October 2002 Question for subscribers from
"This Day in North American Indian History"
by Phil Konstantin
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Question for subscribers 10/6/2002    


Before I get to the question below, I noticed an error in the newsletter 
I just sent out. I said: "I was not part of the advance publicity, 
because they were not sure if the book would be ready in time for the 
October 28th event." Actually, that event was on September 28th, not 
October 28th. 


Below is a note I received from a journalist in Denmark. She is trying 
to find out if a story they are investigating is factual. I did a bit of 
research and could not find any evidence of the name mentioned below. 
Many of you are any very knowledgable, so, I thought I would pass this 
along to see if any of you are familiar with any part of this story. If 
you know anything about the material below (factual or otherwise), 
please contact 

Do Windfeld at Do.Win-@StrixTV.DK

Here is the message:

Dear Phil Konstantin, 
I am a Danish journalist trying to find information on Indian history 
(for a television documentary). I can tell from your website, that you 
are very resourceful on that subject and therefore I'll try my luck. I 
do hope you can help me. 

I have the following clues and need to know whether it sounds reasonable 
that there has been a tribe like this, and if yes, which one. Any of the 
details could be inaccurate as this is the result of a persons 
experiences and visions while under a very mild form of hypnosis. 

Year approx. 1480 (this could very well be wrong) 

Location: North Amerika, probably Idaho 

The tribe's name is pronounced "siupatchi" or "chiopatchi" (could be 
something to do with sioux??) The tribesmen call themselves "sivatsis" 
or "siuvatsis" - or maybe it could be "siupatchis". 

The adult males eat in one group - the women and the cildren in another. 
They live in teepees painted with white buffalos. They migrate, but it's 
not clear why (weather or food). The women wash the clothes at a 
waterfall using stones to hit the clothes. The children play a game, 
where they pretend that stones are horses. They build up landscapes and 
"ride" around with the stones. 

List of words and their aledged meanings: 

AGAMA - cooking pot 
UGILLA or GILVA - moccasins (leather shoes) 
IVITSA - bracelet 
MAKMA or WAGMA - mother 
UGA or UGAM - big bear (a name) 
IVAR - flowing lake (a name) 
IGWA or IKWA - waterfall (the noun or the name of a specific waterfall) 
IGALLA - bufallo 
IKSA - horse 
YK-IKSA - stonehorse (for playing) 

They dance a raindance singing "come now rain, come on down". It's dark 
and they eat beef and drink a strong drink made of fermented grass. They 
are decorated on their stomachs and faces. Maybe a big cross on the 

They shoot hares. Where there black and white hares on the prairie back 

Best regards, 
Do Windfeld 
Strix Television 




End of the question

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