This shows large parts of the American Southwest, the Salton Sea, Colorado River, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Sevier Dry Lake, Bingham Canyon Mine, Virgin River, St. George, Cedar Breaks and other places from the air.
photo57_small.jpg photo58_small.jpg photo59_small.jpg photo60_small.jpg a40_small.jpg
photo61_small.jpg a41_small.jpg photo62_small.jpg a42_small.jpg photo63_small.jpg
a43_small.jpg photo64_small.jpg a44_small.jpg photo65_small.jpg a45_small.jpg
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a46_small.jpg photo71_small.jpg a47_small.jpg photo72_small.jpg a48_small.jpg
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photo73_small.jpg a53_small.jpg a54_small.jpg a55_small.jpg photo74_small.jpg
b3_small.jpg photo75_small.jpg a56_small.jpg photo76_small.jpg photo77_small.jpg
photo78_small.jpg photo79_small.jpg photo80_small.jpg photo81_small.jpg b4_small.jpg
photo82_small.jpg photo83_small.jpg photo84_small.jpg photo85_small.jpg photo86_small.jpg
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