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Oregon Trail to Fort Laramie, Wyoming

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Cold Springs is just west of Guernsey, Wyoming. The Oregon Trail went through this area along the North Platte River.

Guernsey has two other historical attractions: Oregon Trail Ruts, and Register Cliff.

A little about Col. Stephen Kearny

The constant wagon traffic through this area led the rocks wearing down. The "ruts" here are very distinct.

This entire slot was worn out by wagons on the Oregon Trail.

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Pony Express marker near the North Platte river.

Like Independence Rock to the south, mostly during the 1840s & 1850s, many travelers on the Oregon Trail enscribed their names on the soft rock of Register Cliff. It was the same soft rock that preserved their wagons' ruts.

The birds have built these nests on the cliff.

Willard died of cholera about 75 miles west of here.

The trails went alongside the cliff. It was one day's travel (by wagon) from Fort Laramie.

The discolored area between the small bushes and the sign at the ruts from the trail.

On the road between Guernsey and Fort Laramie.

This bridge to Fort Laramie was built in 1875 for $15,000. That was quite a bit of money back then.

Fort Laramie in the distance.

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"Fort Laramie Military Post on the Oregon Trail, June 16, 1849 - March 2, 1890, This monument is erected by the state of Wyoming and a few interested residents. 1913"

Pony Express monument at Fort Laramie.

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