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This is a jumble of Web sites to help you build your page


The Clip Art Connection - Web Page Clips & Resources
Animations and Graphics For Your Website - Index Page -
The Ring of Free Graphics-a list of sites offering free graphics
Mama Bears Pic Library - seasonal clipart
Creating Graphics for the Web
The Clip Art Connection: Colour Chart with #RGB Hex values for use with HTML BACKGROUND settings
Free Linkware from Ann-S-Thesia's GIFShop!
Redhouse HTML Graphics
Pattern Land!
The Shack-Web page help and tools!
The Clip Art Connection
9600 Graphics
9600 Graphics
Frontier Java
Woonsocket, Rhode Island - HTML Help
Julie's Place on the Web
A+ Art Free Clipart Icons Backgrounds Buttons Bars Animate .gifs Photos
HPDS Free Graphics
Clip Art (Miscellaneous)
30,000 FREE!!! Cool Graphics: Clip Art, Backgrounds, Animations, Icons
Caboodles of Clipart
Tool-Box - Free Home Pages and Free Web site Development Tools


Web Page Access Counters and Trackers
Web Side Story
WebTracker Home Page
My Timer Counter - it counts how long people stay on your site


The Dingbat Page
Font Mania *Totally Free Fonts*
Fontaholics Anonymous
fontastic! - overview
Mega Font Page: All fonts on one single page!
Scriptorium Home Page
The Dingbat Page


Paradise Guestbook Service
TOAST Guestbook Service

Gifs, animated, etc.

Psyched Up Graphics
Index to Pat's Free Graphics and Animations
Graphics: Icons, GIFs,Buttons & More
The Wizard's Site of Animated Gifs
The FreeWeb at Geocities
Your guide to Cedar Hill
Brown Bag Graphics
Media Link's Free Graphics!
Animated Gifs at Eric's Homepage !
Media Link's Free Graphics!
Tru Realities: GIF89A Animation Gallery - Introduction
What are you looking up here for?


StarGazer's FREE Graphics
The Icon Bank - Searchable Image Library


Index of /~bengtha/images
Index of /cc/gif
3D CAFE(tm) by Platinum Pictures - lots of images
Listing of directory: /bonita974
Lookseee - Graphics and Web Pages
Listing of directory: /dcreelma/imagesite
OZONE: Images Index
The Graphic Station
Thumbnails for All Graphics
welcome to GOBLIN DESIGN


HTML5 from W3C
HTML5 (including next generation additions still in development)
HTML5 Gallery
HTML 5 Tag Reference
The How To Guide To Learning HTML
Color Tables
Hexidecimal Colors
HTML Document Background Colors Test Page
HTML Colors and Codes
"My Color Page"
The Great Color Utility
Howard's OnLine Color Picker
don't be a dummy on the web - an internet resource guide
WebPage Maker in JavaScript
Dmitry Kirsanov's Top Ten Web Design Tips
HTML Quick Reference
Submit This! Free Web Promotion
HTML: Tutorial, Editors, Guides, etc. (lots of links)
Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
The JavaScript Planet - Collection with 363 FREE examples!
The Updated Mac - help for Mac users
Great GEOCITIES Resources for Your WEB Page
Validation Service
The HTML Goodies Home Page
Sandy Bay Software's PC Webopaedia - terms & definitions
OmniTree - The Most Comprehensive Hardware Database on the Internet
The Free Webpage Provider Review 3.0 - Where to get a free web page
The Homepage Helper
XPert's Home Page Tutorials
Welcome to HTML Lady - A webpage startup kit!
drhelp's Home Page (The Great Helper)
Laura's World :-)
Di's WWW, HTML and Internet Links
Andy's Art Attack - Main Menu
Andy's Art Attack - Free Images
Denis Wieger: Text Colors on Backgrounds (Frameset)
Denis Wieger [A3W]: HTML Text Colors 7/17/97
Imagemap Help Page -- Instruction
The Compendium of HTML Elements
The WDVL: HTML - The Hypertext Markup Language
The Web Developer's Virtual Library (
HTML 3.2 and Netscape 4.0 -
Developer's Corner -
Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
How to do imagemaps
Thalia: Guide: The background FAQ
RGB Color Chart
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents
WWW Help Page
Guides to HTML
Introduction to HTML - Table of Contents
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
The ABC's of HTML
HTML References
Mosaic for Windows HTML Nexus
World Wide Web FAQ
HTML Code Tutorial
HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
HTML quick reference
Web Design: So They Can't Live Without It
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification
NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Welcome to World Wide Web Associates
Web Resources
The Personal Page Builder - lots of stuff here
Tazem Designs - lots of stuff here
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - an HTML guide for all tags including frames, forms, image maps, style sheets, tables and much more...

Textures - Backgrounds

Making seamless backgrounds
Greg's Texture Tiles Page.
The Background Ring - a list of pages offering backgrounds
The Background Bonanza!
Dani's Designs
Silly Girl Creations!
Backgrounds, Textures, Icons, Balls and Page Dividers
1000 Backgrounds
Bareback's NATIVE AMERICAN Graphic's Index
Backgrounda and Bars
Index of /images/
Rowdy's RamPage
Backgrounds & Color Index Guides
Slowhand's Backgrounds
Slowhands Backgrounds II
Texture Land
Texture Land! -- Odds 'n Ends Textures
Texture Land! -- Odds 'n Ends Textures
The All-purpose Backgrounds homepage

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