Nez Perce Ford. The Nez Perce came through Yellowstone Park during their flight from the army in 1877. Many tourist saw them as they went through. = = = =

The entry from my book from August 25, 1877: "At the Nez Perce camp just north of Yellowstone Lake, Captain Robert Pollock made the following observation about chasing the Nez Perce: “The whole command is weary and tired of marching. This game of hide and seek is getting mighty monotonous.… My men are in excellent health. They do their duty without much grousing. The lack of women and whiskey are of more concern than the Indians." = = = =

Here is a link to a map of the path they took through Yellowstone = http://www.nps.gov/nepe/greene/images/map12.jpg

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