These are the Robbins medallions which are in my personal collection. I keep them in a safe deposit box...

I worked as a computer operator at NASA from Before Apollo 16 through the end of the Skylab missions. (1972 - 1975)

The Skylab "XL" photos are EXTRA LARGE.

brandyrobbinsa10f_small.jpg brandyrobbinsa10back_small.jpg brandymus_small.jpg a11_small.jpg a11rev_small.jpg
a14f_small.jpg a14rev_small.jpg a14number_small.jpg a15_lg_small.jpg a16f_small.jpg
a16rev_small.jpg dukea16letter_small.jpg dukemerobbinss_small.jpg a16cert_small.jpg a17f_small.jpg
a17rev_small.jpg cernana17letter_small.jpg cernanmes_small.jpg skylabf_small.jpg skylabfxl_small.jpg
skylabrev_small.jpg skyladrevxl_small.jpg skylabcertduke_small.jpg sts1_lg_small.jpg sts28columbiaf_small.jpg
sts28columbiarev_small.jpg dukests28letter_small.jpg sts33discoveryf_small.jpg sts33discoveryrev_small.jpg dukests33letter_small.jpg

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My trip to the Kennedy Space Center
In 2001, I went to visit the KSC to see a shuttle mission liftoff and to tour the facilities. There are lots of photos.

My Close Encounters With American Astronauts Page
This is a collection of photos of American Astronauts I have either taken, or been in.

"And Then We Flew To The Moon" - A Look Back, and Into the Future with Walter Schirra, Astronaut, by Phil Konstantin
an article I wrote about Astronaut Wally Schirra in 1993. It has photos, too.

"An Interview with Isaac Asimov" - by Phil Konstantin
an article I wrote about an interview I did with science & science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov in 1979. It also has photos.

My visit to Florida for a shuttle launch:

Total Solar Eclipse magazine article

NASA Stories magazine article

US Space Program: Rising to New Heights magazine article

Voyager Mission magazine article

Click here to see a video of a news story on Apollo 11's 40th anniversary.

Click here to see a video of an interview of Apollo 11's 40th anniversary with Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke and Alan Bean

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