A Space Shuttle flight at the Kennedy Space Center by Phil Konstantin

STS-100, thanks for asking.

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I took all of the pictures, unless otherwise noted.

This is a closeup of the crawler. NASA Photo

The shuttle as it approaches the launch pad. NASA photo

A night look at the shuttle at the pad. NASA photo

Detailed look at some of the wiring which connects the shuttle to the tower. NASA photo

The astronauts boarding their bus enroute to the shuttle.
The man with the goatee is Umberto Guidoni. Immediately behind him is Kent Rominger. Facing you with his arm up waving is Scott Parazynski. The head next to Scott's is John L. Phillips. Next to him is Chris Hadfield. Entering the van are Yuri Lonchakov and Jeffrey Ashby.

This is me standing by the famous "countdown clock" before the shuttle took off.

The Shuttle (STS-100) has just started its engines.

The 104th shuttle mission just a few seconds after liftoff.

The shuttle after it has started to roll over.

The Mercury Project Control Room. The arrow points to the button they pushed to launch the rocket.

The Apollo 1 launch pad. It is labled "Abandoned In Place."

The plaque for the Apollo 1 astronauts

Me at the KSC. The shuttle pad 39A in the background.

A sign listing the Gemini flights and their crews.

It was a great trip!

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