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Miscellaneous Photos

ch10_small.jpg cherokeeburialhouseupclose2_small.jpg chpskipmike600_small.jpg img_0250_1_small.jpg pk006a_small.jpg pk005a_small.jpg tn_conway2_small.jpg
pk01aa_small.jpg powwowsmaller2_small.jpg powwowsmaller3_small.jpg run_for_hungry_charlottestark600_small.jpg sarahconwayapril2000_small.jpg sherribilladair_small.jpg sureyoucanhaveabite_small.jpg
tn_heidiphils_small.jpg mvc010x_small.jpg tn_jonme_small.jpg tn_sandiegosurfs_small.jpg mvc003x_small.jpg mvc004x_small.jpg mvc005x_small.jpg
tn_us2001s_small.jpg mvc009xb_small.jpg mvc010xb_small.jpg wedding_small.jpg xchief_small.jpg xchief2_small.jpg mvc125l_small.jpg
archwindowa_small.jpg babyfaces_small.jpg babyheads_small.jpg blowtrios_small.jpg cabo_small.jpg dress_small.jpg capitan2000_small.jpg
final2_small.jpg fire1l_small.jpg fire2l_small.jpg indian1_small.jpg indian1a_small.jpg liceblowholes_small.jpg lilaatwalkingstickmarkers_small.jpg
m7_small.jpg michaelgregoryatwalkingstickmarkers_small.jpg more_small.jpg mvc127l_small.jpg newsrock129_small.jpg overview_small.jpg yosemite96s_small.jpg
pk001a_small.jpg pk002a_small.jpg pk003a_small.jpg pk005a_small.jpg pk006a_small.jpg plaque_small.jpg robin_small.jpg
robyn1_small.jpg robynandlices_small.jpg robynandwhaleeyes_small.jpg robynlast600s_small.jpg robynpettings_small.jpg ron1_small.jpg spyhops_small.jpg
sherribilladair_small.jpg solarsys_small.jpg subarufronts_small.jpg subarusides_small.jpg terrorism1492_small.jpg sarahkonstantinmichaelkonstantinjrmarshakonstantinaugust2005_small.jpg philmichaelhoustonfeb1960_small.jpg
touchwhales_small.jpg us_small.jpg v_small.jpg wedding_small.jpg whaleheadon98s_small.jpg philmiltonkonstantinmarch2009_small.jpg philandronkonstantin1973_small.jpg
x_small.jpg marsha_small.jpg sarahkonstantinandconwaymarshasson_small.jpg allsnow0342_filtered_small.jpg allsnow034_filtered_small.jpg deeheidisnow004_filtered_small.jpg betty045_filtered_small.jpg
bettykids014_filtered_small.jpg bettykids018_filtered_small.jpg bike038_filtered_small.jpg bikes041_filtered_small.jpg cake0322_filtered_small.jpg sarahheidi0322_filtereda_small.jpg heidisarah037_filtereda_small.jpg
party035_filtereda_small.jpg party039_filtereda_small.jpg tk017_filtereda_small.jpg cats016_filtered_small.jpg dee044_filtered_small.jpg deeheidi010_filtered_small.jpg deeheidi022_filtered_small.jpg
deeheidi034_filtered_small.jpg deeheidicamping022_filtered_small.jpg deeheidiminnie008_filtered_small.jpg deeheidisquirrel006_filtered_small.jpg deesarah015_filtered_small.jpg deesarah026_filtered_small.jpg deesarah035_filtered_small.jpg
deesarahheidi036_filtered_small.jpg deesarahpiano035_filtered_small.jpg dolphin025_filtered_small.jpg family007_filtered_small.jpg girls043_filtered_small.jpg heidirobbie028_filtereda_small.jpg heidirobyn045_filtered_small.jpg
heidirobyn046_filtered_small.jpg heidisarah028_filtered_small.jpg heidisarah040_filtereda_small.jpg heidisarah045_filtered_small.jpg heidisarahcar045_filtereda_small.jpg heidisarahphil037_filtereda_small.jpg joanna040_filtereda_small.jpg
kids017_filtered_small.jpg kids1987_filtered_small.jpg kidsdolphin1987_filtereda_small.jpg kidsphil039_filtereda_small.jpg medeeheidi022_filteredb_small.jpg meheidi009a_filtered_small.jpg philbaby014_filtered_small.jpg
philelephant014_filtereda_small.jpg philheididee045_filtereda_small.jpg

Just Ron

mailedd5_small.jpg ronflag_small.jpg ronkon_small.jpg ronkon2_small.jpg ronnchristie42002_small.jpg ronsnapshot2001_small.jpg

More photos of Ron Konstantin (My son)

Just Heidi

mvc061x_small.jpg tn_heidi12001_small.jpg mvc001x_small.jpg tn_metallica_small.jpg heidibike040_filtereda_small.jpg disney031_filtered_small.jpg heidi014_filtered_small.jpg
heidibaby046_filtered_small.jpg heidicouch030_filtereda_small.jpg heidicrib023_filtereda_small.jpg heidihippo0442_filtereda_small.jpg heidihippo044_filtereda_small.jpg heidisleep0422_filtered_small.jpg heidisleep0422_filtereda_small.jpg
heidisleep042_filteredb_small.jpg heidismile026_filtereda_small.jpg heidi005_filtered_small.jpg heidi004a_filtered_small.jpg heidi006_filtered_small.jpg heidi007_filtered_small.jpg heidi013_filtered_small.jpg
heidi024_filtered_small.jpg heidi027_filtered_small.jpg heidi026_filtered_small.jpg heidi029_filtered_small.jpg heidi030_filtered_small.jpg heidi0312_filtered_small.jpg heidi031_filtereda_small.jpg
heidi032_filtered_small.jpg heidi036_filtered_small.jpg heidi039_filtereda_small.jpg heidi041_filtered_small.jpg heidi0431_filtereda_small.jpg heidi046_filtered_small.jpg heidibear035_filtered_small.jpg
heidibetty043_filtered_small.jpg heidibike039_filtered_small.jpg heidiscooter046_filtereda_small.jpg heidibugs043_filtereda_small.jpg heidichristmas014_filtereda_small.jpg heididebbie043_filtered_small.jpg heididee027_filtered_small.jpg
deeheidi041_filtered_small.jpg heididee031_filtered_small.jpg heididirty038_filtered_small.jpg heididoublemar1985_filtered_small.jpg heididress042_filtereda_small.jpg heidihat026_filtereda_small.jpg heidiumbrella047_filtereda_small.jpg
heidizoo045_filtered_small.jpg mask037_filtered_small.jpg

More photos of Heidi Blair (my daughter)

Just Sarah

sarah99high_small.jpg sarahreflect99_small.jpg tn_sarah_small.jpg tn_sarahflag99s_small.jpg tn_sarahgradpros_small.jpg ahh_small.jpg sarahkonstantinshomecomingphoto1998_small.jpg
snowsarahphil035_filtered_small.jpg snowsarahphil035_filtereda_small.jpg

More photos of Sarah Konstantin (my daughter)

Just Jazlyn (my grand-daughter)

d401_small.jpg d481_small.jpg marchbaby5_small.jpg jazlyncute_small.jpg _10_small.jpg _39_small.jpg p2180868good_small.jpg
sky10november122012_small.jpg jazlynschool2012_small.jpg birthdaygirlprincess2013_small.jpg jazlynandminniefeb222013_small.jpg jazzywithcaliandaurorafeb2013_small.jpg jazzyvincentfeb2013_small.jpg

My grand-daughter Jazlyn Rose Jacobo

My Parents

tn_1936closeups_small.jpg closeup_small.jpg adairs1936_small.jpg beverlymarthatheirmotherlilaadair_small.jpg dadwithjudynov117th1963_small.jpg dadonjudyatsquaredance_small.jpg dad72001_small.jpg
dads41chev_small.jpg dads41chev_small.jpg goodlandindianschoolhugooklahomalarge_small.jpg marthaadairrogerjacknanbeverallilagoodlandindianschoolhugooklahomaoriginal_small.jpg a147666600_small.jpg morrsililamar195041chevys_small.jpg morrsililamar195041chevy_small.jpg
tn_dad_small.jpg morriskonstantininthemiddle1947_small.jpg tn_lilabadair13yrsoldlawtonokla1946s_small.jpg tn_lilamorrisbenjamin82001s_small.jpg dadmarshaaugust19th2000_small.jpg tn_bettystarrarkerlilaadairkonstantins_small.jpg bettystarrarkerlilaadairkonstantin_small.jpg
momandauntbeverly072001_small.jpg tn_momandchief2002_small.jpg morrislila5051_small.jpg morrislila_small.jpg mdandme98_small.jpg philmorrissept54nearcorpuschristi_small.jpg christmas1953_small.jpg
rondadhoustonlivestockshow1987or88_small.jpg tonyliladorothy_small.jpg lilakonstantin2008_small.jpg beverlybillyauntlila_small.jpg auntlilamikeadair_small.jpg tn_adairwomen_small.jpg nanbeverlycherrijanielila_small.jpg
miltonamydadmomchristmas2001_small.jpg miltonamy122001_small.jpg morriskonstantin2008_small.jpg thanksgiving19771_small.jpg morrismichaelmiltonphilkonstantinjune1958_small.jpg morrisandmiltonkonstantin2006_small.jpg christmas1953lilaphilmorriskonstantin_small.jpg
dec2001topamymiltonkonstantinbottommorrisamymiltonlilakonstantin_small.jpg topbacklefttorightlilamorrisphilmiltonmichaelsunglasses_small.jpg lilaandmorriskonstantin20072008_small.jpg dads1946license_small.jpg thanksgiving1977lesliephilsformergirlfriendphilmichaeljrmichaeljrsmothermichaelsrlilakelseymiltonsformerwifemilton_small.jpg lilamorrisjackellen_small.jpg dadphil011_filtered_small.jpg
momphil011_filtereda_small.jpg dadrobynmom009_filtered_small.jpg familybeach023_filtereda_small.jpg parentskidsbeach006_filtereda_small.jpg dadamymiltonmon122001_small.jpg

My Grandparents or older Relative

marthatuckeradairandeulaglossonkonstantinatmorrismorrislilakonstantinsweddingellingtonairforcebasetexas_small.jpg gm1950_small.jpg adairfamilychildrenlilaonbottommohawkparktulsaok_small.jpg rogeradairlilasbrother_small.jpg bothrogeradair_small.jpg eulaglossonmcgaugheykonstantinhersisteroliviaglossonpealjuly1973_small.jpg eulaglossonmcgaugheykonstantin_small.jpg
standwaitetandy_small.jpg greatuncletandyandmickey_small.jpg greatunclewatie_small.jpg walkingsticks_small.jpg morrisbenjaminkonstantinsroriginalphoto_small.jpg morrisbenjaminkonstantinsr_small.jpg morrissr_small.jpg
georgesolo_small.jpg grandpageorge_small.jpg grandfatheradair005_filtered_small.jpg grandpageorge144_small.jpg glosson02031846_small.jpg glsson_small.jpg tn_greatgreatgrandfatherjohn_bells_small.jpg
mygreatgreatgrandfatherjohnbell_small.jpg greatuncletandyandmickey_small.jpg greatunclewatie_small.jpg glossonfamily_small.jpg glossons1900touchup_small.jpg bothjamesglosson600_small.jpg jamesglossonrepairedphoto_small.jpg

Just Phil

phillassen012_filtereda_small.jpg philleisure004_filtereda_small.jpg philcadet004_filtered_small.jpg philgeyser028_filtereda_small.jpg philbird040_filtereda_small.jpg phil036_filtered_small.jpg phil039_filtereda_small.jpg
phil047_filtered_small.jpg philapril25_1953_010_filteredapril25_1953a_small.jpg phil___spot_1953_small.jpg philanddog2_small.jpg philkonstantinanddog1953_small.jpg mepressconference009_2_filtereda_small.jpg mepressconference009_filtered_small.jpg
phil030_filtered_small.jpg me1957009_filtered_small.jpg meblackeye007_filtered_small.jpg meblackeye007_filtereda_small.jpg meblackeye007_filteredb_small.jpg philkonstantinwearingatieveryrare2009_small.jpg philkonstantinsamrayburnhslocalnewspaperarticle1971_small.jpg
philkonstantinatkusitvjune2009_small.jpg uniform_small.jpg pk004a_small.jpg pk007a_small.jpg pk03aa_small.jpg seniorphil_small.jpg phil1_small.jpg
tn_ost_small.jpg meatkscl_small.jpg bw1_small.jpg bw2_small.jpg bluesilk1_small.jpg myhair_small.jpg beard_small.jpg
xpyramid_small.jpg tn_nasaid_small.jpg philpetting97_small.jpg konstantin_1_sheet_small.jpg melibraryplaque_small.jpg melibraryplaquecropped_small.jpg library20052_small.jpg
makeover_small.jpg library2_small.jpg photo2_small.jpg photo3_small.jpg photo4_small.jpg archandphil_small.jpg me_small.jpg
photo5_small.jpg bluer600_small.jpg photo6_small.jpg elmochichen_small.jpg tn_uniforms_small.jpg tn_sterns_small.jpg meone_small.jpg
metv30_small.jpg metwo_small.jpg phil01_small.jpg phil02_small.jpg phil03_small.jpg phil04_small.jpg philtv_small.jpg
phil06_small.jpg phil11_small.jpg tn_metv34b_small.jpg philkonstantinontv2005_small.jpg

Phil With Some Famous People

photo_small.jpg airsupply600_small.jpg aykroyda_small.jpg bettesa_small.jpg cannell600_small.jpg cronenberg_edited_small.jpg donniephil_small.jpg
frankiephilcrop_small.jpg jackhanna600_small.jpg joetheismann600_small.jpg kenjennings600_small.jpg klugmankonstantin_small.jpg lasordaphil2600_small.jpg lorna_luft_040_cropped600_small.jpg
lt609600_small.jpg marionphil_small.jpg marvinhamlisch600_small.jpg montel568modified600_small.jpg musatrimmedium_small.jpg philjoancollinsmedium_small.jpg pk02aa_small.jpg
richiehavens600_small.jpg ronnycox600_small.jpg sallyridew600t_small.jpg suzannesomers600_small.jpg schirraphil258_small.jpg schirra_small.jpg shelbytommychong600_small.jpg
x18_small.jpg carpenter1202002_small.jpg stafford_small.jpg philalex600_small.jpg

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Maya Ruins In Mexico - 2000

Maya Ruins In Mexico - 2000 Becan Chichen Itza Kabah Labna Museo de la Cultura Maya Chetumal
Palenque Sayil Uxmal Xlapak Xpujil Bus Schedules & Hotel Info 2000

Photos In Mexico (Not Ancient Ruins)

Cabo San Lucas Various Places in Mexico

Ancient Ruins In Mexico & Guatemala - 2001

Basilica de Guadelupe Belize Bonampak Campeche Edzna El Arbol del Tule
Flores Lacanja Chan Sayab Maya Village Mexico City Mitla Monte Alban Museum of Anthropology Mexico City
Palenque Popocatepetl, Iztaccihuatl Volcanoes Templo Mayor Teotihuacan Texolo Waterfalls Tikal
Usumacinta River Veracruz Xalapa Museum of Anthropology Yagul Yaxchilan Bus Schedules & Hotel Info 2001
Video of small creek in Maya village Video of waterall in Palenque

American West Photos Main Page

American West Photos Main Page Northern Plains & Mountain States - 2003 Utah and Colorado Highlights 2006 Utah Highlights 2007 Utah and Arizona Highlights - 2008 San Diego Ancient Sites Utah, Nevada, and Arizona Highlights- 2009

Cherokee Photos, Information and Events - Cherokee Things

San Diego Cherokee Community Page Cherokee Nation Holiday Event - 2001 Travels With Phil Cherokee Photos & Videos - 2016

Other American Indian-Related Things

Petroglyphs, Pictographs and Rock Art American Indian Museum Grand Opening in D.C. 2004 TV report about We Shall Remain PBS Series

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Odd collection of photos - mostly family things
Family Photos Old Photos More Old Photos My grand-daughter Jazlyn Rose Jacobo More of my immediate family photos More photos of me.
More photos of Ron Konstantin More photos of my parents More photos of Heidi Blair More photos of Sarah Konstantin More photos of Sarah Konstantin's Baby Shower (my daughter) Photos of Deanna Chambers
My CHP Page Traffic Tips Video 2007

My pages about my job at NASA, Astronauts, and space exploration

Main NASA Page My Close Encounters With American Astronauts Page Space Exploration Page Wally Schirra article Isaac Asimov Article Robbins Medallions Additional NASA related Photos

Photos of America By State

Arizona -- - → → Arizona Flyover 2004 Canyon De Chelly - 1970s Canyon De Chelly - 2008 Four Corners - Az., Co., N.M., Ut. Grand Canyon - 1992
Grand Canyon - 2008 Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River Montezuma's Castle Petrified Forest and Painted Desert Sedona Arizona Various Places in Arizona (Tuzigoot, Salt River & more) 1980s and 1990s
Window Rock & Navajo Reservation Flowers - 2008 Hoover Dam A Few places in Northern and Eastern Arizona
California -- - → → Ancient Indian Sites in San Diego, California Big Waves in La Jolla Death Valley Devil's Punchbowl 1980s Disneyland
Eclipse in 1992 (Annular) Hetch Hetchy Valley
Yosemite National Park
La Jolla Children's Pool - 2008 La Jolla Shores 2008 Legoland 2008 Morro Bay - 1999
Mt. Whitney - 1988 Navy's Blue Angels - Red Bull Air Races "Over San Diego" Photos of the sailing ship 'The American' & Dennis Conner San Diego Cherokee Community Event Photos San Diego County's Blair Valley Pictographs & Morteros (Grinding Holes) 2008
San Diego County's Indian Hill Pictographs 2008 San Diego State Powwow 2006 San Diego weather San Diego Zoo - 2008 San Diego Zoo & WIld Animal Park - 2009 San Diego WIld Animal Park - 2006
San Elijo Beach California San Elijo, Carlsbad-by-the-Sea Green Flash Sea World 2008 Various Places: Big Sur, Mt. Lassen, McArthur-Burney Falls, Pt. Reyes, San Francisco Yosemite - 1980s and 1990s Blair Valley in San Diego, California
"Over San Diego" San Diego Cherokee Community Page San Diego State University Powwow 2006 Indian Hill Ancient Indian Site in San Diego, California
Colorado -- - → → Colorado Flyover 2004 Four Corners - Az., Co., N.M., Ut. Mesa Verde Ruins in Colorado - 2006 Mesa Verde - 1992
Florida -- - → → Dade Battlefield and DeSoto Landing - 2001 Idaho -- - → → Craters Of The Moon Park 1988 Traveling in Idaho in 2003
Montana -- - → → Glacier National Park Little Big Horn Battleground Yellowstone 1988 Nebraska -- - → → Fort Robinson Hudson-Meng Bonebed Great Smoke site
Nevada -- - → → Cathedral Gorge      Lehman Cave      Baker Archaeological Village - 2009      Hoover Dam
New Mexico -- - → → Chaco Canyon, Acoma Bosque Redondo Four Corners Az., Co., N.M., Ut. New Mexico Flyover 2004 North Dakota -- - → → Sakakawea, Fort Buford, Sitting Bull grave
Oklahoma -- - → → Cherokee National Holiday Event 2001 Oregon -- - → → Crater Lake - 1988 Hells Canyon - 1988
South Dakota -- - → → Crazy Horse, Badlands, Wounded Knee, Eagle Butte Texas -- - → → A few places in Texas Offshore in the Gulf Of Mexico 1980
Utah -- - → → Arches National Park - 2006 Arches National Park 1992 Black Dragon Canyon & other places Page 2006 Bridal Veil Falls - Dinosaur National Monument (Indian Petroglyphs) - 2007 Bryce National Park 1992
Bryce National Park 2008 Buckskin Gulch and Wire Pass -Slot Canyons Canyonlands, Goosenecks of the San Juan River, Moki Dugway Page 2006 Coral Pink Sand Dunes Dinosaur National Monument Four Corners: Az., Co., N.M., Ut.
Goblin Valley Utah Goosenecks of the San Juan River 1992 Mountain Meadows Massacre site Mt. Nebo - 2007 Newspaper Rock Nine Mile Canyon Petroglyphs
Red Fleet Dinosaur Trackway Rockhounding at Topaz Mt and Sunstone Knoll Tempi'po'op (St. George) Petroglyphs Topaz Internment Camp Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum 2007 Utah 2006 Main Page
Various Other Photos 2009 Various Other Places in Utah 1980s and 1990s Vernal Utah to Provo, Utah 2007 Zion - 1980s Zion National Park - 2009 Zion at sunset - 2008
Utah Flyover - 2007 Utah Flyover - 2009
Washington -- - → → Mt. St. Helen 1988 Spokane - 2003 Wyoming -- - → → Devil's Tower Wyoming 2003 Fetterman Battlfield to Fort Phil Kearny Wyoming
Fort Laramie - 2003 Grand Tetons 1988 Grand Tetons 2003 Medicine Lodge Site to Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracks Yellowstone National Park - 2003 Yellowstone 1988

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The World In Pictures Funny Photos #1 Funny Photos #2 Funny Photos #3 You Had One Job And You Blew It!

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American Indian Museum Opening D.C. 2004 Beaches Cutting my ponytail on TV 2009 Family Photos More Old Photos KUSI-TV Guest photos (2005-2010)
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More of my immediate family photos Washington D.C. 2004 Whale photos Close Encounters With Gray Whales The Beautiful World In Photos "Over San Diego"
Navy's Blue Angels And Red Bull Air Races Beautiful Flowers More photos of me. More photos of Ron Konstantin (my son) More photos of my parents More photos of Heidi Blair (my daughter)
More photos of Sarah Konstantin (my daughter) More photos of Sarah Konstantin's Baby Shower (my daughter) My Biography Whale photos Close Encounters With Gray Whales Whale Watching Tips
My Family Tree Cutting my ponytail on TV 2009 My weight loss Interesting Illusion Thumbnail Photos

Photos and info about the many famous and interesting guests we have on my TV show at KUSI-TV

KUSI-TV Pages Traffic Tips Video 2007 TV report about We Shall Remain PBS Series My Makeover Video - 2005

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Photos of Robyns Crash Robyn's Plaque CHP Drowsy Driver Brochure CHP Drowsy Driver Brochure in Spanish Video of an Interview I did

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