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    Four of the five books I have worked on. I either wrote, co-wrote, or contributed to each of these beeks

    This is the cover to my first book. 
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    This Day in North American Indian History
    This Day in North American Indian History is a one-of-a-kind, vastly entertaining and informative book covering over 5000 years of North American Indian history, culture, and lore. Wide-ranging, it covers over 4,000 important events involving the native peoples of North America in a unique day-by-day format.

    The thousands of entries in This Day in North American Indian History weave a compelling and comprehensive mosaic of North American Indian history spanning more than five millennia-every entry an exciting opening into the fascinating but little- known history of American Indians.

    Over 100 photographs and illustrations - This book has 480 pages, weighs 2.2 pounds and is 8" by 9.5" in size. The Dates, Names and "Moons" section of these pages are based on the book.

    This is the cover to my 4th book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info.
    This is the cover to my 4th book. Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info."

    Native American History For Dummies

    I wrote six of the twenty-four chapters in this book. I am credited with being the technical editor. Book Description:
    Native American History For Dummies introduces readers to the thousand-year-plus history of the first inhabitants of North America and explains their influence on the European settlement of the continent. Covering the history and customs of the scores of tribes that once populated the land, this friendly guide features vivid studies of the lives of such icons as Pocahontas, Sitting Bull, and Sacagawea; discusses warfare and famous battles, offering new perspectives from both battle lines; and includes new archaeological and forensic evidence, as well as oral histories that show events from the perspective of these indigenous peoples. The authors worked in concert with Native American authorities, institutions, and historical experts to provide a wide range of insight and information.
    This is the cover to my 3rd book. 
Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info.
    This is the cover to my 3rd book. Click here to got more info, or to order a copy or to get more info
    Treaties With American Indians I wrote an article and several appendix items for this book.
    Clips from a review on *Starred Review* In the 93 years from 1778 until 1871, there were more than 400 treaties negotiated by Indian agents and government officials. Editor Fixico and more than 150 contributors have crafted a three volume comprehensive tool that will soon become essential for anyone interested in the topic. A resource section with lists of ?Alternate Tribal Names and Spellings,? ?Tribal Name Meanings,? (<---- I wrote this part) Treaties by Tribe,? and ?Common Treaty Names? and a bibliography and comprehensive index are repeated in each volume. This impressive set has a place in any academic library that supports a Native American studies or American history curriculum. It is the most comprehensive source of information on Canadian-Indian treaties and U.S.-Indian treaties. Also available as an e-book.

    "The Wacky World of Laws"
    It was just released in May 2009.
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    I wrote most of this book. It is my fifth book.

    About the Website

    This site archives thousands of historical events which happened to or affected the indigenous peoples of North America (Click the month names in the Dates section below). It also has Tribal name meanings and alternative names (click Names below), Indian "moon" names (click Moon below), and links to thousands of other sites (click Links below).

    On February 6, 1999, I changed the title of this page from "This Week in North American Indian History."

    The "Dates" section below has listings for historical events on a day-by-day basis, when such events could be traced to an exact date. This page is the result of thousands of hours of research. When quoting from original sources, the spelling of the names of places, individuals or Tribes was reproduced as first written. Due to changes in the calendar in the 1700s; errors on the part of the people making the original records; or people printing those records, some dates may appear differently in different historical texts. I have attempted to cite the most accurate date, whenever possible. Because almost none of the Original People had written languages or precise calendars, many dates are related to their interactions with Europeans.

    Many people have asked me how many people work on this site, the newsletter, the research, etc. As much as I would like to have a "staff," everything on this website is my work. I do get suggestions from my readers, and I am very thankful for that. I have tried to be as accurate as possible. However, my information is only as good as my sources. If you have something to add, suggest or correct, Please mail me, E-mail me, or leave a note in my guestbook.
    I am a member of the Cherokee Nation.

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    Special Note

    On April 6th, 1999, My wife, Robyn Mellon Konstantin, was killed in a car crash in west Texas.
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    I appreciate all of the kind letters and e-mail I have received.

    I am not very good at genealogy, if you are looking for this kind of help, check my genealogy links pages.

    I do not keep a list of personal names in a variety of American Indian languages.
    If you are looking for a name to call your child or pet, I suggest asking the experts who operate a website listed on the Language page of my Links section.

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