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I started working at KUSI on May 6, 2005. This was just four days after my retirement from the California Highway Patrol (August 5, 1985-May 2, 2005). I did traffic reports as a part of KUSI's morning news broadcast from May 6, 2005 to October 9, 2009. I was replaced on the air as a money saving effort by KUSI. I became KUSI's evening Assignment Editor on October 14, 2009. My last day at KUSI was May 23, 2009. KUSI is on Ch. 9 on cable in San Diego. It is broadcast in San Diego on Ch. 51. Even though I have retired from the CHP, many people call me 'Officer Phil.'

After five years, I parted company with KUSI on May 23, 2010. I have had a great time working with all of these fine people. I will miss all of the folks here. It has been a fun job. I have met lots of interesting people. Spending time with all of my co-workers and management has been a real pleasure.

Photos of my grand-daughter Jazlyn Rose, born on February 18, 2010

My newest book:

"The Wacky World of Laws"
It was just released in May 2009.

The Wacky World of Laws is a compilation of U.S. and International Laws that are out of the ordinary. With the U.S. churning out 500,000 new laws every year and 2 million regulations annually, this book is the ideal go-to book fro everyone who wants a good laugh at the expense of our legal system. Law so often can be boring! Now with The Wacky World of Laws, you can be the hit of any water cooler conversation, and amaze your friends with precious legal nuggets.

Click here to see a report I did with some time saving traffic tips.

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There are so many pictures that I have had to create extra pages.
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Regular Guests:

Fitness/Nutrition Guru Cindy Whitmarsh... San Diego City Attorney Michael Aguirre...
Fashion expert Leonard Simpson... San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders... Dr. Steve Ruderman...
Bruce Pechman, Muscleman of Technology Car Guy Dave Stall... Sea World's Animal Ambassador Julia Scardina...
Kim Ruby - Certified Nutritionist... San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park Bonnie Dumanis - San Diego District Attorney...

Abigails Attic, musicians
Air Supply, musicians
Tony Alva, skateboarder
Arm Wrestling Champs
Tom Arnold, actor/comic
Darren Aronofsky, director
Guillermo Arriaga, Cinema
Artist Thomas Arvid
Dan Aykroyd, actor/comic

B-Side Players, musicians
Jennifer Batten, musician
Football's Martin Bayless
Ed Begley, Jr: Actor-Activist
Jerome Bettis, football great
Brian Bilbray, politician
"Bobby", the movie
Mr. Bojangles, Sammy Davis Jr
David Boren, politician
Pattie Boyd, artisit
Dr. Thomas H. Boyer, DVM
Danny Boyle, director
"Breach", the movie
Jake Brown, skateboarder
Jerry Brown, CA. A.G.
Jim Brown, football legend
CHP Commissioner Mike Brown
Cheryl Burke, dancer
John Butler Trio

Bobby Caldwell, singer
Tracy Caldwell, Astronaut
Calima Latin Jazz Trio
Stephen Cannell, TV great
Al 'Hoagy' Carmichael, football
Guitarist Jocelyn Celaya
Bob Chandler, Padres broadcaster
"Charger Town"
Chubby Checker, musician
Connie Chung, broadcaster
Cherokee Nation leaders
Chicago City Limits, comedy
Margaret Cho, comic/actor
Violin Prodigy Elli Choi
Tommy Chong, comic
Thomas Hayden Church, actor
Actor Enrico Colantoni
Collectible Toys
Jackie Collins, author
Joan Collins, actor
Ronny Cox, Actor/Singer
A.J. Croce, musician
David Cronenberg, director
Randy (Duke) Cunningham, politician

Del Mar Jockeys
Del Mar Opening Day
Markie Delmege, musician
Derren Raser Band
Caleb Deschanel, cinematographer
Peter Docter, Pixar Director
Lamont Dozier-Musician
Dr. Laura, broadcaster
Singer Randi Driscoll
Cindy Dyer, DOJ
Wayne Dyer

Richard Elliot, musician
Elmo (Sesame Street)
Scott Elrod, actor
Alina Eydal, artist

Peter Falk, actor
Marshall Faulk, football
Michael Feinstein, musicologist
Don Felder, musician
Mark Feuerstein, actor
50th District 2006 Election
Bob Filner, politician
Flying Other Bros & G.E.Smith, music
Vince Flynn, author
Frankie J, musician
"Freedom Writers", movie
Full Revolution, musicians
Funny Photos Of All Kinds

Other Guests

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, skateboarder
Lt. Gov. John Garamendi
Steven Garcia, Dancer
Baseball's Steve Garvey
Antonio Gates, football
Gemological Institute
Generation Kill, HBO movie
Alexis Gershwin, Singer
Get Back Loretta Band
Harlem Globetrotters
Corey Glover: Jesus Christ, Superstar
Adrian Gonzales, baseball
Bulla Graft, CV Little League
Stedman Graham, writer
Great White, musicians
Chef Bernard Guillas

Don Hahn, Animator
Marvin Hamlisch, musician
Animal Expert Jack Hanna
Suzanne Hansen: Hollywood Nanny
John Harlin & The Eiger, author
Singer Richie Havens
Zac Heart
Heat Supper Club
Ed Helms, Comic
Monique Henderson, Olympic Gold!
Taylor Hicks, singer
Duncan Hunter, politician

Eileen Ivers, violinist

The Jabbawockeez, dance crew
Jake the Swimming Dog
Ken Jennings Jeopard Wiz
Jerry Garcia Band
Andrew Jimenez - Pixar, animator
Shawn Johnson, Olympic Gymnast
Dhani Jones, athlete
Leigh Jones, singer
Mickey Jones, Musician & Actor
Baseball's Randy Jones
Leslie Jordan, actor/comic
Jubilee! - dancers
Judge Alex, broadcaster
TV Judge Joe Brown, broadcaster

Anurag Kashyap, spelling champ
Robert Klein, actor/comic
Jack Klugman, actor
Danna Korn - "The Gluten-Free Guru"
Richie Kotzen-"Poison", musician
KUSI's Stamps For Kids

LaJolla California Waves
Chuck Lamb, "Dead Body Guy"
Amel Larrieux, musician
Tommy Lasorda, baseball
Beth Leavel, Broadway actor
Shia LeBeouf, actor
Richard Lederer, author
Legoland creations
Bobby Lee, comic
Jonathan Lipnicki, actor
Kiptyn Locke, Bachelor
Donal Logue, actor
Patricia Lopez from "Mex 2 The Max"
Singer Lorna Luft
John Lovitz, comic/actor

Skateboarder Andy MacDonald
Rob Machado, surfer
Main Ingredient, musicians
Chef Brian Malarkey
Jesse Malin, musician
Mary Malone, Spiritual Healer
Joan Maloney & Academy Awards designs
Joe Maloof, Maloof Money Cup
Monique Marvez & Jack-FM, broadcaster
Julie McCullough. comic
Country Joe McDonald, musician
Ed McMahon, broadcaster
Miss America 2005
Miss America 2006
Brian Stokes Mitchell, singer/actor
Jay Mohr, Comic
David Morrell, Author
Dick Murphy, politician
Musashirmaru (Sumo Wrestler)

Rick Najera, comic
Ted Neeley: Jesus Christ, Superstar
Barbara Nesbitt, Singer
Singer Aaron Neville

John Oates, musician
The Ohmies, performers
Mario Olivares, musician
Donny Osmond, musician/actor
"Over The Hedge" animators & actor

Gregory Page, Musician
Ken Page, actor
'Paper Heart' stars
Bo Parfet, mountain climber
David Patrone, singer
Joey Pearson, musician
Lou Diamond Phillips, actor
Photon Lightboards
Mike Piazza, Kevin Towers, baseball
Anthony Pico - Viejas
Joe Piscopo - Comic, Singer
P.O.D.-Payment On Death, musicians
Antonio Pontarelli, musician
Paula Poundstone, comic
Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA
Tristan Prettyman, musician

Adam Ravetch-Arctic Tale, director
"Rent" Stars
Jorge Hank Rhon, politician
Former Astronaut Sally Ride
Jonas Rivera, Pixar Producer
Doris Roberts
Robot Sico
Marion Ross, actor
Rubik's Cube Competition
Bobby Rubio - Alcatraz High, animator
Ralph Rubio, restauranteur
Chris Rubio's "Jr. Crew" dancers
Run For The Hungry

San Diego 2005 Mayoral Candidates
San Diego 2006 Music Awards
San Diego Nature Photos
Jeannie Schulz & "Peanuts"
Diane Schuur, Jazz Great
Donna Shalala, politician
John Schneider, actor
Gingger Shankar, musician
Chef "Simply Carissa"
Frank Sinatra, Jr, singer
Grace Slick, musician/artist
G.E.Smith, musician
Suzanne Somers, actor/author
Splash, Paint In Motion
Paul Stanley of KISS, musician
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart
Stingaree Restaurant
STOMP! dancers
Dr. Travis Stork
Strawberry Alarm Clock band
Surf School, the Movie
The Surfaris, band
Sweet Adelines, musicians
Switchfoot, musicians

Faran Tahir, actor (Ironman/Star Trek)
Connie Talbot, Singer
Ten Tenors, Singers
Joe Theismann, football
Thumbelina, World's Smallest Horse
Kendra Todd: The Apprentice
Actor Marisa Tomei
LaDainian Tomlinson, football
The Original Tommy's restaurant
Shaun Toub "Kite Runner" actor
Trattoria Acqua restaurant
Donald Trump
Earl Thomas, musician
Tuna Does Vegas
2005 School Choirs

Singer Valencia Vas
Dick Van Patten, actor
Ben Vereen, Broadway star
Michael Viscardi, math wiz

The Wailers, musicians
Playmate Alison Waite
John Walters, Drug Czar
Montel Williams, broadcaster
Windmill Farms
Baseball's Dave Winfield

Peter Yarrow, singer
Charlyne Yi, Comic

Adam Zamora & Rubik's Cube

My book... Old photos of me


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This link will take you to a group of magazine articles I wrote over the years
(Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Wally Schirra)

This link will take you to a series of short articles I wrote about the CHP, traffic, and law enforcement.

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About My Books

Below is a picture of the cover of my first book
"This Day in North American Indian History"
Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
This is the cover to my first book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy.
Below is a picture of the cover of my second book
"Native American History For Dummies"
I wrote 6 of the 24 chapters for this book.
Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
This is the cover to my 2nd book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info.
Below is a picture of the cover of my third book
"Treaties With American Indians"
I wrote an article and several appendix items for this book.
Click on the cover to order a copy or to get more info.
This is the cover to my 3rd book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info.

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Before KUSI...

A picture of one of my TV 
broadcasts (7/2002) with Bill Griffith and Lisa Lake.
This was on Ch.10 KGTV while I was a California Highway Patrol Officer. A picture of one of my TV broadcasts (7/2002) with Bill Griffith and Lisa Lake.

This was on Ch.10 KGTV, also simulcast on cable Ch.15.
Me on TV in July 2002 Another picture of me on TV in July 2002.
Leon Smitherman, Steve Fiorina, 
Phoebe Chongchua, Phil Konstantin, October 1998 (L to R:) Leon Smitherman, Steve Fiorina, Phoebe Chongchua and me on the set at KGTV (Ch.10) in San Diego October 1998
CHP Officer Phil Konstantin with 
a CHP patrol car, 1990. You-know-who doing what he used to do in his spare time. This was around 1990.
Buzz Aldrin (2nd man on the moon) 
& Phil Konstantin in August 1996 Buzz Aldrin (2nd man on the moon) & I in August 1996
An elephant and Phil Konstantin 
at the San Diego Zoo in 1996.
This is an elephant and me at the San Diego Zoo in 1996. The CHP helped the zoo weigh the elephants by using our heavy-duty, portable scales. The scales are designed for large trucks.

I'm the one on the left (ha-ha)
Phil Konstantin's NASA photo 
ID. This was taken in 1972. 
I ran computers in Mission Control during the Apollo 16, Apollo 17 and Skylab 
My photo ID when I worked at NASA. This was taken in 1972. I ran computers in Mission Control during the Apollo 16, Apollo 17 and Skylab missions.

You can see larger versions of these photos by clicking on the "Personal Photos" link below.

About My Book
Below is a picture of the cover of my book
"This Day in North American Indian History"
Click on the cover to order a copy
This is the cover to my book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy.

Click here to order a copy of my book
in the USA.

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