Phil Konstantin's 2003 Vacation Through Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana

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Glacier National Park #1
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It is May 27, 2003. I am starting the day in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation. It stayed light until at least 10:30pm, when I went to sleep. When I got up a little after 5am, it was already light outside.

The mountains in Waterton-Glacier Nationl Park
from not too far from the Piegan border crossing into Canada.

I am standing about 30 feet south of the Canadian border.
The brown sign and the rocks are in Canada.

I walked over into Canada, just so I could say I had been there. Yes, I do do regular touristy things. :-)

While I was taking this picture in front of the Canadian offices, the guard yelled at me to stop what I was doing. She thought I was taking pictures of their building. I guess it was a security issue.

After I showed the Canadian customs agent the picture to the left,
she allowed me to return and get a better shot. "Just do not take any pictures of our building!"

Looking from Canada into the US. Waterton-Glacier Park (and the Blackfeet Reservation) can be seen in the background.

Just south of the Canadian border on Highway 89. Directly above the sign is Chief Mountain. It is 9080 feet high and is considered the center of the world to some traditional Blackfeet.

Some sculptures just south of the border.

Two versions of 5 pictures merged into a panorama photo.
This is north of Babb, Montana on Highway 89. Going from left to right is the south-southest to west-northwest.

Lake Sherburne in Glacier National Park on Many Glacier Road.

Swiftcurrent Lake looking at the Many Glacier Hotel.

This is Swiftcurrent Lake. It used to be called Lake McDermott. I believe this spot is where the photo on the cover of my book was taken in 1910. The original photo was captioned: "Indians Reflected in Lake McDermott - Glacier National Park, MT: "Reflection on Lake McDermott." It was taken by Philip Gendreau.

A small stream coming down from the north side of Many Glacier Road.

Swiftcurrent Lake and Mt. Grinnell.

A waterfall coming down off the mountains as seen from near Many Glacier Hotel.

Standing guard...

Swiftcurrent Creek just east of the Swiftcurrent Lake Dam.

A Moose browsing along Swiftcurrent Creek.

The very top part of Grinnell Falls. The falls comes from these hanging glaciers.

Beavers created this small lake.

Saint Mary's Lake on the Going to the Sun Road.

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