Various photographs that I'd like to share on the Web.

Satellite view of the Goosenecks

Satellite view of the Goosenecks
Courtesy of AGRC / Digital Utah

Click here to see a video I took of the Goosenecks area in 1992

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goosenecksa1_147_8001_small.jpg goosenecksa1_147_8003_small.jpg goosenecksa1_148_800_small.jpg goosenecksa146800_small.jpg
goosenecksb1_147_8002_small.jpg goosenecksb1_148_800_small.jpg goosenecksb146800_small.jpg goosenecksc1_147_800_small.jpg
goosenecksc1_148f_800_small.jpg goosenecksc146800_small.jpg goosenecksd1_148_800_small.jpg goosenecksd147800_small.jpg

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