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Fresh out of high school, I set out to be a writer, picturing myself on the staff of the local paper. I ended up getting a job as a copywriter at a radio station. I’d never written a commercial in my life! Eventually I thought I’d enjoy working as a disc jockey, which I ended up doing numerous years in various parts of the world. Broadcasting somewhat distracted me from that writing career I set out to do, but during my free time, I pursued and succeeded as a freelance writer. As a broadcast journalist, I’ve worked as a news and traffic reporter for radio and television, and voiced and produced commercials and features.

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Check out the samples below.

Links to some of my on-air work (mp3 files):

Panasonic ad and road report on KIFM (0.9mb)

Traffic report and a Commercial for Shell on KSON (1.3mb)

Various Voice-over spots (2.82mb)

My contact info:

Jo Eager


e a g e r j o @ c o x . n e t

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