Tribal Name Meanings And Alternative Names by Phil Konstantin

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Tribal Name Meanings

Many tribal names mean "People," "Us," "human beings," or similar words. The names below are for those groups whose name has another meaning. Some tribes’ names were acquired from Europeans using a second tribe's name for the first tribe. The "New Name" was used so much, it gained an "official" status or became the common name. In many cases, tribal name origins are lost in the mists of history. Some definitions below are based on conjecture by historians. In some cases, some tribal members would agree with the names below, while other members will not. In essence, this is a list of commonly used definitions.

This list was last updated on April 14, 2009.

I do not keep, nor have I researched, a list of personal names in a variety of American Indian languages.
If you are looking for a name for your child, house or pet (etc.), I suggest asking the experts who operate a website listed in the section below.

Baby Names Meanings - a site dedicated to all kinds of baby names.

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Name Meaning
A'ani': white clay people
Abnaki: those living at the sunrise (easterners)
Achomawi: river, people that live at the river
Acolapissa: those who listen and see
Acoma: people by the white rock
Agaidika (Paiute): trout (or salmon) eaters - also spelled Agai-Dicutta
Ahousaht: facing opposite from the ocean, people living with their backs to the land and mountains
Ahtena: ice people
Aitchelitz: bottom
Akansea: land of the downriver people
Akun'kunik': people of the place of the flying head
Akwesasne: land where the partridge drums
Alabama: I clear the thicket
Apache: enemy (Zuni word)
Apalachicola: people of the other side
Apalachee: people of the other side
Apsaalookee: children of the large-beaked bird
Apwaruge: juniper tree people
A’qam: people of the dense forest or brush
Arikara: horns or elk people, or corn eaters
Arosaguntacook: rocky flats river people
Asiniskawiyiniwak: people in the place of lots of rocks
Assiniboin: ones who cook using stones (Ojibwa word)
Atakapa: man eater
Atsina: white clay people
Atsuge: pine tree people
Atsugewi: hat creek indians
Attawandaron: different language people
Avoyel: people of the rocks
Bayogoula: people of the bayou
Bedonkohe (Apache): in front at the end people
Bellabella: milbank
Bidai: brushwood (Caddo word)
Binigulaza: people of the clouds
Brule: burned thighs
Caddo: true chiefs
Cahuilla: leader, master, powerful nation (all questionable)
Calusa: fierce people
Canim: canoe, broken rock
Catawba: river people
Cayuga: place where boats were taken out, place locusts were taken out, people at the mucky land
Cayuse: people of the stones or rocks (French-Canadian word)
Chakchiuma: red crawfish people
Cheam: wild strawberry place, the place to always get strawberries
Chehalis: sand, beating Heart
Chelan: deep water
Chemehuevi: those that play with fish (Mojave word)
Cherokee: cave people (Choctaw word), people of different speech (Creek word)
Cheslatta: top of a small mountain, small rock mountain at the east side
Chetco: close to the mouth of the stream
Cheyenne: red talkers (Dakota word), little Cree (Lakota word)
Chickahominy: hominy people
Chickasaw: people from Chicsa, rebels
Chihene (Apache): red paint people
Chilcotin: young man river
Chipewyan: pointed skins (Cree word)
Chitimacha: men altogether red, they have cooking vessels
Chokonen (Apache): rising sun people
Chontal: stranger (Nahuatl word)
Choula: fox
Chowanoc: people at the south
Chumash: people who make the shell bead money
Clallam: strong people
Clatsop: dried salmon
Clayoquot: people of other tribes
Cochiti: stone kiva
Cocopah: river people
Coeur d’Alene: those who are found here or heart of an awl (French words)
Comanche: anyone who wants to fight me all the time (Ute word)
Comox: place of abundance
Conestoga: place of the immersed pole
Cowichan: warm country, land warmed by the sun
Crow: crow, sparrowhawk, bird people, people of the large-beaked bird
Cuiui Ticutta: cui ui eaters
Dakelh: people who travel by water
Dakota: allie
Ehdiitat Gwich'in: people who live among timber or spruce
Erie: long tail or cat people (Iroquois word)
Eskimo: eaters of raw meat (Algonquin or Cree word)
Esquimalt: the place of gradually shoaling water
Fox: red earth people
Gingolx: the place of the skulls
Gitanmaax: people who fish with burning torches
Gitwangak: place of Rabbits
Gitxsan: people of the River of Mist
Gwich'in: people who live at a certain place
Gros Ventre: big bellies, one who cooks with a stone, he cooks by roasting (see Atsina)
Hach winik: true people
Hagwilget: gentle or quiet people
Haisla: living at the river mouth or down river
Han: those who live along the river
Haudenosaunee: people of the long house, people of the extended lodge
Havasupai: people of the blue green water
Heiltsuk: to speak or act correctly
Hesquiaht: people of the sound made by eating herring eggs off eel grass
Hia C-ed O'odham: sand dune people
Hidatsa: willow (speculation)
Hiute: bowmen
Ho-Chunk: fish eaters, people of the big voice
Hohokam: those who have gone
Honniasont: wearing something around the neck
Hopi: peaceful ones, people who live in a peaceful way
Houma: red
Hualapai: people of the tall pines
Huchnom: mountain people
Huichol: healers
Hul'qumi'num: those who speak the same language
Hunkpapa: campers at the opening of the circle
Hupa: trinity river
Huron: ruffian (French word)
Hwal'bay (Hualapai): people of the tall pines
Ihanktonwan: dwellers at the end
Ihanktonwana: little dwellers at the end
Illinois: those who speak in the regular way
Iowa: sleepy ones (Dakota word)
Iroquois: real adders (Algonquain word) or we of the extended lodge
Isleta: kick flint place
Jatibonicu: people of the great sacred high waters
Jatibonuco: great people of the sacred high waters
Jemez: pueblo in the canada
Jicaque: ancient person (Nahuatl word)
Jicarilla: little basket weaver (Spanish word)
Kainai: many chiefs
Kamloops: the meeting of the waters
Kammedeka: jackrabbit eaters
Kan-hatki: white earth
Kanienkahaka: people of the place of flint
Kanza: people of the south wind
Karankawa: dog lovers
Karok: upstream
Kaskaskia: he scrapes it off by means of a tool
Kato: lake
Kawchottine: people of the great hares
Ketsei: going in wet sand
Kickapoo: he stands about, wanderer
Kiowa: principal people, pulling out, coming out, people of the large tent flaps
Kispiox: people of the hiding place
Kitamaat: people of the falling snow
Kitkatla: people of the salt, village by the sea
Kitselas: people of the canyon
Kitsumkalum: people of the plateau
Klallam: strong people
Klamath: people of the lake
Klickitat: beyond (Chinook word)
Kluskus: place of small whitefish
Koop Ticutta: ground- squirrel eaters
Kotsoteka: buffalo eaters
Kutcha-kutchin: those who live on the flats
Kuupangaxwichem people who slept here
Kuyuidokado: cui-ui eaters
Kwalhioqua: lonely place in the woods (Chinook word)
Kwayhquitlum: stinking fish slime
Kwuda: people coming out
Laguna: pueblo by the lake
Lakota: friend or ally (same with Dakota and Nakota)
Latgawa: those living in the uplands
Lenni Lenape: genuine men
Lheidli T'enneh: people of the confluence of the two rivers
Lillooet: wild onion
Loucheux: people with slanted or crossed eyes
Machapunga: bad dust
Mahican: wolf (incorrect translation per the Mohican Nation, Stockbridge-Munsee Band)
Makah: cape people or people who live by the rocks and seagulls
Malahat: infested with caterpillars, place where one gets bait
Maliseet: broken talkers
Maricopa: people who live toward the water
Mascouten: little prairie people
Massachuset: at the hills, people who live near the great hill
Matsqui: easy portage, easy travelling
Mayaimis: big water
Mdewankantonwan: dwellers of the spirit lake
Menominee: wild rice men
Meskwahkihaki (Fox): red earth people
Metlakatla: a passage connecting two bodies of salt water
Miami: people on the peninsula, cry of the crane
Michigamea: great water
Mimbres (Apache): willow (Spanish word)
Miniconjou: planters by water
Minnetaree: they crossed the water
Minqua: stealthy
Missiquoi: place of flint
Mississauga: great river mouth
Missouri: great muddy, people with wooden canoes
Moapa: mosquito creek people
Moatokni: southerners
Modoc: southerners
Mohave: three mountains, people of the water/river
Mohawk: the possessors of the flint, coward or man eater (Abenaki words)
Mohegan: wolf
Mohican: the people of the waters that are never still
Moneton: big water people
Mowachaht: people of the deer
Munsee: at the place where the stones are gathered together
Musqueam: place always to get iris plant root
Nahane: people of the west
Nak'azdli: when arrows were flying
Nambé: mound of earth in the corner
Narragansett: people of the small point
Nanticoke: people of the tidewaters
Nanoose: to push forward
Natsit-kutchin: those who live off the flats
Navajo: cultivated field in an arroyo (Tewa word)
Nehalem: where the people live
Nicomen: level part
Niantic: people of the long neck or peninsula
Nihtat Gwich'in: people living together as a mixture
Nipmuck: freshwater fishing place or small pond, people of the fresh water
Niuko'nska: people of the middle water
Nokoni: those who turn back
Nooksack: mountain men
Nootka: along the coast, along the mountains
Norridgewock: people of the still waters between rapids
Nusabi: people of the clouds
Nuu-chah-nulth: arc of mountains rising out of the sea
Oglala: scatters their own
Ojibwa: to roast till puckered up. those who stammer
Okanagan: head, top of head
Okelousa: blackwater
Okmulgee: where water boils up
Omaha: upstream people or people going against the current
Oneida: a boulder standing up, people of the standing stone
Onondaga: people on top of the hills
Opata: hostile people (Pima word)
Ottawa: to trade
Otto: lechers
Oweekeno: those who carry on the back, people talking right
Pahodja: dusty nones
Pakiutlema: people of the gap
Pamunkey: rising upland
Pan'akwati: across the water
Pantch-pinunkansh: men altogether red
Papagos: desert people, bean people
Pascagoula: bread people
Passamaquoddy: plenty of pollock
Paugusset: where the narrows open out
Pawnee: horn people, men of men, look like wolves
Payomkowishum: people of the west
Pechanga: place where the water drips
Penateka: honey eaters
Pend d'Oreilles: hangs from the ear
Penelakut: something buried
Pennacook: down hill
Penobscot: it forks on the white rocks or the descending ledge place, at the stone place
Pensacola: hair people
Penticton: permanent place, always place
People of the lakes: tribes near the great lakes
Peoria: carrying a pack on his back
Pequot: fox people or destroyers or the shallowness of a body of water
Piankeshaw: torn-ear people
Picuris: mountain warrior people
Piegan: scabby robes
Piikani: poor robe
Pilthlako: big swamp
Pima: river people
Podunk: where you sink in the bog
Pojoaque: drinking place
Potawatomi: people of the place of the fire, keepers of the fire, (fire nation, fire people)
Powhatan: falls in a current of water
Pshwanwapam: stony ground
Puyallup: shadow
Qawishwallanavetum: people that live among the rocks
Quahadi: antelope
Qualicum: where the dog salmon run
Quapaw: downstream people
Quatsino: downstream people
Quechan: those who descended
Quinnipiac: Eansketambawg
Qwulhhwaipum: prairie people
Raramuri: foot runner
Sac: people of the yellow earth or people of the outlet
Sakawiyiniwak: people of the bush
Salish: flatheads
Sammamish: willow people, people of the meander
San Felipe: sticky earth place
San Ildefonso: where the water cuts down through
San Juan: strong people
Sandia: dusty place
Sans Arc: without bows
Santa Ana: dancing place
Santa Clara: valley of the rose water
Schaghticoke: at the river forks
Schitsu'umsh: the ones that were found here
Sdukalbixw: strong people of status
Sekani: dwellers on the rocks
Semiahmoo: half moon
Seminole: separatist or breakaway,peninsula people
Seneca: place of stone, people of the standing rock, great hill people
Shawnee: south or southerners
Sicangu: burned thighs
Sihasapa Sioux: blackfeet
Siksika: blackfeet
Sioux: snake (French version of other tribe's name)
Sisitonwan: dwellers of the fish ground
Siska: uncle, lots of cracks in the rocks
Skidegate: red paint stone
Skokomish: river people, strong people
Skookumchuck: strong water
Snuneymuxw: people of many names
Spallumcheen: flat along edge
Spokane: sun people or children of the sun (generally accepted)
Spuzzum: little flat
Sts'Ailes: the beating Heart
Suisun: people of the west wind
Sumas: big flat opening
Susquehannock: people of the muddy river
Tagish: fish trap or spring ice is breaking up
Tahltan: something heavy in the water
Taino: we the good people
Takelma: those living along the river
Tamarois: out tail
Tanima: liver eaters
Tangipahoa: corn gatherers
Tantawats: southern men
Taos: our village
Tarahumara: foot runner
Tataviam: people facing the sun
Tatsanottine: people of the copper water
Tawakoni: river bend among red hills
Teetl'it Gwich'in: people who live at the head of the waters
Tejas: friendly
Tenawa: down stream
Tennuth-ketchin: middle people
Tesuque Pueblo: cottonwood tree place
Teton: dwellers of the prairie
Tewa: moccasins
Thlingchadinne: dog-flank people
Timbisha: facepaint from the red rock
Titonwan: dwellers of the plains
Tl'azt'en: people by the edge of the bay
Toi Ticutta: cattail eaters or tule eaters
Toltec: master builders (Nahuatl word)
Tonawanda: confluent stream
Tongva: people of the earth
Tonkawa: they all stay together, most human of people, people of the wolf
Toquaht: people of the narrow place in front, people of the narrow channel
Tsa-mee-nis: bitten breast
Tsattine: lives among the beavers
Tsawout: houses raised up
Tsawwassen: beach at the mouth, facing the sea
Tsay Keh Dene: people of the mountains
Tsetsaut: people of the interior (Niska word)
Tseycum: clay people
Tsimshian: inside the Skeena River
Tsleil-Waututh: people of the inlet
Tsoyaha: children of the sun
Tubatulabal: pinenut eaters (Shoshone word)
Tukudika: sheep eater
Tunxis: where the river bends
Tuscarora: hemp gatherers, the shirt wearing people
Two Kettle: two boilings
Uchuckledaht: there inside the bay
Ukomno'm: valley people
Ulkatcho: good feeding place where animals get fat
Unalachtgo: tidewater people
Ute: land of the sun
Viniintaii Gwich'in: people who live on or by the caribou trail
Vuntut Gwitch’in: dwellers among the lakes
Vvunta-ketchin: those who live among the lakes
Wahpekute: shooters amoung the leaves
Wahpetonwan: dwellers amoung the leaves
Wailaki: north language (Wintun word)
Wakokai: blue heron breeding place
Walapai: pine tree people
Wallawalla: little river, many rivers
Wampanoag: eastern people, people of the first light
Wappinger: opossum people
Wappo: brave
Waptailmin: people of the narrow river
Wasco: cup, those who have the cup
Wea: the forest people, light skinned ones, people who live near the river eddy, people of the whirlpool
Wendat: peninsula people
Whel mux: people of spirit, people of breath
Wichita: raccoon-eyed people, big arbor (Choctaw word)
Winnebago: filthy water people
Wiwohka: roaring water
Wolastoqiyik: people of the bright river
Wyandot: people of the peninsula, islanders
Yahandeka: groundhog eaters
Yakama: runaway
Yamparika: rooteaters or yapeaters
Yaqan nukiy: the people where the rock is standing
Yavapai: people of the sun, crooked mouth people
Yoncalla: those living at ayankeld
Yuchi: situated yonder
Yuhavitam: people of the pines
Yuki: stranger or enemy (Wintun word)
Yurok: downstream (Karok word)
Zia: scattered hills place
Zuni: rock slide pueblo

Alternative Tribal Names

Many tribes have more than one name. Some tribes have a name they give to the world, and another name which was meant to be used only amongst themselves. Some tribes became known by the names other tribes called them. For example, Cherokee is name given to them by others. Eventually, so many Europeans/Americans and other tribes called them this, they adopted the name. Here is an example of the many names given to the Cherokee. It comes from "The Indian Tribes of North America" by John R. Swanton:
	Alligewi or Alleghanys, a people appearing in Delaware tradition who were perhaps
	    identical with this tribe.
 	Ani'-Kitu'hwagi, own name, from one of their most important ancient settlements,
	    and extended by Algonquian tribes to the whole. 									
	Ani'-Yun'-wiya', own name, meaning "real people." 
	Baniatho, Arapaho name (Gatschet, MS., B.A.E.). 
	Entari ronnon, Wyandot name, meaning "mountain people." 
	Manteran Catawba name, meaning "coming out of the ground." 
	Ochie'tari-ronnon, a Wyandot name. 
	Oyata' ge'ronon, Iroquois name, meaning "inhabitants of the cave country." 
	Shanaki, Gaddo name. 
	Shannakiak, Fox name (Gatschet, Fox MS., B. A. E.). 
	Talligewi, Delaware name (in Walam Olum), see Alligewi. 
	Tcaike, Tonkawa name. 
	Tcerokieco, Wichita name. 
	Uwatayo-rono, Wyandot name, meaning "cave people." 

There are many variations on how Europeans spelled tribal names. Lewis and Clark refer to the IOWA (pronounced Eye-oh-way) Indians with spellings which varied from page to page in their journal. I have not included every possible phonetic spelling, just some of the major ones. One additional point, some tribes have been referred to by a name which is not their real name, nor do they officially acknowledge that name. However, because it has been misused so often, I have listed the incorrect name. I have listed it so readers could understand the original references in the Dates section of this book.
Name Alternate Names
Abenaki (eastern): Alessikantekw, Amaseconti, Androscoggin, Apikwahki, Kinipekw, Ossipee, Panawahpskek, Penobscot, Rocameca, Wawinak, Wôlinak
Abenaki (western): Alnonba, Abnaki, Abenacquiouoict, Amoskeay, Cocheco, Coos, Koasek, Masipskwoik, Nashua, Ossipee, Pemigewasset, Pennacook, Pequaket, Piscataqua, Souhegan, Winnibisauga
Absaroke: Crow
Acoma: Akome, Ak’o Ma, Aa'ku meh, Pueblo
Adai: Nateo
Adamstown: Upper Mattaponi
Alabama: Alibamu
Aleut: Alutiiq, Unangan
Anadarko: Nadaco
Anishinabe: Chippewa, Nishnaabe, Ojibwa, Potawatomi
Apache: N de,Tinneh, Dine, Tinde, Unde, Shis inde, Aravaipa, Bedonkohe, Chihene, Chiricahua, Chokonen, Cibecue, Jicarilla, Kiowa, Lipan, Mescalero, Mimbres, Nednhi, Tonto, Yuma, Faraon
Apache Mohave: Yavapai
Appomattoc: Apamatuks
Arapahoe: Inunaina, Atsina
Arikara: Northern Pawnee, Ricara, Ree
Assiniboin: Hohe, Hohe Nakota, Assinipwat, Stoneys
Atakapa: Ishaks
Athapaskan: Dene
Atsina: Haaninin
Awaswas: Santa Cruz
Aztec: Nahua, Nahuatl
Bannock: Panaiti, Banakwut, Nimi, Pan'akwati
Bear River Indians: Niekeni
Bellabella: Heiltsuqu, Heiltsuk, Elkbasumh
Bellacoola: Nuxalk, Bilqula
Beothuk: Beathunk, Betoukuag, Macquajeet, Red Indians, Skraelling, Ulno
Biloxi: Taneks
Blackfeet/Blackfoot: Niitsitapi, Nitsi-tapi, Piegan, Ahpikuni, Pikuni (northern); Siksika, Sisaka (southern), Sihasapa, Ahkainah
Blood: Kainai, Ahkainah
Boothroyd: Chomok
Brule Sioux: Si can gu
Caddo: Adai, Eyeish, Hasinai, Hainai, Kadohodacho, Kadohadacho Confederacy, Natchitoches, Ceni
Cahuilla: Agua Caliente, Augustine, Cabazon, Kawasic, Morongo, Los Coyotes, Painakic, Wanikik
Calusa: Caloosa, Calos, Calosa, Carlos, Muspa
Campo: Kumeyaay
Carrier: Dakelh, Wet'suwet'en, Takulli
Catawba: Esaw, Iswa, Iyeye, Nieye, Ushery, Anitakwa, Kadapua, Kuttawa, Oyadagahroene, Toderichroone
Cayuga: Kweniogwen, Iroquois
Cayuse: Wailetpu, Te-taw-ken, Guyohkohnyo
Chakchiuma: Shaktci Homma
Chalon: Soledad
Chehalis: Copalis, Humptulips, Qwaya, Satsop, Sts'Ailes, Wynoochee
Chemainus: Tsa-mee-nis
Chemehuevi: Nuwu, Nuwuwu, Tantawats
Chetco: Tolowa
Cherokee: Tsa-la-gi, Ani-yun-wiya, Anikituhwagi, Keetowah
Cheyenne: Dzi tsi stas, Sowonia (southern), O mi sis (northern), Tse-tsehese-staestse, Sotaae'o, Sutai
Chilcotin: Esdilagh, Tl'esqox, Tl'etinqox, Xeni Gwet'in, Tsilhqot'in
Chillicothe: Chalahgawtha
Chimakum: Aqokdlo
Chinook: Tsniuk
Chipewyan: Otchipiweon
Chippewa: Anishinabe, Ojibwa
Chitimacha: Chawasha, Pantch-pinunkansh, Washa, Yagenechito, Shetinasha
Choctaw: Chakchiuma, Chatot, Cha'ta
Chumash: Santa Barbara Indians
Clackamas: Guithlakimas
Clallam: S'klallam, Nusklaim, Tlalem
Cochiti: Kotyete, Pueblo
Cocopah: Xawitt Kunyavaei
Coeur d'Alene: Skitswish, Schee chu'umsch, Schitsu'umsh
Comanche: Detsanayuka, Kotsoteka, Nermernuh, Noconi, Nokoni, Numunuu, Padouca (Sioux word), Penateka, Pennande, Quahadi, Yamparika
Comox: Catloltx
Conoy: Piscataway
Copane: Kopano, Quevenes
Cora: Nayarit
Coree: Coranine
Coushatta: Koasati, Acoste
Cowichan: Muskwium, Nanaimo , Sanetch
Cree: Nihilawe, Kenistenoag, Iyiniwok, Nehiawak or Nay-hee-uh-wuk (Plains Cree), Sah-cow-ee-noo-wuk (bush Cree), Naskapi, Montagnais, Attikamekw
Creek: Muskogee, Abihika, Abeika, Hitchiti, Homashko
Crow: Absaroke, Apsaalooke
Cupenos: Kuupangaxwichem
Cuthead: Pabaksa
Dakelh: Carrier
Delaware: Lenni Lenape, Lenape, Abnaki, Alnanbai, Wampanoag, Munsee, Unami, Unalachitgo, Powhatan-Renápe, Turkey
Dieguenos: Comeya, Tipai, Ipai, Kumeyaay
Ditidaht: Nitinaht
Eskimo: Inuit, Inupiat, Inuvialuit, Yupik, Alutiiq
Equimalt: Is-Whoy-Malth
Fox: Mesquaki, Meskwaki, Mshkwa'kiitha , Outagami
Gabrieleno: Tongva
Ganawese: Conoys, Piscataways
Gitanyow: Kitwancool
Gitxsan: Tsimshian
Goshute: Kusiutta
Gros Ventre: Atsina (prairie), Hidatsa (Missouri), A'ani', Ah-ah-nee-nin, Haaninin, Minnetaree, Hitunena
Gwich'in: Loucheux
Hainai: Ioni
Havasupai: Supai, Coconino, Havasu ’Baaja
Heiltsuk: Hailhazakv
Hia C-ed O'odham: Arenenos, Sand Papagos
Hidatsa: Gros Venture, Agutchaninnewug
Ho-Chunk: Winnebago
Hohokam: Hoo-hoogam
Hopi: Hopitu, Hopitu Shinumu, Moqui, Hapeka
Hualapai: Hwal'bay, Walapai
Huichol: Wirrarika, Wixalika
Hupa: Natinnohhoi
Huron: Wendat, Wyandot
Illinois: Albiui, Amonokoa, Cahokia, Chepoussa, Chinkoa, Espeminkia, Kaskaskia, Maroa, Matchinkoa, Michibousa, Michigamea, Moingwena, Negawichi, Peoria, Tamaroa, Tapouara
Ingalik Athapaskans: Deg Het'an
Iowa: Baxoje, Pahodja
Iroquois: Haudenosaunee, Hodenosaunee, Ongwanosionni, Hotinonshonni
Isleta: Pueblo, Siahwibak
Jemez: Tuwa, Pueblo
Jicarilla Apache: Tinde, Dinde, Haisndayin
Juaneño: Acagchemem
Kalispel: Pend d'Oreilles
Kamia: Tipai
Kansa: Hutanga, Kansas, Kanza, Kaw, Nahane
Karuk: Karok, Araar
Kato: Tlokeang
Kaw: Kanza
Keres: Pueblo, Acoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Laguna, San Felipe, Santa Ana, Santo Domingo, Zia
Kickapoo: Kiwigapawa
Kiowa: Kwuda, Tepda, Tepkinago, Gaigwu, Kompabianta, Kauigu
Kiowa Apache: Nadiisha Dena, Semat
Klamath: Eukshikni Maklaks, Auksni
Klickitat: Qwulhhwaipum
Kootenai: Kuronoqa, Kutenai, Kootenay, Yaqan nukiy, Akun'kunik', Ktunaxa
Koso: Panamint
Karok: Karuk, Arra-arra
Ktunaxa: Kootenay
Kumeyaay: Diegueño, Barona, Sycuan, Viejas, Campo, Cuyapaipe, Ewiiaapaayp, Ipai, Tipai
Kutchin: Gwich'in, Dindjié
Kutenai: Asanka, Kootenay
Laguna: Pokwindiwe Onwi, Pueblo
Lakota: Hunkpapa, Itazipco, Miniconjou, Oglala, Ooinunpa, Sicangu, Sihasapa, Teton
Lancandon: Maya, Hach Winik
Lemhi Shoshone: Agaidika, Salmon Eaters, Tukudika, Sheep Eater
Loucheux: Gwich'in
Lillooet: Lil'wat, St'át'imc, T'it'kit, St'at'imcets
Lipan: Naizhan
Lower Sioux: Mdewakanton, Wahpekute
Luiseño: Ataxum, La Jolla, Payomkowishum, Pechanga, Soboba, Quechnajuichom, Juaneño
Lumbee: Cheraw
Maicopa: Xalychidom Piipaash, Pipatsji
Makah: Kwenetchechat, Kwi-dai-da'ch, Kwih-dich-chuh-ahtx
Maliseet: Wolastoqiyik
Mandan: Metutahanke or Mawatani (after 1837), Numakaki (before 1837)
Manhattan: Rechgawawank
Manso: Maise, Mansa, Manse, Manxo, Gorreta, Gorrite, Tanpachoa
Maricopa: Xalychidom Piipaash, Xalchidom Pii-pash, Pipatsje, Pee-posh
Miami: Twightwis, Twa-h-twa-h, Oumameg, Pkiiwileni
Micmac: Mi'kmaq
Miniconjou: Mnikawozu, Mnikowoju, Minnicoujou
Mi'kmaq: Lnu'k, L'nu'k
Missouri: Niutachi
Miwok: Olamentke
Mixtec: Ñusabi, Nusabi
Moapa: Moapariats, Nuwuvi, Moah-pitz
Modoc: Moatokni, Okkowish
Mohave: Mojave, Tzinamaa, Ahamakav, Hamakhava
Mohawk: Kanienkahaka, Kaniengehage, Abenaki, Iroquois, Akwesasne
Mohican: Muh-he-con-neok, Mahikan, Mahican, Muhhekunneuw
Molala: Latiwe
Mono: Monache
Moratoc: Nottoway
Mosopelea: Ofom
Munsee: Minasinink, Homenethiki
Muskogee: Creek, Homashko
Nanticoke: Unalachtgo, Onehtikoki
Nashaway: Nashua, Weshacum
Nauset: Cape Code
Navajo: Diné, Dineh, Tenuai, Navaho
Neutrals: Attawandaron
Nez Perce: Nee-me-poo, Nimipu, Kamuinu, Tsutpeli, Sahaptin, Chopunnish
Niantic: Nehantick, Nehantucket
Nisga'a: Tsimshian
Nootka: Nuu-chah-nulth
Northern Ojibwa: Saulteaux, Sauteux
Nuu-chah-nulth: Nootka
Nuxalk: Kimsquit, Kwalhnmc, South Bentick Sutslmc, Taliyumc
Ogallala: Okandanda
Ohlone: Costanoan, Muwekma
Ojibwa: Chippewa, Anishinabe, Missisauga, Odjbway, Saginaw, Saulteurs
Okanagon: Isonkuaili, Nsilxcin
Omaha: UmonHon
Oneida: Iroquois
Onondaga: Seneca, Iroquois
Oohenupa: Two Kettle, Oohenonpa
Osage: Wa-Shah-She, Wakon, Wazhazhe, Niuko'nska
Ottawa: Adawe, Odawa, Otawaki
Otto: Chewaerae, Oto, Otoe
Oulaouaes: Necariages
Oweekeno: Kwakiutl, Oweehena
Pacheenaht: Nootka
Paiute: Numa, Numu, Nuwuvi, Newe, Kuyuiticutta, Kuyuidokado, Agai-Dicutta, Toi Ticutta, Payuchi, Paviotso, Shebit, Shivwit, Koosharem, Kanosh, Wadatika
Papagos: Tohono O'odham, Ak-chin, Yohono Au'autam
Parianuc: White River Utes
Passamaquoddy: Peskedemakddi
Patchogue: Unkechaug
Pawnee: Pariki, Panyi, Chahiksichahiks, Ckirihki Kuruuriki, Awah.i
Pechanga: Luiseño
Pecos: Pueblos from Jemez
Pend d'Oreilles: Kalispel
Pennacook: Merrimack
Penobscot: Pannawanbskek, Penaubsket
Petun: Khionontateronon, Tionontati
Picuris: Pikuri, Pueblo
Piegan: Blood, Kainai, Pikuni, Pigunni, Ahpikuni
Pima: Onk Akimel Au-authm, Akimel O'odham, A-atam, Akimul Au'autam, Tohono O'odham (incorrectly)
Piro: Tortuga
Piscataway: Conoy
Pit River: Achomawi, Atsugewi
Pocomtuc: Deerfield
Pojoaque: P’o Suwae Geh, Pueblo
Pomo: Kashaya
Poosepatuck: Unkechaug
Popolucas: Chochos
Potawatomi: Bodewadmi, Neshnabe
Powhatan: Appamattuck, Arrohateck, Chiskiack, Kecoughtan, Mattaponi, Moraughtacund, Nancemond, Pamunkey, Paspahegh, Quiyoughcohannock, Rappahannock, Warraskoyack, Weyanoak, Youghtanund
Pueblo: Acoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Jemez, Laguna, Nambé, Picuris, Sandia, San Felipe, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Santa Clara, Santo Domingo, Taos, Tesuque, Zia, Zuni
Pyramid Lake Paiute: Kuyuidokado
Quapaw: Quapah, Akansea, Arkansas, Ouaguapas, Ugakhpa
Quechan: Yuma, Kwtsan
Quileute: Quil-leh-ute
Quinault: Qui-nai-elts
Ramaytush: San Francisco, Ohlone
Sac and Fox: Sauk, Asakiwaki, Meshkwakihug, Fox
Sahwnee: Shawadasay
Salish: Okinagan, Flathead
Saanich: Pauquachin, Tsawout, Tsartlip, Tseycum, Malahat
San Felipe: Katishtya, Pueblo
San Ildefonso: Po-Woh-Ge-Oweenge, Pueblo
San Juan: Ohkay Owingeh, Pueblo
Sandia: Nafiat, Pueblo
Sanpoil: Nesilextcl'a, N'pooh-le
Sans Arc: Itazipco
Santa Ana: Tamaya, Pueblo
Santa Clara: Kha P’o, Pueblo
Santee: Mdewakanton, Sisseton, Wahpekute, Wahpeton
Santo Domingo: Tyiwa, Pueblo
Saponi: Monasukapanough
Sauk: Hothaaki, Thakiki
Scioto: (Five Nations of the Scioto Plains) Shawnee, Wyandot, Delaware, Munsee, Seneca
Sechelt: Shashishalhem
Seminole: Ikaniuksalgi, Alachua, Mikasuki
Seneca: Iroquois, Onondaga
Serrano: Cowangachem, Mohineyam, Qawishwallanavetum, Yuhavitam
Shawnee: Savannah, Chillicothe, Hathawekela, Mequachake, Pekowi, Piqua
Shoshone: Shoshoni, Snake, Nimi, Tukudeka, Agaidika, Wihinaitti, Kammedeka, Lemhi, Pohogwe, Yahandeka
Shuswap: Secwepmec
Sioux: Brule, Dakota, Hunkpapa, Isanyati, Itazipco, Lakota, Mnikawozu, Mnikowoju, Nakota, Ocheti Shakowin, Oglala, Oohenunpa, Sicangu, Sihasapa, Sisseton, Sisitonwan, Teton, Titunwan
Sissipahaw: Haw
Skagit: Humaluh
Skokomish: Twana
Squinamish: Swinomish
Slotas: Red River Metis
Snoqualmie: Sduk-al-bixw
Songish: Lkungen
Southern Paiute: Numa
St.Francis: Abenaki
St. Mary's Indian Band: A’qam, Ktunaxa
St.Regis Mohawk: Akwesasne, Kaniengehage
Stockbridge: Mahican
Snuneymuxw: Nanaimo
Susquehanna: Susquehannock, Conestoga, Minqua, Andaste
Taidnapam: Upper Cowlitz
Taos: Tua-Tah, Pueblo
Tarahumara: Raramuri
Taviwac: Uncompahgre Ute
Tejas: Hasinai, Cenis
Tenino: Melilema
Tequistlatecos: Chontales of Oaxaca
Tesuque: Te-Tsu-Geh, Pueblo
Teton: Brule, Hunkpapa, Itazipco, Mnikowoju, Oglala, Oohenunpa, Sicangu, Sihasapa, Titunwan
Tewa: Pueblo, Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, San Juan, Santa Clara, Tesuque
Thompson: Nlaka'pamux
Tigua: Pueblo, Tiwa, Tortuga
Tillamook: Killamuck
Timucua: Utina,Acuera, Potano
T'it'kit: Lillooet
Tiwa: Pueblo, Tortuga
Tlaoquiaht: Clayoquot
Tlatlasikwala: Nuwitti
Tobacco: Khionontateronon, Tionontati
Toltec: Chiaimeca Mochanecatoca
Tonkawa: Titskan Watitch, Titskanwatitch, Tonkaweya
Tsetsaut: Wetalh
Tsimshian: Giluts'aaw, Ginadoiks, Ginaxangiik, Gispaxlo'ots, Gitga'at, Gitando, Gitk'a'ata, Gitlaan, Gits'iis, Gitwilgyoots, Gitxaala, Gitzaxlaal, Kitasoo, Kiselas, Kitkatla, Kitsumkalum
Tubatulabal: Bahkanapul, Kern River
Tunica: Yoron
Tuscarora: Skarure, Iroquois, Coree
Tututni: Tolowa, Lower Rogue River Indians
Twana: Tuadhu
Two Kettle: Oohenonpa, Oohenupa
Umpqua: Etnemitane
Uncompahgre Ute: Taviwac
Upper Chehalis: Kwaiailk
Upper Sioux: Sisseton, Wahpeton
Ute: Noochi, Notch, Nuciu, Noochew, Yampa, Yamparka, Parianuc, Taviwac, Weeminuche, Wiminuc, Capote, Kapota, Muwac, Cumumba, Tumpanuwac, Uintah, Uinta-ats, Pahvant, San Pitch, and Sheberetch, Mouache, Tabeguache, Timpanogs
Viejas: Quimi
Wampanoag: Pokanoket
Wappo: Ashochimi
Warm Springs: Tilkuni
Washo: Washeshu
Wasco: Galasquo
Watlala: Katlagakya
Wea: Eel River, Gros, Kilataks, Mangakekis, Ouiatenon, Pepicokia, Peticotias, Piankeshaw, Wawiyatanwa
Whilkut: Redwood Indians
Winnebago: Winipig, Ho-Chunk
Wichita: Kitikiti'sh, Wia Chitch (Choctaw word)
Winik: Maya
Winnebago: Ho-Chunk, Winipeg
Wishram: Ilaxluit, Tlakluit
Wyandot: Huron, Talamatans, Wendat
Yakama: Kah-milt-pay, Klikatat, Klinquit, Kow-was-say-ee, Li-ay-was, Ochechotes, Pakiutlema, Palouse, Palus, Pisquouse, Se-ap-cat, Shyiks, Skin-pah, Waptailmin, Wenatshapam, Wish-ham, Yakima
Yaqui: Yoeme, Surem, Hiakim
Yavapai: Kwevkepaya, Tolkepaya, Wipukepa, Yavape
Yazoo: Chakchiuma
Yokuts: Mariposans
Yoncalla: Tchayankeld
Yuchi: Chisa, Tsoyaha
Yuki: Ukomno'm
Yuma: Quechan, Euqchan
Zapotec: Binigulaza
Zia: Tsia, Pueblo
Zuni: Ashiwi, Pueblo, Siwin’a, Taa Ashiwani

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