Apollo 16 Unflown Silver Robbins Medallion from the Collection of Astronaut Alan Bean. A 35mm sterling silver medal with the mission dates engraved on the reverse. This medallion, though not flown, was made to commemorate the Apollo 16 flight, the fifth manned mission to land on the moon. The crewmembers were Charlie Duke, John W. Young, and Ken Mattingly, Jr. for this April 20-27, 1972, mission. The design features an eagle and shield above the moon and the surnames of the crewmembers. The reverse features the engraved dates. Excellent condition.

I also have one from the collection of Charles M. Duke, Jr., who has included a handwritten and signed Letter of Certification verifying its provenance.

For more information on this topic, be sure to read Howard Weinberger's article, The Enigmatic Apollo 16 Robbins Medals.

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