This shows large parts of the American Southwest, the Salton Sea, Colorado River, Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Sevier Dry Lake, Bingham Canyon Mine, Virgin River, St. George, Cedar Breaks and other places from the air.

Click on any of the small pictures below to see a larger version of the photo.

There are different versions of many of the photos in order to show
the features which might be hidden by clouds or dust.
updated1_small.jpg updated12_small.jpg updated_small.jpg updated2_small.jpg photo_small.jpg
photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg photo5_small.jpg photo6_small.jpg
photo7_small.jpg photo8_small.jpg photo9_small.jpg photo10_small.jpg photo11_small.jpg
a_small.jpg photo12_small.jpg a2_small.jpg a3_small.jpg photo13_small.jpg
a4_small.jpg photo14_small.jpg a5_small.jpg photo15_small.jpg a6_small.jpg
photo16_small.jpg a7_small.jpg photo17_small.jpg a8_small.jpg photo18_small.jpg
a9_small.jpg photo19_small.jpg a10_small.jpg photo20_small.jpg a11_small.jpg
photo21_small.jpg a12_small.jpg photo22_small.jpg a13_small.jpg photo23_small.jpg
a14_small.jpg photo24_small.jpg photo25_small.jpg a15_small.jpg photo26_small.jpg
a16_small.jpg photo27_small.jpg a17_small.jpg photo28_small.jpg a18_small.jpg
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