You Only Had One Job And You Blew It

I added some captions in case you don't get the joke.

Rusty can of Rustoleum

Adidas shoes and Nike label

Curb on the wrong side of the parking spot

Fruit juice labeled "Juicy Bacon"

"Name Here" with no name

"Firstname Lastname" with no name

Floating phone that sinks

Bad patch job

Seat back as a seat bottom

"Chilly Paper" not "Chili Peppers"

Watering the carpet

Up handrail for Down stairs

Drive through here

Toilet seat on top of the lid

Superman backpack, Spiderman label

Hand pointing the wrong way

Crazy lane striping

Barbie backpack, Spider-man label

Corn labeled as watermelon

Pole not in hole made for it

Spoons in Fork package

Bad spelling

Coke in the Fanta wrapper

Phone on the outside of the phone booth

Window in the bottom of the door

Coke in Pepsi container

Very short gate arm

Swapped color tiles

"Black and Blue" cookies with "Black and White" label

Poster parts in wrong order

Cup label upside-down

Missing website address

Label upside-down

Lemon and Lime juices in wrong boxes

Pink Lemonade that is Yellow

Toothpaste and Toothbrushes swapped

Blueberries in Strawberry box

Cherry and Green Apple swapped

Spout not over hole

Upside-down button

Crack in Crack-Resistant sign

Spout not over hole

White hair grips in Black hair grips box

Bad spelling, bad paving

Square pan with "Round" label

Popcorn in Ice bag

Can label upside-down

Bad spelling of "Your" for teacher

Crazy Eyes

Soccer balls labeled Baseball

Hanger through arm hole

You have to take the candy OUT OF THE BAG!

Wait, did I do the captions rightt ???

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