Mid-October 2001 Newsletter from
"On This Date in North American Indian History"
by Phil Konstantin
Copyright © Phil Konstantin (1996-2002)

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                Mid-October 2001 Newsletter 
                Phil Konstantin 
  The newsletter starts here. 
  (10/18/01 @ 1:00am California time)


  I hope this newsletter finds you well.

  I am excited because on Saturday, I embark on an 18 day trip to Mexico 
  to visit more ancient ruins. Early Saturday morning, I will fly out of 
  Tijuana airport (just south of where I live in Sa Diego, California) for 
  Mexico City, or D.F. as it is called (similar to the D.C. in the USA's 

  My plan is to visit several of the museums, the Basilica of Guadelupe, 
  and the pyramids of Teotihuacan in D.F. Then I will take a bus to 
  Oaxaca to see Mount Alban, and perhaps Mitla. The next scheduled stop is 
  San Cristobal de las Casas. Then it is on to Palenque again, with a 
  possible stop to see Tonina on the way. After that, I hope to make it to 
  Bonampak and Yaxchilan to the east. If conditions are right, I might 
  make it into Guatemala to visit Tikal. This all depends on money and the 
  condition of the roads. I have heard the recent hurricans have done some 
  damage to the roads. The land trip from Palenque to Tikal is still a bit 
  of an adventure. After that, who knows...

  To say I am cheap is an understatement. So, my vacation will feature 
  rock-bottom accomadations, with few, if any, frills. Fortunately, I got 
  a good price on a flight through the link on my website (try it for good 
  rates!). I have found a tour company which sells two week, 
  unlimited-usage bus tickets. And since I am not looking for any 
  souveniers, the only thing else I have to do is eat. OK, I like to 

  While I am gone, I will been uploading the pictures I am taking to a 
  special website. You can find a link on my site's main page. Here is the 
  direct link: 


  I will check into an internet cafe every couple of days to upload more 
  pictures and descriptions. You might even get to see some of the 
  pictures before I do! 

  Here's some good news: I FINALLY got my e-mail addresses at    
  @americanindian.net    working again. Whew, and I thought I was getting 
  lots of SPAM e-mail at   phil-@rocketmail.com ! I must get about 100 
  unsolicited, business bulk e-mails a day. Now why did I want that fixed? 
  :-) Anyway, you can now send me e-mail at either place. Granted, 
  between Octber 20th and November 6th, it might take me a while to get 
  back to you.

  Since it will be November 6th before I get back, I thought I would add a 
  few other things here.


  The t-shirts my co-worker designed to honor the events of September 
  11th, are really starting to sell. We have had orders for almost 500 
  already. If you are interested, you can see the webpage I did about it 



  I received this notice from several people. You might find it 

  October 12, 2001 

  Dear Friends, 

  Imagine if, around the turn of the last century, Native leaders, spirit 
  keepers, educators, healers, and experienced elders assembled to send a 
  message to the future. What stories would they have told us about their 
  lives? What testimony would they have shared? What aspirations and 
  admonitions would they have offered? "American Indian Millennium: 
  Renewing Our Ways of Life for Future Generations" is an opportunity for 
  you to speak to the future generations. In the words of Jim Dumont, 
  Anishnabe and opening speaker to the forum. "Write a letter to your 
  great grandchild seven generations from now. What will the future 
  generations have because of what you are going to do in the present?" 

  We invite you to participate by letter to this major American Indian 
  conference featuring several dozen prominent scholars and tribal 
  culture-bearers, including former Cherokee chief, Wilma Mankiller, 
  Blackfeet language educator, Darryl Kipp, and Seneca historian John 
  Mohawk. The Forum will be sponsored by Cornell's American Indian Program 
  this fall from November 29 to December 2, 2001. Dozens of Native 
  American leaders, educators, youth, culture bearers, community members 
  and national organizations will participate in the intergenerational 

  The conference is the result of planning and discussions by a council 
  of Native advisors convened by LifeWay, Cornell's Akwe:kon Press/Native 
  Americas Journal, and Indian Country Today. The forum, "American Indian 
  Millennium: Renewing Our Ways of Life for Future Generations," will 
  examine the trends and challenges facing Native communities in the 21st 
  century, according to Dagmar Thorpe, Sac and Fox, director of LifeWay 
  and originator of the conference concept. 

  In your letters, communicate the future to our children, families, 
  communities, and nations. What is it you wish the seventh generation to 
  consider in its understanding of who we are? What are the values they 
  must hold dear? What rights are insoluble and must never be 
  relinquished? How should they behave toward one another? What fears, 
  hopes, successes, and failures, do they have and want to share with the 
  seventh generation? What would the seventh generation think about those 
  of us who sent them this message from the year 2001? 

  As we move forward with preparations to host the American Indian 
  Millennium Conference, we are struck with the enormity of the 
  ramifications brought on by the tragic events of September 11th. It 
  becomes obvious that the themes of our conference are refocused in a new 
  and significant way. 

  As many have stated, the world will not ever be the same. Anger and the 
  call to violent retribution are prevalent emotions. Many of our own 
  elders spoke of a time such as this, when bitter enemies unleash a 
  conflict so catastrophic that even nature reacts. America prepares for 
  war at a moment in history that is perhaps fraught with the greatest 
  danger ever presented to a generation. We wonder what this historical 
  juncture portends for our own Native communities. What meaning can and 
  will our cultures give to this time in history? How do you think this 
  new reality folds into our planned discussion? 

  Indian Country Today, the national weekly newspaper, has undertaken a 
  comprehensive coverage and response to what the events of September 11 
  mean to Native peoples. In collaboration with Native Americas Journal 
  and with the organization of the Millennium Conference, they, and we, 
  invite all of you to join us in an initiative to explore the meaning of 
  these events to Native people. We believe the Native peoples needs your 
  best thinking at this moment in history. 

  Please mail or fax your letters and/or statements to: 

  "American Indian Millennium" 
  c/o Akwe:kon Press 
  Cornell University 
  450 Caldwell Hall 
  Ithaca, NY 14853 
  Fax: (607) 255- 0185 

  Or, email them to mep-@cornell.edu and participate in this crucial 
  message to the seventh generation. A special issue of Native Americas 
  Journal will feature the forum. The project will also produce a 
  curriculum for tribal colleges, Native schools, and programs. We will 
  choose a selection of letters to be published in Native Americas 
  Journal; and will send to those that submit entries the published 
  account of the journal. All of your messages will be posted on 
  indiancountry.com and/or nativeamericas.com websites. 

  We are planning to broadcast this conference via web the week after the 

  If you are an educational institution and are interested to learn more
  information, email us at mep-@cornell.edu 

  Please join us. 

  Jose Barreiro, Dagmar Thorpe, Tim Johnson 

  Josť Barreiro, Associate Director of American Indian Program at Cornell 
  Dagmar Thorpe, Executive Director of LifeWay 
  Tim Johnson, Executive Editor of Indian Country Today 


  The 10th Annual
  Austin Independent School District's
  And American Indian Heritage Festival
  November 3, 2001
  Toney Burger Activity Center
  3200 Jones Road - Austin, TX

  $17,000+ Cash Prizes
  Master of Ceremony Tim Tall Chief, Osage
  Head Man Dancer Terry Tsotigh, Kiowa
  Head Lady Dancer Lindsey Ketcher, Cherokee
  Head Judge John Butler, Sac & Fox
  Head Gourd Dancer Al Mouse, Cherokee
  Head Southern Singer Pat Oyebi, Kiowa 
  Host Northern Drum Little Eagle Singers
  Arena Director Bill Takes Horse, Crow
  Co-Sponsor, Texas Kiowa Tia-Piah Society


  Nammys LIVE Oct 20th

  KBC (Koahnic Broadcast Corporation) is proud to present the live 
  broadcast of the Fourth Annual Native American Music Awards from the 
  Sandia Casino Amphitheater in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We invite you to 
  share in this huge event.

  Listen online at www.airos.org (in RealMedia) or www.knba.org (in 
  Windows Media) Listen LIVE OCT 20th - 7:30pm - 10:30pm ET (If the show 
  goes past 10:30pm ET, live coverage will continue until the end of the 

  You can also check a list of stations that are going to carry the 
  Nammys live on their airwaves ... to see if any of them are in your area 
  ... http://www.knba.org/knba_nammystations.shtml


  The Associated Press (AP) is looking for a Native American intern for 
  its summer 2002 program. The AP Internship Program is a 12-week training 
  program for up to 22 print, broadcast, multimedia and photo interns. 
  Each intern will work in an AP bureau and be paid based on experience. 
  Interns who successfully complete the program will be offered a 
  full-tiime probationary news position upon graduating and receiving 
  their degree. Each applicant must be a full-time junior, senior, or 
  graduate student at an American college or univeristy.

  The Native American Journalist's Association will receive notification 
  of acceptance the week of November 18, 2001. The selected intern 
  applicant will be notified by December 1, 2001. For questions and 
  additional information, please contact Diane Parker at 212-621-+7405 or 
  email at diane_-@ap.org.


  Here is the content of an e-mail I received from Kathy Frisbee:

  I would just like to share with you a cultural and educational photo
  tribute exhibit I have created over the last four years entitled "A
  Millennium Tribute to The Native Peoples."

  A sampling of the exhibit can be seen on my website of

  The exhibit presently includes 47 enlarged, framed, four-color images 
  of the Wampanoag People of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket
  Islands and other Native People, in regalia and dancing at Pow Wows, as 
  well as images of them in contemplative moments in their ancient

  The photos are accompanied by 47 researched quotes from Native Leaders, 
  US Presidents, Historians, Humanitarians, Humorists, Athletes, and 
  Religious Leaders over the past 500 years, all commenting at their 
  moment in time on the Native Peoples.

  The exhibit is presently showing at The Faxon Center Gallery of the
  Falmouth Hospital here on Cape Cod through October 26. My website
  indicates where it will be showing again in the future. The exhibit is
  being considered by The United Nations for a guest showing at their New 
  York City headquarters in the future. It is available for special
  showings in other areas as well. For example, it will be showing at an
  area high school next year and at a Multi-Cultural Festival.

  Thank you for sharing this information with your viewers.

  Kathy Frisbee


  That's it for now. I'm sure I will have lots to say when I get back from 

  Phil Konstantin
  http://americanindian.net ----- main page
  http://philkon.tripod.com/mexico.html ----- this trip

  The newsletter ends here....everything else is an ad...

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