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"This Day in North American Indian History"
by Phil Konstantin
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Answer to question - October 2002       

I have received many response to the inquiry from the Danish journalist. 
No one has heard of any of these tribal names, other than them sounding 
like a mix between Sioux and Apache.

Thanks for getting back to me, or sending your answers to Do directly. 
Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to Do. It includes one of the 
messages I received (from Diane Tells His Name). I sent Diane's message 
(along with a few others) along to Do.



So far, of the 1200 people on my e-mail newsletter list, no one is 
familiar with any of the names, other than it sounding like a mix of the 
names Sioux and Apache. 

A few things could be true, but they would be similar to many other 
primitive cultures throughout history and the world.

I checked a few of the language words and found matches in eastern 
European languages. Maybe these people were Huns (as in Hungary) or one 
of the other eastern European or other tribes from the steppes.

This could also be from a dream world this person created. The common 
(and derisive) phrase for non-Indians who make up their own perceived 
attributes of tribal life is "Wannabes" or the "Wannabe Tribe." They 
"want-to-be" Indian so much, they start calling themselves 
Dances-in-the-Moonlight, wear crystals and drink special teas. In 
general, I have no problems with people who wish to emulate the positive 
aspects of American Indian life as long as they do so out of respect. 
Others feel it is an insult. In a related problem, other feel some are 
trying to steal customs and traditions. This is especially true of those 
non-Indians who charge people to participate in such events as 
sweat-lodges and other religious or mystical practices.

There are many different tribes with different customs & beliefs. There 
is no ONE correct belief or tradition. This would be like an American 
saying they were acting like an European. As you know, common practices 
among the British, Danish, Greek, Basque and Sicilians are quite 
different from each other.

Good luck with your work and Wado (Cherokee for Thank you) for making an 
effort to find the truth,



--- Do Windfeld ; wrote:

I know it sounds like a hoax, but it's the result of a person's
semi-hypnosis-trance kind of experience. What IF it were true? I have
turn every stone before I dismiss it. 

Thanks again for all the help and response. 


Thanks, Ill pass it along.

--- Diane Tells His Name wrote:
  Phil, I think someone is pulling this woman's leg BIG TIME!!! I am
Lakota and also a anthropologist/archaeologist and I am studying
linguistics. Never heard of a dialect or "tribe' such as this.
Keep up the good work on your site!


End of comments

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