This includes photos of Eastern Nevada, mountains, the western Utah desert, some beautiful sunsets near St. George Utah, night skies in Ely Nevada, rockhounding for sunstones on Sunstone Knoll (south of Delta, Utah), Sevier Dry Lake & Notch Peak, and as astronaut Buzz Aldrin called it, some 'magnificent desolation' in various places.

Here is a map of these areas:

View Notch Peak - Little Sahara - Sunstone Knoll - Sevier Dry Lake - Great Stone Face - Gunnison Massacre Site - Topaz Internment Center - Topaz Mt. - Ft. Deseret in a larger map & see markers for each area

photo_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg photo5_small.jpg
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photo9_small.jpg photo10_small.jpg photo11_small.jpg a3_small.jpg photo12_small.jpg
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photo17_small.jpg photo18_small.jpg photo19_small.jpg photo20_small.jpg a5_small.jpg
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photo25_small.jpg photo26_small.jpg photo27_small.jpg photo28_small.jpg a6_small.jpg
photo29_small.jpg photo30_small.jpg photo31_small.jpg photo32_small.jpg photo33_small.jpg
photo35_small.jpg photo37_small.jpg photo40_small.jpg photo41_small.jpg photo42_small.jpg
photo43_small.jpg a7_small.jpg photo46_small.jpg photo47_small.jpg photo48_small.jpg
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