds)...........................Right: January 22, 2006 (210 pounds).

Some trick photography using the pictures above.

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Here is the Positive Choice contact info:
Positive Choice Wellness Center
7035 Convoy Court
San Diego, CA 92111
Main: (858) 573-0090
Fax: (858) 573-5540

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Phil Konstantin's makeover


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